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"I told you to NEVER TOUCH MY COMPUTER!" Lawrence shouted. He grabbed Lucas' arm and yanked the teen from the chair. Lucas landed on the floor tangled under the task chair. "Get out of my office!" He pulled Lucas up and his son cried out and fell back to the floor.

"Goddammit! What the hell is the matter with you?" Lawrence yelled.

"My leg is broke." Lucas cried.

"DAMMIT! You stupid kid, this is your own fault, I told you not to be in here!" He picked up his son, not noticing Lucas' grimace of pain as he slung the slender body across his shoulders. "You brought this on yourself, you know that don't you?"

"Yes, sir." Lucas said softly. "It's my fault. I'm sorry."

"What the hell am I going to tell that nosy damn doctor this time?" Lawrence growled as he carried Lucas out to the car.

"I'll tell him I fell out of the tree again." Lucas whimpered a little as his father settled him in the car.

"You told him that the last time, I doubt he'll go for it." Lawrence got in and started the car. "You cause me a great deal of trouble, it's too bad your mother doesn't want you."

"I said I was sorry."

"Just shut up Lucas unless you can think of a excuse for your broken leg."

The drive to the hospital was a relatively silent one. Lucas commented on a new tree that had been planted in front of a house a block from the hospital.

"I can tell him I was jumping on the trampoline." Lucas offered as they pulled up in front of the emergency entrance.

"It'll have to do, I'm too mad at you right now to think of anything better." Lawrence was more gentle as he picked Lucas up and carried him inside.

"Hi Amy." Lucas smiled.

"Lucas?" asked the nurse at the desk. "Back to see us again so soon? You really have to get a hobby little man." she smiled and opened the door to the cast room. "I'll call Dr. DeLacey and Dr. Koone."

"Not Dr. Koone!" Lucas whined. "Don't you have a radiologist that has warm hands?"

"Sorry shuggie." Amy handed Lawrence a clipboard and a pen. "I think it's a requirement for x-ray techs to have cold hands." Amy pulled the curtain around the bed as she left. "Back in a jiffy." She returned a few minutes later with a case and set it down. Lucas looked over and groaned. "Not the IV thing!"

"Hey macho man," Amy smiled, "I gotta get some morphine in ya or this is gonna really hurt."

Lucas laid his arm out, palm up, "Do your worst then." he said melodramatically, squeezing his eyes shut.

"I'll do my best babe." Amy tied a piece of rubber around his upper arm and in less than a minute had the IV in place. "How was that?"

Lucas opened his eyes and looked down just as she was injecting the painkiller into the line. "Oh, boy." He gulped.

Lawrence thumped the clipboard down on the counter. "Where is that doctor?"

"Dr. DeLacey is upstairs, it'll be a little bit before he gets here and Dr. Koone ..."

"Is here." The balding radiologist bounded into the room, tearing the curtain back. "Welcome to my dungeon." He laughed. "Are you ready for the ride?"

Lucas groaned, "No, but you're going to do it anyway so lets get it over with."

"Brave lad." Dr. Koone laughed as he guided the gurney out of the room and down the hall. "Should I open my eyes or drive like this?" The bed weaved from side to side, narrowly missing chairs and tables.

"Would it make any difference if you did?" Lucas teased.

"Probably not. Beep, Beep, Beep, wide turn." the radiologist swung the gurney into the room and lined it up against the x-ray table. "Att, att!" He scolded Lucas as the teen started to scoot across. "I know that morphine is good stuff but let me help you over. It's against the Geneva Convention for you to do it yourself."

"The Geneva Convention is about the treatment of prisoners of war." Lucas said as the man lifted him onto the cold table.

"Hey, I'm not letting you go until I get some results so that makes you a prisoner."

Lucas settled back on the metal table, nervously tapping his fingers on the edge as the radiologist set up the film.

"Hold still, just a couple more." Dr. Koone said. Shuffling the bulky film tablets, he ducked into the dark room to drop the film into the developer. "There, that'll do it." he said as he returned. "I guess that did do it." He smiled at the sleeping teen and gently moved him back onto the gurney, tucking the thin blanket around the boy. He pushed the bed back to the Emergency Department and back into the treatment room. "He's under." Koone told Amy.

"Poor kid." The nurse patted Lucas' hand.

"Where's his dad?" The radiologist asked.

"Stepped out to use the phone."

"Hmmm. Well I'm heading back to the darkroom, I'll be back with the sheets in a couple of minutes."

"I'll call Dr. DeLacey again and let him know." Amy said.

Lawrence stepped back into the room as they left. He pulled up a chair and sat close to the bed, watching Lucas sleep. "Why? Why is it like this?" Lawrence groaned softly. "When I was growing up I always told myself I'd never be like my dad but I am. I-am-just-like-him." He laid his head down on the bed next to his son, pinching his eyes closed and trying not to let the tears fall. "I promised, I promised I would never ..."

"Mr. Wolenczak?" Dr. Delacey asked, "Are you alright?"

Lawrence bolted upright at the sound of the doctor's voice, a mask of indifference slid effortlessly over his face as he turned to face DeLacey.

"I'm fine," Lawrence frowned. "it is my son who is in need of your assistance, not I."