Chapter 02: Plane Rides and Tour Guides

Airport-June 3rd-4:37 AM

"You are sick, Shaun. So very, very sick in the head." Duncan growled, slumped over as the group walked through the terminal, with the exception of Ed, who shuffled along slowly. He was being held by two opposing leashes, one in Shaun's hand, the other in Diane's. It was a system made to keep Ed from attacking either of them, since he wasn't the most well trained zombie.

"What's wrong, Duncan?" Diane asked with a smile, her face bright and sunny as ever. Not even Z-Day could change her cheerful disposition. "It's a great day. We're going on a trip!"

Duncan looked to her, his eyes surrounded by dark circles. His face was emotionless, dull from little sleep. "I know we're going on a trip. But it's hard to get excited after being woken at two AM after four hours of sleep. Also, I'm playing the part of 'Pack Mule' today." The twenty two year old was referring to his carrying Shaun and Diane's carry-on's, as well as the two that had to be checked earlier.

"Well, I'd help you, but Ed's a handful on his own." Shaun said, pulling hard on his leash as Ed stumbled towards Die. "And you're bollocks at holding him. It's a good thing he only got a squirrel."

"Man that was disgusting." Duncan moaned. He then smiled, getting an idea. "I could always tie the carry on bags around his neck. It would be less strain on me."

"Are you crazy! That could snap his head off, what, with the rotting."

"So? Does he need it?"

"That's all a zed needs!" Shaun exclaimed, still a bit apprehensive about the word 'zombie.' He would admit that he called them that a lot, but he still felt it was something out of a video game.

"Um, Shaun." Diane interjected with a grunt as she pulled Ed back. "He's not alive anymore."

"Fine he needs it to stay undead. Look, either way, were about to check him. Then, we'll take our bags from you, scrawny man."

"I'm not scrawny." Duncan growled. Upon arrival to the Zombie check in point, the trio watched as armored guards wrapped Ed in thick layers of plastic.

"Are you sure that's humane, Shaun?" Diane asked, looking to her friend, getting the answer she wanted from Duncan.

"It would be inhumane if he were actually human. However, Ed's a zombie. And since zombies don't need to breath, what's a better way to transport them?" he chuckled.

"It's scary how much joy you get out of this process." Shaun said as Ed was dropped down a zombie chute.

"Not joy, entertainment. I'm entertained." Duncan replied, a smile still on his tired face. There was a short wait after getting through security, before Shaun, Duncan, and Diane made their way onto the small plane that would be taking them to Lesbos. And soon, they were off.

Lesbos-June 3rd-8:06 AM

"I hate planes." Duncan moaned as the trio filed out of their small plane, the rising sun shining across the airstrip towards them. "And not just this one. Planes and flying in general have always been the bane of my existence. This is just another nail in the coffin."

"Oh, come on, Duncan. Stop being such a downer. We're here now, aren't we?"

The toe headed boy almos smiled as he looked to Diane. He loved how she could always be so optimistic, just as much as he hated her for it. "Yeah, I suppose. Still, I wish we could have taken a boat or something. Then we'd get here about the time as Diane."

"Ah, but then you'd still be traveling, not yet here in beautiful Lesbos." The heavily accented British accent caught the two off guard, but not Shaun. Having gotten out of the airport (the bags and Ed to be delivered to their hotel), the trio found themselves facing a wild haired man with a bit of stubble and moustache. His hair and eyes shared the same color, dark brown. The first thought to hit Duncan about tthis strange guy was that he would have some kind of nervous twitch. He didn't know why, though. "Are you Shaun and co.?"

"Yes, that's us." the only one who'd been named replied, grabbing the man's outstretched hand. "I'm Shaun, this is Diane, and the dreary fellow in back is Duncan."

"Well, it's nice to meet you all. I'm Jeff, Jeff Murdoc, and I'll be your tour guide over the next two weeks. I'll be making sure you're well informed about wonderful Lesbos. Which, you should know right off, isn't an island of lesbians." For a moment, he trailed off, as if remembering a lost dream. However, he quickly snapped back, smiling again. "Anyway, if you'll follow me, I'll be getting you right to your hotel."

Jeff led the group of friends to a small car, painted an offensive lime green, and slid into the driver's seat. Shaun sat shotgun, with Diane and Duncan in the back. As Shaun made idle chit-chat with Jeff, Di began to whisper to Duncan. "It was nice of Shaun to hire us a tour guide, wasn't it?"

"Oh, come on. The only reason he hired that dude was that he could learn about the island before my sister gets here. He wants to impress her."

"Well, that's actually very sweet. Glad he did, too. The tour guide's kind of cute."

"You think? I think he looks kind of scary. 'Scary Jeff.'"

"Oh, is someone jealous of Jeff. Worried he'll steal all the girls from you?" Diane laughed a little.

"Of course I'm not!" Duncan said hastily, his cheeks turning pink, giving him away.

"Well, don't worry about him. He isn't the best looking guy in this group." Diane winked as she said the last part.

"What?" Duncan said, his voice cracking.

"Anyone hungry?" Jeff interjected, parking in front of a diner. Diane quickly jumped out of the car.

"H-hey! Wait up!" Duncan shouted, fumbling with his seatbelt. He felt like a total git.