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Chapter Eighteen: Sweet Strawberries

Kori sighed as she watched and listen to this poor, helpless woman cry for her son.

"H-He was such a good boy." She cried dreadfully breaking down into more tears. Mrs. Harper, as a single mothers was torn to bits to find out that her only child son was 'murdered'. The good news was, she didn't know it was sort of Robin's fault.

"Did well in school." By this time, everyone was a bit bored. All of Roy's 'friends' and relatives were there. Not that many people. "Did his homework right after school." She said all teary-eyed. Kori looked down and brushed and invisible crease out of her black funeral dress.

"He even called his dear old grandparents on a regular basis." She said. Kori looked around. Everyone was there whether they wanted to be or not, but mostly just not. "He had no enemies." Robin, Raven. Victor, Garfield, Karen, Terra, Carmen, Kitten, everyone he knew but Professor Slade Wilson.

Raven allowed Garfield to wrap his arm around her shoulder. "He never got into fights." Then, for a moment, everyone looked at Robin. He pretended not to notice and let out a grunt as if her were trying to say 'He had it coming'. Mrs. Harper took a tissues out of her small black beaded hand bag. She blew her nose and cried as she sat back down.

Then the minister stepped forward once more. "W-would anyone else like to say a few words?" He attempted to put 'few' in emphasis since his mom took an hour and half to say 'a few words'.

Victor stood up.

"People come, and people go. I didn't know Roy that well. Some people say he was smart, others nice, others thought he was a little slow at some things. Did catch on very quickly, especially when he wasn't wanted around." Mrs. Harper sniffled and scoffed at that remark.

"I, have a story to tell." Victor paused, and the story began.

The story…

An old man ran through the forest. A tiger was chasing him. Then, he got to the peak of a steep and high cliff side. A growl appeared in the background. The man saw the tiger leaping out of the bushes and running towards him. There wasn't much time. The moonlight was made a path from the tiger right to the man. It shined off the misty and cool dry soil that layered the earth's crust. The old man watched closely as the tiger pounced faster and faster towards the man by every second. He gasped. He knew what he had to do.

He had to jump.

The old man turned and looked down the cliff. He could not see the bottom. Just a big rock sticking out of the cliff's earth. He figured he could jump and land there if he jumped very narrow. He knew either way, that he would be injured badly. He would die up here from the tiger, and down there from the suffering pain and no one able to help him and come to his need.

He jumped. He closed his eyes and jumped. His woven scarf flew up in the air above his body just like his arms. He pants were like mini parachutes on his legs. The cool breeze went up his pant legs and down his sleeves.

Then, he caught something. He looked up. There was a small branch growing out of one of the cracks on the side of the mountain cliff. Then he looked up even higher and he saw the tiger that was chasing him. Then he looked down to see how far down that big rock sticking out of the cliffs side was. A tiger was circling around and looked up at the old man waiting for him to fall and be his dinner.

The man looked at the tiny branch that was cracking under his weight. He knew he'd fall.

But then what was this? A big, juicy, ripe strawberry was growing off of the branch. The old man plucked it, stuck it in his mouth, chewed it then closed his eyes and smiled, savoring it's delectable taste.

It was the sweetest strawberry he had every eaten.

Now the minister was scoffing. But Victor's friends were trying to contain their giggles. As bent down and plucked a dandelion and placed it on the coffin, one of Roy's relatives whispered "Who dares tell a joke at a funeral."

Victor sat down with a smile. All the teenagers who were sitting in the same row as him looked at him with smiles on their faces making it show that they wanted to burst out laughing.

Even Kori.


Okay, short, yes. Next chapter is my last chapter. I already have my next story in mind. I just need to write it. Anyway, that joke, it was in this show called King Of The Hill. I still don't get why it was funny, but the show said it was a joke and my older sister Ivy was laughing.