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Summary: Kagome Higurashi pretends to be a boy, to join a big bad gang for indifferent reasons. Sesshomaru Taisho fine leader of this beautiful gang falls in love with Kagome… in guy form though.

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Title of Story: Idiots in a Crack House

Chapter Title: How I got here




"Kagome, you are a great and huge disappointment! No wonder you can't keep a job!" Mr. Boss man yelled in my face. My name is Higurashi Kagome and I'm about to get fire from my job. "YOU'RE FIRE!" See. I am a disappointment though. I guess I should tell you how I got in this mess?


"Higurashi, table 6!" Great put me with the evil doom children that are fighting with breadsticks. I walked over to the table with fake smile on my face, "Hello and welcome to Hiroshishi's Restaurant, my name is Kagome and I'm going to be your waitress for the night. How may I help?"

I got all of their orders only glaring at the evil children once, which was unnoticed by the parents. I gave the order to the cooks then walked around asking if everything was alright from my other two tables. Only thing I hate about this place was Fridays when a big gang comes in asking all big and bad asking for the biggest table and making as much noise as possible. It was mine and Shippo Fox turn to get there orders.

It was about time for them to come in, one of my tables felt giving me a big tip knowing that I would be having a rough night. I looked at Shippo who was getting all happy cause he was a secret lover to one of the gang members. I know this cause I walked in on them kissing so ever since I've helped them get away from the table. Shippo and I hung out near the front waiting to greet them as a few other people work on our tables. We heard a lot of cars and motorcycles come up.

The leader, Sesshomaru Taisho lead his people in the front where me and Shippo stood by each other bowing "Good evening Taisho-sama" He of course did say anything. Freaking yakuza. Inuyasha Taisho stood next to Sesshomaru looking at Shippo smiling a bit then turning towards me. I smelt some pie go by, yum that smelt good. "Yum that's one fine looking piece of pie" One of the members said about me to Inuyasha who nodded and was looking at the pie "Yeah yum" I almost laughed. Almost but Sesshomaru was glaring at me and Shippo though.

We turned leading them to a bad room with a low table and soft pillows on the ground around the table. All ten main members sat at the table and the rest at other small tables around the big one. We got the main people, Shippo taking extra time with Inuyasha's order. I got around to Sesshomaru's order knowing he would be the one to take forever, picky son of a- "Hi! Have you found what you would like?" I smiled only to get a glare from him.

He told me, and I got to walk away. I looked at Shippo who getting to another table and I started on another too. After that we left to get their food ready. "So…" "In ten minutes, after giving Taisho-sama his food" Shippo said and I nodded. I feel like a spy, or a ninja! I was making fighting noises as Shippo laughed. The other table got served first with water and there drinks. Then the big table. A minute after getting the food, serve the smaller tables then getting to the big table.

I got to Sesshomaru and sat his plate down in front of him "Here you go Taisho-sama" I said happily standing straight again, "Would you like some more tea?" I asked sweetly. "No, now get away from me you crack whore" I froze. No he would like a whole thing of water. I walked to a smaller table taking there fill water pitcher; I stood behind Taisho-sama staring down at him. I raised the pitcher and flipped it over his head letting the nice cold water pour on the man that could kill me and not think twice about it. I am such an idiot.

He slowly got up from his chair turning to me slowly; Inuyasha was standing trying to calm him down. I inched towards Shippo going to use my own best friend as a human shield if I have too!

Sesshomaru put his hand in his pocket taking out a knife as everyone watched in shock "I'm going to rip you apart then eat your heart" I heard him growl following me as I backed up.

And this is why I love Inuyasha so much: "I'm gay!" he yelled to his brother who stopped and looked at him glaring at him now, and I took off towards the exits everyone now looking at Inuyasha. "Excuse me?" Sesshomaru growled out. "I'm gay…." He grabbed Shippo pulling him into his chest "This is my boyfriend Shippo" I got away free. Them I'm not so sure.


And that's how it all happened. Shippo came home drunk with love-bites all over his neck and chest. I'm guessing he was welcomed with open arms, lucky him.

The next morning Shippo had Inuyasha over making him something to eat when I woke up. Inuyasha was laughing the next minute when I walked in the living room where he sat. He pointed at me with one hand the other holding his stomach "Sesshomaru is pissed beyond pissed! He is going to track you down and kill you slowly" He laughed out. Thank you for thinking my doom is funny. Luckily Shippo loves me and hit Inuyasha over the head.

Later that morning we came up with the plan that I was going to disappear for a while, by changing me into my dead twin brother Souta. Luckily I still got his clothes, beanies, shoes, and stuff. Shippo got this wig that goes on your head and attaches to your hair so you can wear in the shower. I'm so lucky I don't have big boobs too! I can just tied them down and bang. I changed into my brother in the matter of minutes and I only had to change my voice a little.

Now wearing the wig that was real hair and a little wavy saggy kind of hair like my bro's with a black beanie on my head, a black L'Arcen Ciel shirt with black baggy pant held by a belt since I was a lot smaller then my brother, a necklace with a upside down cross on it and small rimed glasses on my face. He was the same height as me and I'm gothic and love baggy clothing so yaay my lucky is turning around. I would have to say I'm pretty hot though. Had Shippo and Inuyasha drooling.

I changed my voice to sound like my brother's "Hey guys" I said smirking at them.

"I'm Higurashi Souta" And that's how I got here.

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