A Midsummer's Daydream
By ASortofWing

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It was the sound of a heat-bug reminding everyone around what time of the year it was. The sun was already high in its place among the pasty white clouds that roamed above the Burrow. This "Burrow" was a disfigured dwelling that slanted on some sides while curved in others. It seemed as though there wasn't a straight line in the place and was held up by an invisible force that only some knew. Family love.

Weeks before, the wizarding world had experienced a great loss. Albus Dumbledore was admired for his loyalty and honesty, revered for his ability in magic and envied by all those he influenced. During this time a great force was also forcing its presence on the wizarding community. Lord Voldemort's spirit was threatening life and love every second. No one was safe from his ability to end something good. These two circumstances reminded the wizarding society about who they have and what they could loose. Everyone began to focus on their loved ones, not the overwhelming request for revenge. Suddenly, what and who they had now was more important.

Because it might not be there tomorrow.

Chapter One: A Familiar Grin.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Harry Potter, it's time to wake up! Beep. Beep. Beep. Harry Potter its ti-
"Alright, I get it..! Man..." said Harry, scrambling to turn off the annoyance beside his bed stand. He reached for this glasses and put them on, blinking so his eyes would adjust to his familiar surroundings. Except, they weren't so familiar. Harry traced his thoughts beginning with last nights events.

He had left the Dursley's for a final time. He remembered how Dudly had suppressed a smile as he shut the door… Harry frowned. What a prat, he thought. Then he met Ron, Fred and George and went back to the Burrow.. Then he remembered completely. As Harry glanced above him he saw the crooked roof of the Burrow and remembered he was placed with Ron in the attic to make room for everyone coming to Bill and Fleur's wedding this weekend. Harry didn't protest and was just glad to be able to be around his favorite family before his upcoming date with Voldemort. Glancing over to his right was Ron's Cot, all made with his pajama's folded neatly and placed atop his pillow.

"Everyone must be downstairs eating breakfast… I suppose I should get up," yawned Harry. With a small slump he rummaged out of bed and straightened up his clothes before walking downstairs to greet everyone. For a moment he thought about fixing his hair, but shrugged it off. He had learned it was best to just give up when I came to those matters. There was no helping the mop he amicably called his hair.

As Harry trumped down the wooden stairs he glanced to his right into a certain room that belonged to the youngest, and only, Weasley daughter. All at once, thoughts began to crop up in his mind. He thought about her, her hair, her eyes, how she slept in the bed he was staring at, how it smelled like her. His cheeks felt warm and he realized he had stopped on a stair. Harry shook his head and continued to trump, running a hand nervously though his hair. Is it bad I think like this? I'm such a hypocrite! thought Harry. Just weeks ago I told Ginny we had to end out relationship because of Voldemort and what I have to do… And here I am looking, staring even into her bedroom?

Harry sighed. I'm a pervert. Just live with it, Potter.

Finally, he came up from air from swimming in his thoughts and was greeted by several, "Hi Harry!" 's and one particularly warm, "Good morning, Harry dear." He surveyed those around him. He was surrounded with the most Weasley's he had every seen in one room. At one head of the long wooden table before him was the groom to be, Bill. Harry smiled at him and remembered his unfortunate accident only weeks ago. Though he was attacked by a werewolf, Bill was still quite charming – and a bit Dog like. Harry didn't mind. His godfather Sirius was a little of the same way, back in the day. Harry's smile drooped a little, but he continued to review those about him.

On Bill's left was George and his twin, Fred. They were dressed in silk pajamas – undoubtedly the fruits of their labor from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. Next to them was an empty seat he assumed was his and his best red-headed friend, Ron. They smiled at each other and Harry began to walk to his seat. As he did, he continued to look. Next to Ron at the other head of the table was Mr. Weasley. Harry sat and nodded a hello to him. As he looked up from his plate his eyes met with Ginny, the one sitting directly across from him. He shifted a small smile her way which he reciprocated and then quickly glanced back down to her scrambled eggs. Harry did the same, but to an empty plate. He also took note that Charlie and Fleur were the last two to be squeezed in at the heavy wooden table.

"Here you are, Harry dear. Tuck in, now!" Said Mrs. Weasley, beaming lovingly at him. She had placed a few thick sausages and a big helping of scrambled eggs in front of him.
"Thanks, Mrs. Weasley" replied Harry, helping himself to some toast.

"You slept in quite a bit, Harry. Hope I didn't wake you, mate." said Ron, looking over to him, eggs decorating the sides of his mouth.
"Don'tsh worryh abouf it," mumbled Harry, practically cramming breakfast into his mouth. It was one of the best things about living in the Burrow. He wouldn't have to worry about food like he did at the Dursleys. This food was even edible.
"Bill, smaller bites – you're going to choke! Honestly… " beckoned Mrs. Weasley as she watched Bill consume whole sausages at an alarming rate. His liking for meat had definitely increased.
"So, Charlie! Who's going to watch over the Dragon's while you're gone?" Asked Mr. Weasley, glancing over to his second oldest son. Charlie had an intrest in Dragons. So much so it became his profession.
"Oh, this older fellow by the name of Grastneck. He agreed to help me if I gave him a wedding picture with Fleur in it." He grinned and looked to his left at Fleur. She simply rolled her eyes and tended to the flying bits of sausage that flew from Bill's mouth.
" 'Onestly, I don' see 'ow you 'sink you'r' funny, 'Charlie." Replied Fleur, smartly. Charlie raised his eyebows and smirked, tending to his eggs again.

Harry smiled. He was glad he was here with these people – his true family. Or, as close as he would get., he thought. As the rest of breakfast continued he felt content to just be amongst the bustle that was the Burrow. During a particularly funny joke, Harry moved his hand to cover his red face and accidentally brushed his elbow against his knife. As he bent down to get it, his feet went from under him a bit and bumped against Ginny's. Harry forgot the knife and straightened up immediately. Ginny leered at him for a second and then looked back down, smirking a bit. Harry smiled clumsily and was relieved when everyone began to get up and clear their plates.

Harry followed the rest and began to wonder what his feelings were towards Ginny. Ever since he first kissed her after that Quidditch game Harry had been so glad to be in her company. He was grateful to be able to talk with her and not be so embarrassed and he even had the better side of Ron. But after what he said at Dumbledore's funeral, Harry began to doubt it would ever be the same with her. He frowned at the possibility of not being able to spend more time with her.

"Harry! Watch out!" rang a voice into his subconscious.


"Ugh.." Groaned Harry as he found himself laying on the couch with an icepack across his for head. All at once a throbbing pain came across him.
"Harry, are you okay? You looked like you were in dreamland when you ran into the side of the cabinet… We can't use magic to cure it – we don't want to miss and get the brain or something. Mom said you'll be okay in a half an hour or so." Said Ron, looming over him.
"Thanks, Ron." Replied Harry, closing his eyes with a sigh. See what daydreaming gets you? Geeze..
"So, what were you thinking about, anyway?" Asked Ron, scooting Harry's legs over a bit so he could sit a little next to him.

Harry's bottom lip thinned. He couldn't exactly tell Ron he was daydreaming about Ginny. After all, He did shoot her down only weeks ago. But, then again, Ron was his best mate. If he couldn't tell him, who could he tell?
"Well.. " Began Harry, "I was actually thinking about Ginny. Now, please! Please don't blow off at me, Ron. Here me out, okay?" Harry said, hurriedly, noticing how Ron began to straighten up at his baby sister's name.
"I was thinking about how it might not be the same between us again. I told her about how I couldn't be with her when I was fighting Voldemort... But I miss what we had together so much, Ron. I like her, still. I just hope she still thinks of me the same way," He finished, a small frown coming to his face.

Ron stared at Harry for a bit and realized this relationship with his sister meant a lot to him. Ron didn't scream, he didn't give Harry a nasty look, but placed his hand on his shoulder sympathetically. Harry watched him as he spoke.
"Mate, you did what you had to do. I know for a fact feelings don't vanish that quickly. I can still hear Ginny sometimes – she talks about you still, too. Maybe you separating completely isn't such a great idea right now, but the fact is - Well, you're saving my baby sister. " Ron paused. "..Thanks."

Harry smiled, as did Ron. These two were inseparable friends. Ron realized for the first time that Ginny made Harry happy. Likewise, he was keeping her safe from dodgy guys to Voldemort. Harry was appreciative of Ron's understandment. For the first time in a long time Harry sighed with relief.

I'm just glad he isn't going to rip my head off! Thought Harry.
If he hurts my sister, I'll still kill him! Thought Ron.

Half an hour later Harry was up and washed, dressed, and ready for the day. It was quite sunny outside and the weather seemed pretty warm for 10 AM. The day was Tuesday and Bill and Fleur's wedding had been scheduled for that Sunday. After the wedding, Harry would stay until the end of August, a mere week later, and then leave for Godric's Hollow to view his parent's final resting place. Just thinking about his plans felt like a bezor was being shoved down his throat. A Giant rock just holding him down.

He was determined. Determined to tell Ginny just how he felt – in every way. Whatever it took, he would win her forever so after this mess with Voldemort was past he would have someone to come home to in the long run.

He had two weeks.

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