A Midsummer's Daydream
By ASortofWing

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Beginning Note:
Thanks again to everyone who has commented on this story. Your words put a smile on my face and a word in my head. I wrote this chapter listening to one of the saddest songs I knew. It gives it effect. If you want to do the same when you read, by all means go ahead. Just hum it, even. It'll give the story that much more depth. Here's your conclusion.

The story thus far: Harry Potter and his friends have just finished their 6th year in Hogwarts. With the ending of this year, new ways of life has made its way to the wizarding community. With the loss of Albus Dumbledore, the esteemed headmaster of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, and the ever present threat from Lord Voldemort people are now considering how important being with the one you love is now instead of worrying about their safety in the future. Harry is staying at his best friend Ron Weasley's house with his family for the special occasion of Ron's brother's wedding. After being in the same house as his former girlfriend Ginny, Harry is reminded how much he will miss her. Harry then decides to make his final two weeks at the Burrow lasting ones with Ginny. But does Ginny still love him too? Will their relationship ever be the same?
After days of nail-biting situations, longing looks, and awkwardness Harry has finally confessed to Ginny how much he still loves her. He is pleasantly surprised to find that Ginny feels the same way. In even more surprising news, Ron and Hermione have also found their way with each other. After Bill and Fleur's wedding, Harry presents Ginny his fake Horcrux locket in hopes she will be his when he returns from his battle with Voldemort. She accepts, and all Harry wants to do now is keep the moment in his mind and Ginny in his arms. They spend the night together in Ginny's room, mulling over how it feels to be together and trying to block out the squeaks from his cot above. Finally, with this, Harry has reached what he desperately wanted – love from when he could achieve it from the person he truly wanted it from. He now is ready to continue his battle against Voldemort at full strength and with a full heart.

Chapter 10:A Sort Of Ending.

Finally - it was only Harry and Ginny. He yawned greatly and glanced over at her – she was curled up on the couch, asleep. All the food she ate must have taken a toll on her. She lied there, her breathing slow and steady, her hair sprawled out over the couch. Harry smiled sleepily and got up, going over to her. He bent down and nudged her; he would have carried her but he barely had the strength to walk.

"Ginny.. It's late." He whispered, Ginny stirring. "We should get to bed.."

Ginny sat up reluctantly and slowly at the sound of his voice. Harry smiled a little and helped her off the couch, took her warm hand in his, and lead her to the stairway. Her hair dangled in front of her face a little, it looked very brown without the light. Harry didn't think he would like Ginny much with brown hair - It wasn't her. Red just captured her better in his opinion.

On the second step up, Harry heard Ginny release a great yawn. She took the hand Harry didn't carry and held it up to her mouth as her eyes squinted slightly. He noticed how she leaned on him a lot going up the stairs. She still wasn't heavy. As the yawn came to an end her eyes fluttered open for a second, she squeezed his hand, and then slowly drooped a bit more shut making Harry unable to see her light brown bottomless eyes.

Harry kept a very small, sleepy smile on his face the whole way up. It barely made his dimples rise, but it was still there. His eyebrows were relaxed, and his eyes were staring distantly in front of him. The smile wasn't because it was his birthday, or that he had gotten so many great gifts that day. It wasn't because he ate so much food the last two weeks, nor was it because he had been mentioned at Bill's wedding. It was much more.

It was because Harry was loved.

Love kept the tiny smile afloat on Harry's otherwise impassive face. He has been cared for and thought about by so much in these last weeks, it was enough to bring Harry to his senses: It wasn't about getting revenge on Voldemort. It was about preserving love. The love he had come to know from the Weasley's and his friends. Harry glanced over at his side where Ginny was leaning on his arm, slinking up steps.

The love from her.

The two reached Ginny's small, cozy bedroom. Her bed was dimly lit from the moonlight trying to break through her curtains; it was white and beckoning. Ginny walked in with Harry and sat down on its side, Harry kneeling in front of her.

"I'm going to go get my pajama's in the attic.." He whispered, bringing his finger up to run down her cheek gently. "Be right back."
Ginny smiled and nodded, looking over at her bed longingly. As Harry rose and went toward the door, he glanced back at her while she began to get changed, smiled, and went upstairs for the attic.

He opened the door very quietly – he noticed Hermione was not in Ginny's room and only assumed she was with Ron. As predicted, there she was curled up next to Ron. This night, they were both on their sides, facing each other with their foreheads touching, covered in a sheet. Ron's hand clung limply onto Hermione's waist while Hermione's arms were bent in by her chest, her hands rounded under her chin.

They slept very peacefully as Harry came in and packed a small schoolbag. He only brought a few pairs of clothes, his cloak, sneakoscope, and a few other miscellaneous things (including all of his birthday candy and whatever money he had with him). He left his other gifts and Ron's I.O.U in a pile on top of his half full trunk in the corner of the attic, placing a pre written note on top of it all to be read when they awoke.

Please keep all these things here. I promise to come
and get them sooner or later. Thanks a bunch.

With that done, he took a last look to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything, and pocketed his wand. Picking up his Firebolt, he glanced at Ron and Hermione for a moment, smiling gratefully at them. He wouldn't have asked for two better friends in the world. He turned his back and walked out of the attic, shutting the door gently behind him for the last time.


Ginny was in her bed when he returned, already having pulled the covers over her small rising and falling figure. Harry placed his bag noiselessly near the entrance of her room, with his broom leaving the door cracked ajar. He then pulled off his shirt and pants and climbed into her bed. Ginny was wearing a sleek nightgown that was a bit cold to Harry's bare skin and, of course, her locket.

Ginny's cooed and placed her hand on his chest, only to find the undershirt again. She groaned a little, shifting herself closer to him a small smirk playing at her lips.
"Darn this thing.." She said, yawing.

Harry ran his hand though her hair affectionately as she rested her head under his chin with a small sigh. Harry stared at the ceiling, his mind wandering with sleepy thought.

What if he had never confessed his love to Ginny? What if, after that quidditch match, Harry hadn't gotten wound up and kissed her? It was a terrible reality to think of, but Harry did anyway. He imagined coming here and still feeling awkward around Ginny and her brother Ron. They wouldn't be sleeping together like this, and they never would have made love to each other. He would have missed so much if it hadn't been for her..

He was glad it was with her. No one else would feel the same.

Harry dozed off next to Ginny's warm frame, his mind running out of questions to ask. The inner monster slept and did not protest - his mind was quiet. Harry was for once, silent.

The silence broke when Harry woke himself up before dawn. He opened his eyes and took a deep, somewhat nervous, breath inward. It was time.

Harry shifted himself and broke away from Ginny, who only muttered something in her sleep and turned over. He got out of the bed, adjusted his glasses (he had actually slept with them on) and ran a hand though his hair. He walked over to his strewn clothes, picked them up, and put them on. His face was stern and concentrated, but his heart was screaming in protest.

It was like a cold, constricting feeling Harry had when he picked up his bag and broom quietly. The corners of his mouth twinged a little as he turned, glancing Ginny's way. Her hair was spread out over her white pillow, her arm limply cushioned by her comforter. She breathed quietly and peacefully – It was Harry's mission to keep it that way. This is what he told himself as he took a quiet step to the other side of the barrier and closed it.

The Burrow was, like planned, empty. He didn't stop to reminisce once he had reached the ground floor in fear of getting noticed or heard. He headed straight for the door and paused, his hand on the doorknob. He breathed in, took it, and turned, blinking away his tears.

Ginny lied in her bed with her eyes wide open once she heard the door click behind Harry. She stared at her bureau blankly as streams of tears stained her face; she didn't blink or wipe them away. She had woken up when Harry first moved, but did not make a scene. She knew what he had to do and didn't want to make him feel guiltier. It was the best, she knew, to just let him go.

She strained to listen for Harry as he went down the steps and towards the door. She heard him open it and shut it behind him. The door clicked closed and Ginny's eyes shut, tears gushing silently; her pillow damp.

She sat up quickly and looked out her window; there he was. She saw him mount his broom a ways from the Burrow and fly off into the night, his silhouette ending behind the only tree in the yard. He was out of her sight, but never out of her heart. Ginny slouched back down, still sitting, on her bed. Her head hung, tears dripping from her. She did not make a sound.

Ginny slowly pulled her locket from under the collar of her nightgown. She held it against her cheek, biting her lip a little as the coldness of the metal pressed against her. She took it away from her cheek and looked at it in the palm of her hand. Harry's words swam though her thoughts.

"Don't open it until I leave, okay?"

Ginny sniffed a little as she opened the locket with a shaky hand. Inside was a small crumpled piece of parchment with Harry's writing on the inside. She took it out and let the locket hang on her neck, still open. She then uncrumped it and read it slowly though her mind.

I won't let them come between us.
I love you.

Ginny smiled tenderly as she folded the paper back up and put it back in the locket. She glanced up though her window again at the distant moon and held the locket up to her heart. Maybe.. If she held it there long enough..

His words would come true.


Authors Final Note:

Well, Well, there you have it. Notice how I didn't say, 'The End?' THAT's because there isn't an end. Well, not yet at least. The end, I leave up to the great J.K. Rowling in book 7. So, this is a Sort-of Ending. (For those of you who are like, Hey. Sort-of-Ending, ASortofWing.. Yeah, I thought of that too when I came up with the title. Hee Hee, so clever we are!)

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