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Author: Lorraine Kristine P. / Yami-Lor-Kris

/Bogus Gum/

One day, 2 lovers, specifically Seto and Joey randomly bumped into each other, just outside Kaiba Corp. They had rarely seen each other; Seto knew that many fans of his would b!tch about him if they secretly knew he was gay. Not only that, but it would break all the girl's hearts in the world (xcept' mine). On the other hand, the media all became paparazzi after Yami Yugi,Leianna, the creators of the source of such ludicrous axioms, and random people around the world spread that there was a rumor going on about him and Joey.

"Aikouki!" Joey said, waving to Seto. (it meant lover)

"Ah, Joey-kun. How are things lately?" Seto stated.

"Not much after you stopped seeing me." Joey groaned, looking at the floor with his eyes watering.

"Gomen-nasai…It's just that…There are just too many things between us…" Seto explained, hugging Joey.

"Like what? Don't tell me the only reason you don't wish to see me is because I'm a guy and it's against the world and your dignity!" Joey stated.

"That's where you're wrong Aikouki…" Kaiba stated as he pulled Joey by his collar, his mouth reaching down Joey's and pulled him to a feverish kiss.

After a moment, the two parted apart. Joey sighed in bliss and Kaiba smirked.

"By the way, I loved the way you passed the gum into my mouth." Kaiba articulated.

"That wasn't gum; I had a bad cough…" Joey replied.

A/N: You DO get it right? RIGHT? Okay, if you didn't, Joey passed PHLEGM or SH!T into Kaiba's mouth. Do you want me to describe it? Green and thick.

Some random people: -the taste?

Lorraine: Duh, salty.

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