Chapter Four – Epilogue A year later…

Samantha drifted awake slowly as the sun streaming in from the window. She stretched lazily. She'd had such a good sleep, and such a good night before that…

She opened her eyes to see Daniel looked down at her, propped up on one elbow. "Good morning, beautiful," he said, kissing her on the lips. "How are you?"

Samantha smiled. "You know damn well I'm feeling terrific, Mister Jackson," she purred. She stretched deliberately, letting the sheet fall away from her naked body. She got a thrill from the way Daniel's eyed widened to take in every inch of her naked body. It had been almost a year since they'd been having sex again, but he never tired of admiring her – and of making love to her. Come to think of it, she never tired of it either.

He leaned over to kiss her deeply, passionately, letting his hands wander her body freely. Instantly, she responded. She and Daniel had already made love three times the night before but the thing with Daniel was, she always wanted more.

It had been a hard year, especially at first. Looking back, Samantha didn't know how she'd done it. Two years ago, she wouldn't have thought herself capable of the strength it had taken to see Daniel through the darkest period of his life. She had come to accept that it was something that would always haunt him, but every day, it haunted him a little less.

Especially when he had a wife who was devoted to him, a wife who was determined to see him happy, determined to keep the demons at bay as much as was humanly possible – and sometimes, as McKenzie had noted to see them together and what a positive influence Samantha had on Daniel, more then was humanly possible.

Marriage had always been on the cards, especially when he turned a corner in his therapy after that day when he'd confronted her about her 'infidelity'. But even though she'd said she didn't care – and she'd meant it – he'd wanted to be the kind of husband she deserved from him. He wouldn't marry her until he felt that he could be that husband.

And here they were – honeymooning in the Bahamas. She had once joked that after it was all over, he owed her this trip. She hadn't meant it, but a few weeks ago he'd surprised her with tickets to the tropical island. "I can never pay you pay for what you've given me," he'd said humbly. "But maybe you can consider this a start."

Yes, she thought as she enjoyed Daniel's touch, it was a start. It was the start to a new life, every day a step further from Daniel's pain. It was the start of something new, the start of hope that they could move on from the demons that had threatened to tear them apart – together.