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The castle was relatively quiet as Harry traipsed up the many flights of stairs to reach the Astronomy tower. Today Professor Dumbledore had summoned him there early, at sunrise and before most of the castle had yet to wake. Harry didn't know why, but he came without question. Legs aching and nearly out of breath, Harry rounded the last corner and found himself atop the tower, Dumbledore looking out the vast windows with a look of reverie on his face.

"Er, Professor Dumbledore, you asked to see me?" he said, approaching Dumbledore carefully, who simply nodded and beckoned him to his side with the wave of a hand. Harry stood next to him at the window, looking out at the Hogwarts grounds. A fine mist blanketed most of the grass, looming lightly over the placid lake and stretching far off into the distance.

"Harry, I wanted you to come here so I could tell you something. One day, when you defeat Voldemort, everything the light touches will be yours." He said this simply, looking down at Harry's face for his reaction. His eyes widened, and he looked up at the headmaster questioningly.

"All mine? But, why? Why do I…"

"Don't look a gift horse in the mouth Harry, just accept that you will be the ruler of this land once Voldemort is defeated."

"So I'll become headmaster?"

"Don't ask questions, Harry. Everything the light touches."

"What about that dark spot?" Harry asked, pointing to a place beyond the forest, where shadows darkened the land and a peculiar stone citadel that seemed shrouded by storm clouds.

"That is beyond our boundaries Sim—er, Harry. You must never go there."

"How come? Are there dark wizards there?"

"You ask too many questions."

With that, Harry silenced himself, surveying the land that would one day be his. He felt pride swell up in him; he'd be the ruler of it all.

"Harry, you may go now."

And he did, strutting like a proud rooster all the way to the Great Hall for breakfast. He sat between Ron and Hermione, who looked up at him with peculiar expressions on their faces. Finally, Ron spoke, thickly through a mouthful of wildebeest… er… eggs.

"Where were you Harry?"

"I was with Dumbledore in the Astronomy tower. Guess what? I'm gonna be king. Er, I mean, Headmaster. Point is, everything is going to be mine one day." Suddenly, there was a loud scoffing sound behind Harry. He whipped around to see Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle flanking him on either side. He wore his typical sneer, and glared at Harry.

"You? Headmaster? I don't think so."

"Oh yeah, Malfoy? Why not?"

"Because," he sneered, "The school board has to approve the new Headmaster. And with my father's influences, you'll never get on."

"Oh yeah? We'll see about that. And when I am Headmaster, that'll be the first thing to go."

"Not so long as my father's around," Malfoy growled, taking a step towards Harry menacingly.

"Well, in that case, he'll be fired."

"Haha, nice try Potter, but only the head of the school board can do that."

"Well," Ron piped in, finally having swallowed down his pudding, "He's almost the head of the school board, if he's the Headmaster."

"Yeah!" Harry said, standing up and going toe-to-toe with Malfoy. He grinned. "So that means you need to respect mah authoritay!" Malfoy glared at Harry, but a look flickered across his face to suggest he was slightly intimidated by Harry's newfound audacity. But he quickly regained his Malfoy composure and just sneered, eyes narrowed at Harry.

"You'll be a pretty pathetic Headmaster, Potter. Worst Hogwarts has ever seen." Crabbe and Goyle guffawed behind him, until he held up a hand to shut them up. Harry just shook his head, laughing haughtily.

"Not the way I see it."

Suddenly, Harry sprung up onto the Gryffindor house table, kicking plates and goblets aside. Gryffindor students scooted away from the table, staring curiously, albeit apprehensively, at Harry.

"What the hell is he doing?" Ron muttered, but Hermione just shook her head, awestruck, as Harry began to sing.

"I'm gonna be the Headmaster,

So Slytherins beware!"

Malfoy suddenly cut in, shoving a timid-looking 1st year out of his chair and standing on it, becoming more level with Harry.

"Well I've never seen a Headmaster,

With such untidy hair!"

Harry brushed off the comment, continuing.

"I'm gonna be a headmaster,

As great as Dumbledore!

I'm brushin' up on looking down,

Like Gryffindor, I ROAR!"

Professor McGonagall walked by on her way out of breakfast, rolling her eyes and singing her bit.

"This child is getting wildly out of wing..."

(Harry picks up)

"Oh I just can't wait to be king! cough Er, headmaster!"

Filch, summoned to the Great Hall by Mrs. Norris at the commencement of the singing, swaggered in, leering at the Gryffindor table. He approached the table where Harry was dancing and singing, and pounded his fist on it, causing Harry to pause for a moment.

"You've got a long way before you ever become Headmaster, if you think…" But Harry cut him off.

"Nobody sayin' do this!"

Ron leaped up in his seat, and began to sing.

"Nobody sayin' be there!"

Hermione, as if suddenly bitten by the music bug, stood up and leaped on the table, kicking off her shoes and dancing sock-footed on the surface.

"Nobody sayin' stop that!" she chimed, and Harry and Ron looked astounded at her musical outburst.

"Nobody sayin' see here!" The Trio sang, much to Filch's dismay.

"Now see here!" he shouted, but it was to no avail. While Ron and Hermione fell silent, Harry continued to strut and sing.

"Free to run around all day!

Free to do it all my way!"

Harry ran down the table and slid on his knees to the end of it, arms spread and grin wide.

"Oh I just can't wait to be headmaster!

Oh I just can't wait to be headmaster!"

The Gryffindor table chimed in, like a huge chorus.

"Let every student go for broke and sing!

Let's hear it in the heard and on the wing!

It's gonna be Professor Potter's finest fling!

(Harry wails "Ooooh yeah!")

Oh he just can't wait to be headmaster!

Oh he just can't wait to be headmaster!
Oh he just can't waaaaaait… to be headmaster!"

Harry quieted, and the majority of the Great Hall burst into raucous applause. The exceptions being the Slytherin table, the Staff table (minus Hagrid, of course, who leaped up and clapped louder than anyone else), and Filch. Harry was beaming at his audience, when he heard the clicking of heavy, angry footsteps behind him. Turning quickly, he saw the oily head and hooked nose of Snape striding towards him angrily.

"Come with me, Potter," he muttered, grabbing Harry forcefully by the upper arm and leading him from the Great Hall. A few people hissed and booed. Snape turned and marched him through the Entrance Hall and onto the grounds.

"Potter, Potter, Potter… always seeking attention, aren't we?" Harry glared into Snape's ugly face defiantly, and Snape almost… chuckled?

"Harry… Harry. One day you'll learn… but that's beside the point. I've got a little surprise for you. You, and Dumbledore."

Harry was suddenly mesmerized. "A surprise? For us? What's the catch?" he asked suddenly, mistrust growing all over again.

"It's not from me, Potter. I have a distaste for… surprises. But it's from a good friend. Er, Hagrid. But you have to wait here to get it. Dumbledore will arrive shortly, and Hagrid will bring you your… surprise." Snape said this all dryly, although with a slight glimmer in his eyes.

"Professor Snape, will I like this surprise?" Harry asked.

"Oh Sim—er, Harry, it's to die for." And with that Snape left Harry standing alone and utterly bewildered in the grassy opening. He stood for a while, just contemplating. Looking up at the Astronomy tower, he thought about a few nights ago, when he and Dumbledore had returned from the Penseive after watching yet another memory concerning Voldemort's past. They watched the stars, and he told Harry that when great Wizards die, they go up into the heavens and watch over us from those stars.

Bored, Harry pulled out his wand and practiced his water spell.

"Aguamenti!" he shouted, but nothing happened. He shook his wand a bit, and tried again. "Aguamenti!" Still no effect. The third time he bellowed the incantation. "AGUAMENTI!" With that, a stream of water issued from the tip of his wand. Satisfied, he almost didn't notice the trembling of the earth beneath him, nor the thunderous roar of hoofbeats growing closer and closer. Finally he did, and headed his way from the Forbidden Forest, a stampede of… Centaurs? Centaurs. Great.

"Look, Headmaster, the Centaurs are stampeding," McGonagall said off-handedly as she looked out the window of the Astronomy tower. Dumbledore raised an eyebrow, clearly curious as to why they were stampeding. If he'd looked a bit closer, he would've seen a group of Slytherin students chasing them with sparks issuing from their wants, jeering and shouting. Suddenly Snape came running up the Astronomy tower stairs, looking horrified.

"Headmaster! The Centaurs, they're stampeding, Harry's down there!"


The three of them ran from the Astronomy tower, McGonagall heading off to secure the students in the castle so that nobody else might run out into the path of the Centaurs, Dumbledore and Snape running towards the grounds. Dumbledore scanned the grounds wildly, attempting to stay out of the Centaurs' way while searching for Harry. He found him hanging weakly from a tree branch, centaurs knocking into the tree and shaking him every few seconds.

"Dumbledore!" Harry shouted, spotting the headmaster. Dumbledore darted through the galloping Centaurs, getting within spell-firing range of Harry, and muttering an incantation to lift him in the air and move him out of harm's way. But as he did so, a Centaur plowed straight into him, knocking him aside and dropping Harry into the fray. Dumbledore quickly regained his strength, and scrambled towards Harry, lifting his limp form over his shoulders and jogging towards the astronomy tower, the entire Hogwarts grounds covered in a mass of stampeding Centaurs.

So near to the tower… Dumbledore tripped. He fell and Harry went flying, his air-trip ending when he slammed into the wall of the astronomy tower. He flattened himself against it, Centaurs running straight past him but not touching him. He watched, horror-struck, as Dumbledore dragged himself towards a tree, standing like a beacon of hope in the center of the stampede. And in the tree… Snape. How'd he get there?

Dumbledore clambered up the trunk of the tree, reaching for branches to lift his weak, trampled body out of harm's way. He climbed higher and higher, finally reaching where Snape was, safely in a lofty position away from the Centaurs. He sat and twirled his wand, watching Dumbledore with a look of utter disdain. Dumbledore stretched out his hand, and Snape reached down, gripping his wrists with a less-than-brotherly tightness. Dumbledore thought his wrist bones might break under Snape's vice-grip.

"Long live the headmaster," Snape whispered into Dumbledore's face, tossing him backwards out of the tree. Harry watched, unable to see the skirmish between Snape and Dumbledore due to the tree's foliage hiding them from view. He just saw Dumbledore fall from the tree, landing on the ground with a sickening thud. Six or seven Centaurs ran right over him like was nothing more than a bump in the road. Finally the Centaurs cleared, leaving Dumbledore's limp body lying on the grass.

"NOOOO!" Harry shouted, running towards his body.

"Dumbledore? DUMBLEDORE?" he shouted, landing on his knees next to the motionless man. He dared look at the old, lined face of the once-was powerful wizard. There was no life in the blank, glassy eyes. No smile touching the thin lips. No expression whatsoever. Just cold death.

Snape leaped gently from the tree, striding across the grounds to where Harry sat, shaking Dumbledore's lifeless body.

"C'mon Dumbledore, wake up. We've got to go back to the castle. To the hospital wing. C'mon Dumbledore, wake up. Professor, please, wake up…" Harry's tone became more and more helpless with each passing second, as he continued to shake the dead headmaster's body. "Somebody!" he shouted, unaware of Snape's presence. "Anybody… please, help…" He felt tears sting his eyes, and brushed at them bitterly. He then was aware of Snape's presence, standing over Dumbledore's dead body and Harry's crouching one.

"Harry… what have you done?" Snape asked, his voice cold and quiet.

"Nothing! There were Centaurs… he tried to save me… I didn't mean for this to happen!" Harry looked around wildly, as if trying to find a Centaur still sticking around as proof.

"Of course you didn't. Nobody ever means for these things to happen, Potter," Snape sneered, bending down slightly to examine Dumbledore's cold, pale face. "But the headmaster is dead. And if it weren't for you, he'd still be alive." His gaze fell on Harry, emotionless. Harry felt guilt and horror rush through him; he shook his head fiercely, trying not to believe it. "Oh, what will your classmates think?"

"Wh-what am I going to do?" Harry asked quietly, for a moment forgetting his resentment of Snape, his pure hatred and loathing. Grief was currently more overwhelming.

"Run away, Potter. Run away… and never return."


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