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Johnny sucked air deep in as he flinched terrible from the touch of a moist cotton swab. He sat on the edge of a glass desk, Reed standing beside him a series of bottles and tools next to him. Johnny clutched the edge of the table as the right side of his head seemed to burn terribly.

"Don't pull away Johnny." Reed mumbled touching it to the large deep cut on the side of his face, across his right temple.

Johnny closed his right eye in pain but kept his left eye open, looking at Sue and Mike, who just watched.

"So I missed the fight huh." Johnny said in a sigh.

"You were smacked in the face…with a piece of metal." Reed said monotone voice for he was concentrating on the cut, moving his face closer to it.

Johnny shrugged and nodded his eyebrows a bit.

"Yeah ok THAT'S true." He agreed.

"Johnny, are you sure you're ok?" Sue asked, her arms folded across her chest.

"Yeah Sue I'm fine…my head just hurts a little." He replied.

Reed nodded a bit and grabbed a small skin color bandage with a pair of tweezers and carefully placed it at the bottom of the cut.

"So have any of you decided why Doom killed that guy?" Johnny asked looking from Sue to Mike, for he couldn't look at Reed.

Reed's eyes widened a bit as he looked at both of them then back at Johnny.

"What did you say?" Reed asked looking at him seriously.

Johnny looked helplessly at him under his gaze.

"The…the body I found on my way up to you, that's where Doom got me. On level 3 I saw blood on the wall and looked in and saw some guy dead on the floor." Johnny explained himself.

Reed quickly put the second bandage on before speaking.

"Johnny show us." Reed demanded.

Johnny looked at him and nodded hopping off the table and jogging to the door, the others following. They shuffled down the hallway and down the stairs to level 3, pushing heavily on the door. Immediately they were welcomed by the sight Johnny was talking about.

"Oh my gosh." Sue said in disgust moving slower towards it.

Reed frowned at looked closer at it.

"Ben…Ben does he look familiar to you?" Reed asked him.

Ben moved closer and shook his head.

"Doesn't look familiar to me…of course, he's dead." Ben murmured.

"This is Jack Radcliff, I remember running into him a couple of times in school. He's a fellow scientists, I wonder what he was doing here?" Reed replied placing his hands on his hips.

"Maybe he was up looking for lost test tubes." Johnny mumbled, not being able to take his eyes away form it.

Sue shoved him gently as Reed turned from it walking back closer to the others. Seeing him get closer, Sue reached out to him and let her head fall on his chest. Reed sighed in thought as he wrapped his arms around her placing his chin on her head.

Johnny looked at Ben who shrugged in response. Reed glanced at his watch and looked back at the two.

"Maybe we should head to bed, it's almost midnight. Everyone can crash here if they don't feel like going home." Reed invited.

Ben shrugged and nodded "Alright I'm in, free invite, heck yeah." He mentioned and walked back to the stair well.

Everyone couldn't help but smile a bit as Johnny walked after him, passing him and opening the door to it.

"Well if wide load gets to stay then I get dibs too!" Johnny said his face splattered with a smile.

Ben boomed lunging at him but missed since Johnny was already heading up the stairs with speed. He growled loudly, screaming his name in anger. He then sighed and looked back at Sue and Reed laughing hard but trying to hide it as they still embraced.

"I really hate that kid sometimes." He hissed then disappeared behind the door.

Reed smiled widely and shook his head at the issue then looked down at Sue.

"You ok?" He whispered.

Sue smiled a bit letting her head fall to his chest again and nodded.

"Yeah," she answered softly.

"So…are you staying too?" He asked.

Sue smiled a bit and again nodded.

"Yeah." She answered again.

He smiled and nodded.

"Ok, well let me get you fixed up a bit then you can get some sleep." Reed replied then led her also, to the stairs.

Johnny walked into the living room, seeing his sister dressed her in a pair of her PJs with a tank top on so Reed can fix up her cuts easier. Sue was looking down at her arm, her teeth clenched slightly. She then looked up and raised her eyebrows a bit telling him she noticed him.

"Hey guys just wanted to peek in and say goodnight…Ben would," he began bobbling his head a bit. "BUUUUT, once he's down…you know it's kinda hard for him to get back up." He finished smiling to himself.

"JOHNNY!" a voice yelled, which cause him to smile wider.

Johnny nodded towards them a bit. "How are you?" Johnny asked.

Sue grinned and nodded a little. "I'm ok, have a god doctor to take care of me." She said smiling at Reed who only smiled back. Johnny rolled his eyes.

"All I can say is that they're nothing compared to what you got there Johnny." Reed replied sopping and looking over at him.

Johnny nodded and shrugged. "Good cause this sucker hurts." He replied pointing to his cut.

"I bet." Sue agreed.

"Alright guys, night!" Johnny said turning around and disappearing into the hall.

"Night!" Both Sue and Reed called as Reed tended to the last cut on her arm, smiled and looked at her.

"There, all done." He replied.

She smiled widely as he helped her down off the table.

"Thank ya very much." She said happily.

"Very welcome, you should get some sleep." He whispered.

She nodded in agreement and he kissed her softly.

She smiled up at him, biting her bottom lip. "I had a nice time this evening." Sue replied.

Reed laughed a bit. "Ah yes, could've ended better though I am sure." He said.

Sue shrugged. "Yeah maybe, but this endings just fine too. Night." She said kissing his cheek and turning to walk back to her room.

"Night." Reed called smiling as he watched her clear till when she walked into the room.

Sue rolled softly on to her side as her eyes fluttered open a bit. She groaned softy as she looked over at the digital clock, it reading 2:35 am. She rolled back onto her back, thirst pounding in her head. She sighed loudly and forced herself to get up and out of bed, opening her door silently.

She stepped out into the hallway and started making her way to the kitchen then something caught her eye. She looked over and saw Reed sitting in his chair, his back to her. She frowned as she walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his neck, putting her head next to his. She smiled once he felt it and raised his hand up to grab a hold of her arm as well.

"Hey you, aren't you suppose to be in bed?" Reed asked.

"Aren't you? You haven't been to bed yet have you?" She asked.

"I won't lie…" Reed started.

"Why not?" She asked concerned.

"I just…" he began but stopped with a sigh. "I just can't stop thinking about Jack." He answered.

"It's bugging you?" She asked then felt him nod in response.

Sue walked around and pulled up a rolling leather chair in front of him, turning him so he was looking at her. She sat down leaning backing into is slightly as she popped her feet up and rested her ankle on the edge of his.

"Why is it bugging you?" she asked.

He smiled at then looked to the side, perhaps in thought.

"I don't know." He looked back at her, giving a face of confusion. "I think that's the problem, I don't know if I SHOULD be worrying about it. I don't know if I should treat it as something that happened on purpose…or to treat it as if it was just another merciless killing on Doom's part." Reed replied, trying to explain himself.

Sue nodded in understanding and pushed a loose piece of blonde hair behind her ear, the rest was tied up in a loose ponytail.

"And that's what's keeping the famous mind of Reed Richards busy." Sue replied smiling a bit.

He smiled lazily back at her and nodded. "Yes in fact it is." He replied with a smirk to her.

"So you're saying these possibilities are numerous and therefore its driving you insane?" Sue asked.

Reed shrugged slightly.

"Well sort of, I mean I never really knew him so therefore it isn't really a mournful thing to me personally. But I can't help thinking if he was coming here to see me about something…" Reed began.

"Scientist to scientist." Sue replied nodding in understanding.

"Or he was just a nameless pawn that got stuck in the wrong place with the wrong person." Reed finished nodding as well.

Sue smiled a little looking down at the armchair's handle, playing with a loose piece of leather.

"Reed, I know this is a logical thing to be concerned about, but there's nothing you can do about it." She started as she then looked up at him.

"If it didn't happen by fate, then it's too early in the game to tell. I mean, you're worrying over something that we can't tell anything about yet…you know?" She asked.

Reed looked over at her and nodded.

"Cause you really need to sleep just as much as anyone. You're the one that keeps having the problem understanding that concept." She said giggling a little.

Reed also broke out into a soft laugh.

"I guess I do sometimes don't I?" He asked looking over at her. She nodded hardly.

"Sometimes? You have like some kind of sleeping disorder!" She joked laughing harder.

"Hey, hey, hey!" he said in a warning voice stretching out his hand to tickle her sides.

She busted out in a laugh and with her foot she forcefully kicked it back, sending her chair rolling backwards far from him so he would stop tickling her. Reed rolled his eyes at it.

"Like that works." He replied smiling as he stretched both of his arms around grabbing her and picking her up and bringing her back setting her on his lap, and clutched his arms around her trapping her and started tickling her again.

Sue screamed as she laughed hardly, trying to squirm out from under his grip.

"What do you say?" Reed asked not stopping.

"No!" Sue choked out between laughs as she shook her head no.

"What do you say?" Reed said again.

"OK, OK, I'M SORRY!" She said laughing so hard she could feel her sides burning.

He grinned and stopped, putting both of his hands on the chair's side looking at her with a smirk, telling her she was free. She smiled widely at him shaking her head, not leaving his lap.

Suddenly a noise caused them both to look over to the hallway, where they found Johnny, hunched over, a mean look on his face, his eyes tired and barely open.

Reed gritted his teeth as Sue tried her best not to laugh.

"Can you two PLEASE SHUT UP?" He boomed and with that turned around and started scooting back to his room.

"Sorry Johnny." Reed called.

"Yeah sorry Johnny," Sue repeated.

"We love you." Reed said barely finishing the sentence as laughter took by.

Sue busted out into it as well, covering her mouth with her hand. Reed laughed harder, his eyes squinted as he moved his face closer to hers. Sue tilted her head back in laughter before leaning into him giving him a hug.