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By: Chi Yagami

It's today! My birthday is TODAY!!!! I am officially ten years old! Almost a preteen! Soon Mommy will drop me off at the mall so I can shop by myself (instead of her dragging me around with Mokie)!

It is a Saturday, so my party can start at noon this year instead of usually waiting until school ends. This morning Mommy made me toast and omelets and pancakes and waffles with apricots! Mokuba gave me a card that he made himself; he drew a picture of me and him on it, but he made me look like a boy. I didn't say anything because Mr. Kaiba was there. Mommy said I would get presents later, and that I wasn't allowed to go downstairs for the rest of the day because she and Mokuba would be decorating the backyard for the party.

Great. The party that all my classmates are coming to. Yami said he wanted to see me cry. I'm scared….

Before he went to pick up my cake, I asked Mr. Kaiba if he uninvited everyone. He looked at me with a frown. And then he kissed the top of my head. And then he left.

I felt very happy that he kissed me. But then I saw that several maids, and Mommy, were nearby. I think Mr. Kaiba should become an actor.

My party starts in an hour. I've been up in my room all day. Not even Ryou was allowed to visit. I drew some pictures though; it was sort of fun. I drew me and Mommy and Mokuba. Then I drew Mr. Kaiba with a frowny face. I also drew Ryou and Bakura in a tiny house, next to me and Mokuba in a giant-o house.

Right now I have to get dressed. I can dress myself, but Mommy sent a housemaid in to help me. She says I need to look "exkuisitt."

"Young Miss, I wish you wouldn't fidget so much," Rita says. She's helping me put on my special white stockings, the ones I wear when we go to Christmas Mass. I never had to go Mass before, but now that Mommy is married to Mr. Kaiba, we have to go to Mass. I hate it; Mass is long and boring and they talk about too many dead people. Mommy says Mass is supposed to "lift your spirit and make you happy" but I disagree; how does talking about dead people make you happy?

"I am sorry, Rita, but I am too scared to not fidget!"

"Why is Young Miss afraid of her own party?" Rita asks, buckling my shiny white shoes. "All of your little friends are bringing you presents!"

That is true. All the kids will have to bring presents. I just hope they don't give me boxes of toads or stuff like that.

Rita helps me put on my new party dress, the one Mr. Kaiba bought me. I wanted to wear a pretty kimono, but Mr. Kaiba bought me this. The dress is blue and flowy, with tiny white flowers that sparkle. I also have to wear a sparkly white headband, which Rita is sticking into my hair. She curled it first though. Now I look like a poodle. A blue and white and brown poodle.

"It's time to go downstairs, Young Miss!" Rita exclaims. "Oh you look so pretty! White and blue really bring out your eyes. In fact, you could pass as the master's daughter!"

All the servants refer to Mr. Kaiba as 'the master.'

I look nothing like him. And I don't want to.

Rita takes me downstairs. She blindfolds me before taking me out into the backyard. Mommy wants it to be a surprise. We step outside, and I can hear the whispers of my party guests. Then my blindfold is lifted.


Even though the people who hate me are here, I am excited! It's so beautiful! Mommy made it a ballet princess party! My cake is three layers with white frosting and little pink roses; on the very top there is a princess wearing ballet shoes. Pink streamers and balloons are everywhere on chairs and trees, all over the big patio covered by a blue tent. I have a huge stack of presents, and I'm very happy. Hopefully since adults are nearby, Miho and Yami and Marik can't be mean to me!

"Happy Birthday, sweetie," Mommy says, giving me a big hug. "You look so pretty."

"Happy Birthday," Mr. Kaiba says, and he pats me on the head. Was he trying to ruin my hairdo? I don't think he did though, because Rita said she used Maxi Spray 10.

Mommy goes to set up the games, leaving me with my guests.

"What are you supposed to be?" Miho asks, making an ugly face.

"Yeah?!" Marik and Yami agree.

"I think she looks like a doll," Malik says, twisting his tie.

"An ugly doll!" Yami laughs. He and Marik make several more rude comments. Yami's little brother, Yugi is playing with Mokuba and Serenity Wheeler. Why is she here? Oh, right, everyone is my class was invited. Serenity has an older brother, Joey, who is my class. He must be here… There he is, over by the cake with his best friend Tristan Taylor. They hate me too, but not as much as Miho, Yami, and Marik (they call themselves The Three Musketeers). Joey steals my snack sometimes, but he steals everyone's snacks, not just mine. Sometimes he even takes the Musketeers' snacks.

Duke is also here; he is over by the piñata talking to Blair. They kissed once at recess, and now they think they are married. They even had a fake wedding where Miho was a bridesmaid. I got the part of the trash cleaner after the wedding.

Rex and Weevil are here also. They are cousins and they are both slow and stupid. They argue every day about whether bugs or dinosaurs are stronger. Rex says dinosaurs would crush bugs, but Weevil says bugs could poison the dinosaurs. He also says bugs are the strongest because they survived when dinosaurs did not. I am glad the bugs are stronger and that the dinosaurs died out. I would rather have a bee hive on the playground than a dinosaur hive.

Vivian, Leon, Espa, and Syrus are also here. But I don't see Jaden, Asuka, Al, Chihiro, or Alistair who are all in my class and were also invited. They probably hate me too and decided not to come. Except for Al because he has been sick all week with the flu. So he doesn't even have the choice to come or not. Ryou is here too, of course, and so is Bakura and their daddy.

"Okay kids, let start the party!" Mommy announces.

First we play Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Donkey. I'm really worried that Yami, Marik, Miho, and Vivian will all try to beat me at every game. As the birthday girl, I get to go first at every game; I hope I do better than they do… Oh no, I pinned the tail onto the donkey's eye! Trying not to look upset, I watch Ryou blindly pin his tail… onto a bush. Haha! That makes me laugh and feel better. Finally, Syrus wins by pinning the tail on the donkey's butt. The funniest part was when Marik tried to pin his tail to Vivian's mother! Next we play Tug-A-Rope, and my team wins! Miho was on my team, but the other meanies were on the opposite team.

Now it's time for cake and presents! We all gather around the big patio table where the cake is… and then a woman screams.

"Joseph Wheeler, get your hands off that cake!" Mrs. Wheeler shrieks, pulling Joey off my birthday cake. He has frosting all over his hands and face. He ruined my birthday cake… I start to sniffle, but Mommy says we'll skip cake and go straight to presents, while a maid runs to the store to buy another cake.

Well, not the best presents, but at least I didn't get any toads. Yami and Yugi gave me a pack of Duel Monster cards; I'm sure their grandpa, who owns the card store, forced them to get me something. Vivian gave me a plastic bracelet, and Syrus got me a pack of Duel Monster cards too. I don't really play that game, so I'll give them to Mokuba later. Duke Devlin's present was Dungeon Dice Monsters board game, and from Leon von Shrader (his last name is funny) I got three packs of cards. Marik and Malik gave a present together, a stuffed rabbit. Espa Roba's present was a warm hat, is a dinosaur plate set from Rex (of course), and (I knew it) Weevil got me an ant farm (which will also go to Mokuba, you'd think it was his birthday…). Joey got me a really big bucket of candy, which he is currently staring at. Tristan Taylor gave me the new Harry Potter DVD even though we already have it, and Blair gave me a nice baby doll. Miho's present was horrible, though. Mommy thought it was adorable; Miho gave me a friendship necklace. But Mommy doesn't know that it's the same one I gave Miho back when we were still friends.

Bakura and his daddy gave me a nice plastic tea set; I guess they don't know about my porcelain one… But Ryou's gift was the best! He gave me a really big teddy bear! I have not put it down because I don't want it to get dirty. Mommy says I'll get other gifts later tonight, from her and Mr. Kaiba. Most of the grownups are inside getting drinks and talking about grownup stuff; Mommy is inside too, waiting for the cake. Mr. Kaiba is still outside, watching Mokuba play with Yugi and Serenity.

"Let's play tag!" Duke suggests, and everyone agrees.

Except me. I don't feel like running around in these clothes. I bet Yami would push me down in the mud. I just sit on one of the patio chairs next to Bakura, who is on his cell phone. Well, he's not talking… he's "texting". He says it's like sending mail without writing on paper. I don't get it. I clutch my new bear tightly and watch the other kids run around. Even Ryou is playing.

Mr. Kaiba comes over to us. I thought he was going to go inside, but he stops by me. "Go play with the others," he says.

"I don't want to…"

He gives me a cold look. "You can't always get what you want. Now go play," he says forcefully. Then he goes inside.

Sadly, I leave Bakura still texting, and join my classmates out on the yard; they're playing very close to the giant maze. The bushes are taller than me, taller than Mr. Kaiba even (he is really tall).

"Look, wittle Anzu has come to play, and she brought her tweddy bwear," Yami snickers. "Me and Marik are IT, so you better run."

At first it was a fun game, because they chased other people too. But now they're starting to chase just me. The other kids are forming a circle around us, so I have nowhere to go. I bet they're going to beat me up! Why are all the grownups inside? Can't they see what's going on? I quickly run into the maze, the only unblocked exit. Maybe I will come out on the other side.

I get lost very fast. I don't remember which way is out! But I can still here Marik laughing, so I should keep running. I come to an open space inside the maze, maybe the middle or a corner, one of the spots where Mr. Kaiba is building a fountain. Marik comes running into the area and stops nearby.

"Little Anzu isn't fast," he teases. "I caught you!"

"Leave me alone!" I say, and start to leave. But Marik runs and tries to tackle me. He grabs part of my dress and it rips. "Look what you did to my dress!" I cry, tears coming out.

"Poor baby! Crying like a baby! You're such a loser, Anzu!" he says, pushing me.

He pushes me really hard, and I stumble backwards. I try to balance myself, but my right foot has nothing to step on…! Suddenly I feel a horrible pain in my side! I can't breathe! My face is covered in dirt, and so is my dress. I think I fell… I look up to see that Marik is looking down at me from up high. "Haha! You fell into a giant hole! Maybe you'll die there!" he laughs, running away. His laughter fades as he gets too far away.

I burst into more tears. "Help!" I scream. "Somebody help me!" I call out over and over for someone to find me. I can't climb out of this deep hole! There are some stones and pipes down here, probably for the fountain, but nothing tall enough to stand on and climb out. So I just sit and cry.

This isn't fair! It's my birthday! I'm supposed to have fun and be surrounded by people who love me! I guess losers don't get fun parties, and nobody loves them. But Bakura said Ryou likes me… And Mommy and Mokuba still like me. But no one else likes me; Mr. Kaiba doesn't want me for a stepdaughter. Miho didn't want to be my friend… There's not much time left before the others see my loserness. My throat hurts from screaming so much. I curl up in a corner with my bear.

I think I fell asleep at some point… I'm not sure how long I've been in this hole, but it's starting to rain, turning the dirt to mud, and my teddy bear is ruined. My clothes are ripped and muddy; I do not feel like a birthday ballet princess anymore. I'm cold, tired, and hungry. I bet everyone else is eating cake. Why hasn't Mommy come to look for me? Didn't Ryou see me run into the maze and tell someone?

Maybe he decided I'm a loser. Maybe he didn't tell anyone, and no one else would tell a grownup, they all hate me. What if… What if no one cares about me anymore and isn't even looking for me? No, they must… someone has to find me! I don't want to die here! I start to cry again.

"Help me," I cry. "Why isn't anyone looking for me…?"

It is very dark now. Sometimes I cry out, but mostly I've given up. They probably think it's too dark. If they're even looking for me.

"Anzu?" a voice calls.

Someone found me! "Over here!" my voice cracks. "I'm over here!" A light shines in my eyes. Then someone jumps down into the hole. The light moves out of my eyes, and I look up, hoping it's Mommy who is here to save me.

It's not. It's Bakura…! "Bakura?" I ask. "What are you doing here?"

Bakura doesn't answer. Instead he pulls me into a warm hug. "I'm sorry," he says.

"For what?"

"I'm sorry your classmates are evil, and that your stepfather is rude to you," he says, squeezing me. "They told him they saw you run out of the maze, and everyone believed the kids. But Ryou told me the kids were bullying you. I tried to tell Kaiba, but he dismissed it, calling the police to look around the neighborhood. He isn't even out searching for you!"

And then Bakura called Mr. Kaiba a very very bad word. "I should talk to your mother about this."

"No!" I shout, startling him. "Mommy is very happy. Mr. Kaiba likes her, I can tell, and she really likes him. I want Mommy to be happy… don't tell her, please!"

He gives me a weird look, staring at me for a long time. "Okay, I won't tell…"

I let out a big breath and rest my head on his shoulder. This big-kid better keep his promise. He easily climbs out of the hole and back into the maze. It takes a while, but Bakura finally comes to the exit, and we're back in the yard. I'm too tired to do anything, so I just let him carry me up to the house, where Mommy is waiting for me.