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Note: Anzu is 9 years old when this fic begins...

Summary: AU. Anzu is just trying to fit in, but everyone thinks she's weird. Everyone, that is, until Ryou moves in next door. The friendship they develop is strong, even when they're apart.

Ryou x Anzu


By: Chi Yagami

I guess it all started when Daddy died. I don't know what really happened, I was really little, like four or something. All I remember is this giant man knocking on our door. I was really scared, so I hid in the coat closet while Mommy answered the door. The man whispered some stuff to her, and she kind of nodded. Then she closed the door and called for me. "Anzu," she had sobbed when I crawled out from my spot, "I've got some bad news, honey." I had no clue as to what she was talking about, so I just stared at her; I wasn't sure what to expect. She pulled me into her arms and started to cry. She said, "Daddy isn't coming home, sweetie." I asked her why. "He… He's gone… His merchant ship sank, and he couldn't get off in time…" I knew what she really meant; she meant he was dead. I think I shrugged it off the first day, but later when other people in black showed up for the funeral, I cried too. That was five years ago…

Now I have a different Daddy. Not new, just different. He could never replace my real Daddy. This different Daddy has cold eyes and a stiff body; he hasn't hugged me yet. He ruffled my hair once, but I think it was just to make Mommy happy. I don't think he likes me, at all. He won't even let me call him Daddy; I can call him father or Mr. Kaiba like all of his worker-people do; they're called em-ploy-ees. I think they're an important people of some sort, because Mr. Kaiba gets a lot of them at our house. They don't seem to like him much. I am choosing to call him Mr. Kaiba, since I don't like him either.

Well, Mr. Kaiba has his own kid, named Mokuba. When I first met him last year, I made fun of his name. He started crying and Mr. Kaiba got real mad. I never did that again. Mokuba is okay, but I'm four years older than him. He's super whiny and such a baby; I have to watch him when our parents go out. I think I should be paid; Mai gets paid for watching Joey's little sister. She gets five dollars an hour! I have to watch Mokuba for like eight hours in a row! With all that money, I could buy a car! Mommy says were on a "budget" and that I couldn't buy a car with that much money anyway. I disagree with her.

Mommy is very pretty. She and I have the same sparkling blue eyes. Her skin is darker than mine, and she has black hair. I have short brown hair; Mommy's is long enough to be braided into a long plait everyday. I pretend it's a snake. My hair is too short to be braided. Mommy is tall and elegant, sometimes I think she glides across the floor like an angel, instead of walking like Mokuba and me. She used to let me go into the Powder Room with her, before Mr. Kaiba came, and we'd dress up and act goofy. No more powder days though.

Before Mr. Kaiba married Mommy, we lived above the museum. A museum is place where kids are not supposed to be. There's lots of breakable stuff and pictures in there. I saw a statue of naked guy once; if it's breakable, I hope it breaks soon. Mommy owns the museum. Sometimes she lets me come to work with her in the summer; Mokuba is never allowed to go to work with his daddy, so he comes with us. I feel bad for Mokuba; his dad is being really mean, trying to get him ready to take over the company or something. After Mr. Kaiba gets retired, Mokuba is supposed to run Kaiba Corp, Mr. Kaiba's job. Mokuba will get filthy rich. Right now, we live in a mansion that Mr. Kaiba built when he moved here. It's way bigger than the museum, but not nearly as fun. The maids and servants are boring, not like the tourists at the museum. At least I have my own room; the space above the museum was so small that Mommy and me shared a room. Our mansion is a lot cleaner, too. We have over four hundred rooms, one hundred bathrooms, and two indoor pools (one for grownups, one for us kids). There's also several gardens, a maze, and a tennis ball court outside. Plus, dozens times dozens of security people. There are cameras everywhere, including some on the inside: the main hall, and other rooms that lead outside. I've seen a gazillion cameras around every corner outside, and our house is even gated. Mokuba has his own limo take him to school and so do I. Mommy gets a ride to work from Mr. Kaiba. Mokuba tells me they kiss in the back seat. Yuck!

Summer is about to end, and school starts in a week. We already had a "Meet-the-Teacher-Night", and I got real bubbly inside when I saw the teacher. It was a guy! I didn't know teachers could be guys… but he was cute! He has long light blue hair and two different eye colors. He's a dreamboat man… (sigh) School will be the same. All the kids hate me. Yami and Miho even found a way to get at me over the summer. Brats.

Right now I'm sitting on the swing set while Mokuba plays in the sandbox. Sandboxes are for babies. Oh well; I guess I'll join him.

"Hey, Mokie," I greet him, climbing into the box. He likes being called Mokie. "Are you building sand castles?"

"Yeah," he chirps, trying to put sand into a bucket. He was taking the bucket and a little shovel, shoveling in tiny lumps of sand. "Do you wanna play with me?"

"Okay. We'll build the best sand castle ever!" I tell him, grabbing a shovel and pail. We spent most of the day building a large sand castle. It was pretty neat. Mokuba's towers were more like domes, while mine had windows. I'm very artistic, according to Mommy. I used to take dance lessons up until last year, when the studio closed. I still dance in my room.

After we finished with sand castles, Mokuba and me had some lunch; we ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and drank out of juice boxes. Then we went back outside.

"Hey Mokie?"


"Why doesn't your dad like me?" I ask. He looks at me and shrugged.

"My daddy doesn't like to talk. I'm sure he'll like you eventually!"

Maybe. But when?

"Mokie, I have an idea to impress Mommy and Mr. Kaiba, uhh your daddy!" I exclaim. He smiles; he always likes my ideas.

"I could build a model of Kaiba Corp for your daddy, and you could build a model of my mommy's museum for her!"

"Yeah! Wait… isn't models people on magazines?" he asks me. Oh jeez, Mokuba is confused.

"No, not those models! I mean like build another museum out of the sand. Make a tiny replica!"



"What's a replica?"


By the end of the day, our replicas were finished! I hope Mr. Kaiba likes it; I feel like I'm always trying to please him and he never accepts. Mokuba's museum was actually nice, if you can picture it as a large mound. I wrote MUSEUM on it with a stick; he can't read or write yet. He starts kindergarten in a week. He poked holes in it and called them windows. Mokuba liked my model of Kaiba Corp. It has the base, then comes up really tall. The top was hard, because the building comes out in four places, and sand just falls apart. So I got to thinking and figured out how to make it stick. I got the sand wet and sort of turned it into mud; then I molded the top. I went up to my room and got my magnifying glass. I stood next to my building and held the glass above it. It was so hot outside that the mud hardened. Now Kaiba Corp can't fall apart! I also carved in a front door with a plaque that says KAIBA CORP and almost three thousand windows. Mokuba bet me fifty dollars that Mr. Kaiba would love it. I don't think he has fifty dollars, or even knows what a bet is.

When Mommy and Mr. Kaiba got home, we dragged them outside to see our masterpieces. Well, Mokuba grabbed Mr. Kaiba's hand and led him outside; Mommy and I just followed.

"See, Mommy? Anzu and I made a sand castle!" he says proudly, first showing our castle. Mommy smiles.

"That's wonderful, sweetheart. Don't you think so, Seto?"

Seto is Mr. Kaiba's first name. Only Mommy is allowed to call him that.

"Of course. Excellent job, Mokuba; I see you have architectural skills already…"

Oh jeez, he's talking about the business again. I noticed he only congratulated Mokuba.

"Lookie, lookie, Mommy! I made a retlica of your museum!" Mokuba shows her, pointing to his mound. She loved it. Mommy loves everything Mokuba and me make.

"It's beautiful, Mokuba," she cooes.

"Anzu wrote on it for me," he explains. Good old Mokuba, giving me credit. Mr. Kaiba says nothing. Maybe he is disappointed that I wrote it.

"Daddy," Mokuba says, walking over to my Kaiba Corp, "look what Anzu made for you."

Mommy gasps. Mr. Kaiba stares at it for a while, and then he stares at me. Mokuba is telling Mommy that I'd spent hours on it and about the mud thingy and all. Mr. Kaiba blinks.

"You built this?" I don't think he believes it's mine.


"Where did you learn the magnifying glass technique?" He doesn't believe me. What's a teckneeck? OH…

"I saw some guys doing it on the Discovery Channel," I explain quickly. I don't want him to think I'm slow or stupid. I bet he already does.

He raised his eyebrows. I hate it when people do that.

"You watch the Discovery Channel?"


Mr. Kaiba glances back at the Kaiba Corp.

"There are two front doors, not one." He turns away and walks back inside. I look after him.

"So, did Daddy like your building?" Mommy asks, coming up to me with Mokuba. She doesn't know I call him Mr. Kaiba.

"Oh yes, he said it was awesome," I lie. Mommy would be crushed if she heard Mr. Kaiba hadn't said anything nice. I want Mommy to be happy; she deserves the best.

Mokuba gives me a look that read 'I know you lied.' But I know he won't tell me on me.

I stare at my Kaiba Corp for a long time. Then I pick up my shovel and throw it at it. It stabs the KAIBA CORP.

During dinner, Mommy and Mr. Kaiba discuss money matters. The dinning table is over twenty feet long. Mokuba and me sit away from them. Mommy likes us to be close to her, but she understands we don't like the business talk. Too bad for Mokuba, because when he hits double digits he has to start taking business classes and be home-schooled. All of his classes will focus on Kaiba Corp somehow. Mr. Kaiba would have nothing less.

Tomorrow is the first day of school. I am totally bored. Mokuba is asleep right now, and I'm sitting on the porch steps, watching a large moving truck unload furniture next door. I guess some people are moving in. That house could fit into out ballroom that Mr. Kaiba rarely uses. I'm not interested in the neighbors until they take out a bike with training wheels. Maybe they'll have kids a bit older than Mokuba or around his age. Mokuba has a friend named Serenity, the one Mai watches for five bucks an hour, but she lives in a different neighborhood. It would be cool to have neighbors with little kids like Mokuba and me. I creep off the porch and duck into the hedge that lines the fence between our yard and theirs. I peek through the loose board. The men unloading the truck are taking out weird things, like stuff from Mommy's museum. Maybe they robbed her! I'll have to 'investigate'.

"Over there," a tall man says, telling the guys where to set the furniture once they get inside. At least the worker-men don't have to walk up the stairs; they have a one-story home.

A computer, three beds, a larger older bike, several vases, some wacky paintings, a figurine-head of an Egyptian mummy, many boxes, two tables were unloaded before I was satisfied that they weren't robbing Mommy, and that they had kids: a seesaw was taken out and placed into the backyard. Grownups don't buy seesaws for no reason.

And another car just pulled up, a sports car I think. A tall person with long white hair got out of the driver's side. I bet it's an old guy! Yeah, that other man who probably owns the house has white hair too, but it's short. This new person I think is a boy. Yeah, he has a boy's face and looks really grumpy. He's way older than me, but he doesn't look grandpa material. Maybe he is just weird.

"Bakura," the other man says. "Son, where have you been?"

So that guy is that other guy's kid… hopefully not the kid with the seesaw!

"Ryou was hungry, so we stopped for a bite. And my car needed gas."

The one called Bakura held up his keys and then stuffed them in his pocket. I think he might be in high school. He's old enough to drive anyway. Who's this Ryou? Maybe a girl my age!

"Daddy!" I can see the passenger door trying to open. Well, the voice sounded like a girl. Oh! It's a mini-Bakura! Only kinder-looking and a lot smaller. I think it's a girl… she has long white hair, too. Maybe it snowed on them.

"Ryou!" her daddy says, scooping her up and kissing her.

"Bakura tried to sneak tomatoes on my burger, Daddy," Ryou pouts, crossing her arms. "He should be punished!"

"Bakura," their dad scolds, "you know Ryou's allergic to tomatoes!"

"And everything else," he mumbles as a reply, walking inside, his daddy following.

Now it's just Ryou outside. I crawl through the loose board and decide to introduce myself. I tap her on the shoulder. She jumps like three feet and spins around, falling down halfway; I laugh.

"Hi," I say. Ryou looks up at me, confused.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Anzu; I live next door," I tell her, pointing to my house. Her eyes get really big and I think they're going to pop out.

"You live there?"


"Well, hi. I'm Ryou," she says shyly. Interesting girl: she's wearing shorts and a Tshirt, something like what Mokuba wears. I glance down at my floral jumper and sandals; she's got sneakers.

"Why are you dressed like a boy?" I ask. She turns really red and I can see tears coming on. "Well? Why you crying?"

"I'M NOT A GIRL!" she— I mean HE wails. Ryou runs into her— his house, crying. Uh-oh.

Oopsie-daisy. I think Ryou's a boy.