He wandered far and wide

He walked far and wide, searching…
Always searching for what had been lost.
His tears swelled the rivers, and his anger
Called out to the people form the sky.

His sadness sang from the mountains
And their untouched peaks, of perfect white.
His stance was tall and strong, the emotion
in him, raw and untamed.

A sad melody trailed in his footsteps, pain lived in his eyes.
The shadows clung to this wanderer…
His clothes hung on his gaunt form as he searched.

For what was lost was hidden; and what was hidden could never be found.
All the tears in the world could not save her, what chance does he have?
And thus the wandering fool wanders the earth and stars for aeons…

A broken man, travelling to the stars, to the earth…
He can't see you, he can't hear you… all he wants his love.
He'll whisper her name as you pass him, never stopping.

And still to this day you can hear him whispering, he's never given up.

And to this day, people will say if you ask about him;
That's the beauty of his tormented soul.

He's never given up.

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