Authoress: Darka-Chan
Title: Ungrateful Love
Summary: "If you ever make him cry because of something other then his own stupidity, I won't forgive you." Why did Yuki care about these words so much? YxH

- - -

Chapter 01: Yuki's POV:

- - -

Idiot… That idiot… After one night he thinks I care… Yes, I'm talking about Suuichi. The biggest moron in the whole of Tokyo. When he left for the studio this morning, the air was tense -probably because I didn't act any different towards him after last night-. I'm sure he noticed to, he just didn't want to believe it.

He is such an irritating brat! Clinging on me like that… It's disgusting… And I'm not saying that he is because he likes guys. I'd say I'm worse then him. He is simply gay, while I am bi. Heh. I don't care what gender, as long as the sex is good. Oh well…

The doorbell rang and I glance at the clock. It's about time that idiot came home. He is almost two hours late. A frown reaches my face. But why would Shuuichi ring a bell? He has a key.

Hn. Knowing that baka, he lost his key. Oh well, no point in keeping myself here when he rings the bell again. Strange that he hasn't start yelling yet.

I move towards the door and greet the outside world. But in stead of looking in that pitiful whining face of Shuuichi, I am greeted by slant dark eyes…

What is Hiroshi Nakano doing here?

We stare for a moment. Why is he here? I don't think he wants to be here, and seeing as how he doesn't know how to begin, I think I'd start…

"What is it? Here to settle scores?" I ask as cold as I can muster.

"No." He replies in that deep, alluring voice he has.

"'Keep your hands of my Shuuichi' right?" I say, now growing curious.

He is quiet for a while, then; "That's not why I'm here" I see him take a deep breath. "I'm here to ask you a favor." He bows, my eyes widen. "Please, take good care of him."

I look at him. How strange… People would kill to see him bowing to them, but to me it's no good sight… I don't want him to bow for a favor, I want him to bow for- -ahum- let's not go there.

"What a pain." He twitches slightly, and I quickly add; "What if I said that?"

He rises again, and this time a glare is on his face.

If you ever make him cry because of something…" he starts "other then his own stupidity," what is this? "I won't forgive you…"

My eyes narrow slightly. Could it be that he knows? I look at his face, and knowing eyes look back. But does he posses this knowledge? No, I don't think so… But what was he here for, really? Suddenly my eyes widen.

He gave me and that Shuuichi-brat his blessing!

But-But I don't want to be with Shuuichi Shindou! I want to be with him! Hiroshi Sakano!

He is the reason why I came to that 'concert'. I wanted to see him, and I did. I did see him… But only after Shuuichi saw me, did he see me too…

But why?

Why does it seem like I can feel it when he's near, but he can't seem to feel the same?

Why does his best friend long to be with me, but he doesn't?

Why do I care for him while I haven't cared for anyone for such a long time?

And why am I staring at a tree?

I close the door, moving to the balcony. When I get there, I see him disappearing out of sight, the sound of his motorcycle disappearing. I am so stupid…

A sigh escapes my lips.

I believe Hiroshi wanted me to go after his friend, so I will. I pulled on my shoes and jacket and grabber my keys before leain the warmth of my home.


Where would I be if I was that baka?

- - -

Hmmm… I found that baka alright. Crying in the park, it was pathetic. I believe I heard him mumble about how Hiroshi could do that to him and how he was supposed to be there for him.

A sigh

I don't know how Hiroshi puts up with him like that. What ever happens, he always helps Shuuichi through whatever h's going through. It's alost as if he;

Then it clicked

It all just clicked!

Hiroshi loves Shuuichi!

I love Hiroshi, Hiroshichi loves Shuuichi and Shuuichi loves me!

I don't know whether to laugh like the maniac I am, or cry in the agony that I feel. But I get it now…

I can never have Hiroshi, because he is in love with Shuuichi. But if I can't have him…

No one can…


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