If you like stories that are so stupid that it's funny, then this is the story for you! DJ is 15, Stephanie is 11, Michelle is 6, and Nicky & Alex are 3.

Stephanie ran into her house after school one day. Everybody was at home.

"Guess who's home!" she yelled loudly. "I am!" She ran into the kitchen and slipped and fell on the wet floor.

"Stephanie I'm cleaning the floor!" Danny said. "You know not to step on it when it's wet."

Stephanie was sliding around (not on purpose) on the floor screaming. Finally, she stopped.

"Now you're gonna have to take a shower and wash all the cleaner off you," Danny said. "Hop to it."

Stephanie stood up and hopped to the bathroom. She had been in the shower for 3 minutes when she let out an ear splitting scream.

DJ, who was in her bedroom, jumped up and ran outside the bathroom door. "Steph are you okay?"

Stephanie screamed again.

"Steph?" DJ asked.

"Monster!" Stephanie yelled. "Monster in the shower! DJ help me!"

"Very funny," DJ said. "Monsters aren't real. We all know that."

"Oh yeah?" Stephanie said. "Tell that to the big, green, smelly, 6 eyed monster that's in my shower now!"

"This better be good," DJ muttered as she walked into the bathroom. Suddenly she screamed. The monster Stephanie had described was indeed in the shower.

"Told ya!" Stephanie said.

"What do we do?" DJ asked, horrified.

"I don't know!" Stephanie said.

"Open the drain!" DJ said as she did just that. The monster went down the drain.

"Thanks DJ," Stephanie said. "I could have been monster food."

Suddenly the phone rang. DJ ran downstairs to answer it.

"Hello?" she asked. "Hello? Hello?"

What she heard next made tears come to her eyes.

I have to go now and I'll update the story soon!