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Chapter One: Campus Crawlers

Kori set her two duffle bags, her rolled up comforter in a plastic case, and small blue paisley designer Vera Bradley backpack on the shiny purple mattress that had some coffee and creamy colored stains on it. "One last year of college before I become a full certified teacher!" She squeaked as if she wanted to start a conversation with somebody. But no one was in that particular dorm room but her.

Kori stopped dancing around and pulled a sheet out of her duffle bag. It had light blue, blue, dark blue, white, lime green, pastel green, lavender, and violet mixed together. The comforter that matched it were the same colors in little squares getting bigger and bigger. Then another square formed. After, she whipped out two pillows out of the same duffle bag: one to match the sheet, and one the blanket. Then she placed two decorative pillows on top of them. A light fuzzy purple one and a silk dark purple one.

Kori kept on bringing things out of the giant duffle bag. Little purple rugs, some pictures, a metallic silver and light purple stereo with detachable speakers with silver star stickers and pink hearts all over it, and everything else that is all nice and sugarcoated with only purple and pure sweetness. She also took out massive piles of books.

The other duffle bag included her accessories, clothes for comfort, classes, and partying, which she did occasionally when she wasn't writing a term paper or doing something else to make her have a better chance of being a certified teacher, and some make up to go with when she was going to have fun with her friends.

Then she heard two girls coming down the hallway. Kori looked at the door and stopped reading the pamphlet of the new things that the college now has. The knob turned and the door opened. The hinges squeaked from the rust covering the once brass pieces. Two familiar girls walked in. The first girl rolled her eyes with a smile. "Not you again." She joked. Kori jumped up and began hugging the girl uncontrollably.

"Hey Kori." She said. Kori started skipping around all over again. "Raven, I have not seen you since last year! Can you believe we're sharing a dorm again?" Kori asked her flopping down on her crisp and clean bed. The second girl came in and flipped her blonde shoulder length hair with a pink headband in it. Kori frowned.

"So, where's my hugs and dancing?" She asked.

Raven sat down on Kori's bed next to her. "You don't get any, Kitten." Raven replied in an icy voice. Kitten frowned and paused. "That's okay, I didn't want one from you two dorks anyway." She replied crossing her arms and sticking out her lower lip making her lips, which were tinted with lip-gloss, shimmer from the sunrays.

Kori giggled. "Kitten, what are you wearing?" She asked examining the outfit she was wearing. She styled a pink halter-top with a white choker, and a white mini skirt that had pockets on the side. Her arm had a designer Coach bag hanging from it and she was wearing white pumps that laced up her legs with silky pink ribbon. She flipped her hair again and posed. "Don't be too jealous. And remember, if you have to ask how much it cost, you can't afford it!" She teased then began laughing.

Kori frowned again. "Hey Kitten, what are you doing here? You don't need a degree to be a stuck-up slut. And why are you wearing that? Why don't you wear something that doesn't make you look more like a whore." Raven asked in an icy voice. Kitten stopped posing.

"And I'm getting fashion advice from somebody who still has her 'mommy' dress her?" Kitten replied looking at the dark green corset and black capris she had on matching her dark green Converse. Raven stood up and got in her face. "My mother is dead." Raven said. She really wasn't and Raven felt horrible for talking about her mother like that, but she thought it might shut her up a bit. Kitten laughed.

"Well, if I had a daughter like you, I'd kill myself too!" She began laughing. Then her little wanna-be-Kitten-so-badly friend, Terra came in and joined her in laughing. Kori whipped a pillow at Kitten's face. She started freaking out. "My beautiful face!" She shrieked.

"Oh, it's so dramatic." Raven said sarcastically. Terra gasped and helped her up. The two girls flashed Kori and Raven evil glares then stormed out of the room. Kori began to laugh. Raven stood up and took out a sheet and her comforter. She sealed the dark blue sheet tightly under the mattress so it stayed on. Then she placed the comforter over it and placed some pillows there.

"Kitten is so over rated. I think it's horrible how she thinks everybody is absolutely in love with her. And when I say everybody, I mean everyone. Including girls." Raven told Kori as she fluffed up the pillow the rested her head on it. The girls sat on their beds talking about Kitten and Terra and occasionally making jokes about them. Then Kori stood up. "Let's go for a walk." Raven nodded and followed her out the doors.

Kori trotted out, her hair bouncing up and down with her every step. Ravens did the same, but since she didn't have as long hair as Kori did, it only flew up so much. Kori watched all the seniors hang around and joke with each other. But the freshman's of the college were frantically running around trying to find their way around campus.

Then two guys ran up to Raven and Kori. But they were both only there for Raven. But one seemed familiar to Kori. "Hey Victor. Robin." She greeted them. They started walking with them. Kori wasn't paying attention. She was still eyeing Robin. The way the black mop that was his hair sat on his head, the way his hazelnut colored eyes sparkled in the sun, everything about the guy was perfect.

And her best friend, Raven, knew him and just walked with him as if he was nothing instead of everything. Kori smiled dreamily.

Victor knew just about every kid his age on campus and then some. He was a perfect example of 'The big guy on campus'. He was always friendly, loved to party, but always knew when it was time to chill out and study. He wants to do well in school, but sometimes can drift off in his 'after-night -life'.

Everyone knew and loved him. Even most of the freshman's. He was truly the king of the college. You could put a crown on his head, and nobody would tell the difference between him with it on, or without it on.

Raven began waving her arm in front of my face. "Hey Kori, come back!" She said. Kori snapped out of her eyeing of Robin. But when she came back to reality, Victor and Robin were long gone and nowhere in sight. "Huh? Err, what?" I stuttered.

Raven bumped her hip out and placed her hand on it. "Listen, I've got to go. Robin's going to teach me- I lost you when I said his name didn't I?" She asked her.

Raven is one of those amazing friends that are like your hero's. They always know what you're thinking, what you're planning on doing, if you're lying or telling the truth, and stuff like that. They know you just as well as they know themselves.

"Am I that obvious?" Kori asked her. She crossed her arms and nodded. "The drooling gave it away." Raven told her. Kori gasped and blushed. "I was drooling?" Kori asked nervously. Raven shook her head with a slight laugh. "No. But you were about to. Now, I've got to go. I'll see you later!" She ran off to catch up with Robin and Victor.

Kori smiled as she watched her friend drift off. Kori has always been Raven's best friend and nobody has ever got in the way of that. But when the senior year of high school came, Raven was meeting a bunch of new people. Kori tried not to be envious, but in the end, she wasn't.

She told Raven about her feelings, and Raven said that she was her only friend that was a girl besides Karen. But Kori was friends with Karen too so it wasn't the big of a deal. Apparently when you have one best friend who's a girl, then a bunch of best guy friends, you don't feel that jealous, because guys won't do things that two girls would do like share secrets, go shopping together, and just be together day and night.

Kori decided to take a look at everything now that she was alone. She sat under a small shady tree with thick branches and leaves. The cliques formed again and everyone began talking with their usually friends, afraid to go out of the cliques zone. Afraid to be different.

Kori sat down on her bed that night. She had taken a shower and was now brushing the straight ,scarlet strands of hair that had the scent of coconuts. She was sitting on her bed reading a book on child care while preparing for her classes tomorrow.

Then Raven walked in. She had a party hat on her head, two balloons; one pink and one purple, a brown glass bottle of root beer in her hand, and she was soaking wet. She also had confetti sticking to her because she was wet. Kori gasped.

"Raven, what happened." Kori asked almost choking from trying not to laugh.

"Well, Robin, Victor, Karen, and I cut band practice a little short and decided to go to a party." Raven in formed her. Kori frowned. "I was going to invite you, but Robin insisted that you stay home. Why? Don't know, don't care." Kori frowned again.

Her new crush on campus barley noticed her, and when he did, he made it out like he didn't even want her around- which apparently he did. Like the amazing, heroic friend Raven is, she sensed Kori was upset. She handed her the purple and pink balloons.

"I got you some presents." She said with a smile. Raven only smiled for Kori when she was upset. Kori smiled back and accepted the two balloons. "Thanks. Now will you please stop dripping on the carpet?" Kori asked her laughing. Raven chuckled. Then Kitten walked out of nowhere (not literally).

"For once, I agree with the dork." She said. Raven and Kori looked at each other.



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