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Anywayz, the story is now taking place during the movies. Reloaded, to be exact. This story, however, won't (and kind of can't...) link up with the rest of the movie. The only connection is the car chase; we never find out what happens to the Twins after that, so I thought it'd be a good place to start. (Also: The Twins are now about thirty years old. As you can see below: twenty two years have passed since the last chap.)

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22 years later…
In the Merovingian's restaurant after the Reloaded car chase

"You LOST him?" The Mero was turning as red as his beloved French wine when the badly beat up Twins entered with the bad news.

"It wasn't our fault." One cowered.

Two finished, "Between the rebels and the Agents, we were outnumbered at least three to one, seeing as how the Agents are virtually unstoppable—" The Merovingian cut him off with a slightly drunken but threatening glare (AN: Sorry, people. I'm not a fan of the Merovingian. He's really annoying and he ticks me off.).

"I gave you CLEAR orders to bring back the Keymaker! Why wasn't that simple enough for you blundering dolts!" (AN: I REALLY don't like the Mero….evident, ain't it?) The Twins sank even deeper into the expensive but fancy restaurant chairs they were sitting on.

"I will give you one last chance. Fail this time, and it's back to the Source. This one should be easy enough for you dunderheads. All you have to do is bring a rogue program to me. You need to be quick—the rebels are after them, too. You need to get this program, for both of our sakes. In the wrong hands, he or she can pose a real threat. Their code can manipulate the whole of the Matrix."


One and Two quickly phased in the Mero's thirty-car parking lot, healing the rest of their injuries from the highway chase for the Keymaker (AN: My friend always says the Keymaker should introduce himself like: "Hello. I'm the Keymaker and I make keys." :) Sorry for interrupting the story…). Seeing how their Escalade was annihilated, the Twins took their newly programmed 2004/05 Ford Mustang.

"You can drive," Two told One, "I've had enough driving to last me a decade or two."

As the Twins got in on either side of the sleek black sports car, One said, "At least we don't have to go on that blasted freeway again." He handed Two a map printed out from the chateau's computer, "Our destination is downtown, just a few miles away."

The Twins rode in silence, Two occasionally glancing down both sides of the street for a hotel, St. Moritz, across the street from Central Park.

One parked as close as he could, considering the New York traffic and the fact that it was karaoke night in the lobby. An air-conditioned breeze welcomed them and cooled the backs of their necks as they opened the front doors. Following a sign that said, This way to bar and karaoke, they entered into another room that contained a stage, a crowded bar, many tables and booths, and a female version of William Hung doing a rendition of 'My Heart Will Go On'.

One and Two rubbed their ears irritably when she finished and the host took the microphone from her and said gingerly, "Well, that was…erm…unique….Well, who'll be up next?" He instantly brightened when a woman in her late twenties raised her hand slightly. "Ah, yes! My good friend, Miss Annoli! I bet our regulars recognize her." An eager applause responded his statement as he placed the microphone back on the stand and escorted 'Miss Annoli' up to the stage. Two's interest was caught when the woman was handed a guitar. Looking closely at her, Two noticed something about her that made him think he was having de ja vu. He just couldn't put his finger on what made her seem so familiar. He poked One to get his attention, but found him just as mesmerized.

One seemed to have difficulty tearing his shaded eyes from the young woman. "We should find the program," he said quietly, taking out a blurry photograph one of the Merovingian's blundering henchmen took. The Twins were probably the Merovingian's 'employees' that had an IQ higher than an infant chimpanzee.

One and Two looked back to the singer as they heard a chord ring out and then resonate. She continued through the chord progression and leaned toward the mike,

"Fukai fukai mori no oku ni ima mo kitto
okizari ni shita kokoro kakushiteru yo
sagasu hodo no chikara mo naku tsukarehateta
hitobito wa eien no yami ni kieru
chisai mama nara kitto ima demo mieta ka na

Bokutachi wa ikiru hodo ni
nakushiteku sukoshi zutsu
itsuwari ya uso o matoni
tachisukumu koe mo naku

Aoi aoi sora no iro mo kizukanai mama
sugiteyuku mainichi ga kawatteyuku
tsukurareta wakugumi o koe ima o ikite
sabitsuita kokoro mata ugokidasu yo

Toki no rizumu o shireba mo ichido toberu darou

Bokutachi wa samayoi nagara
ikite yuku doko made mo
shinjiteru hikari motome
arukidasu kimi to ima

Bokutachi wa ikiru hodo ni
nakushiteku sukoshi zutsu
itsuwari ya uso o matoni
tachisukumu koe mo naku

Bokutachi wa samayoi nagara
ikite yuku doko made mo
michi wo tozashi
aruiteku eien ni
tachisukumu koe mo naku
ikite yuku eien ni"

"There must still be the soul that you have left behind, hidden somewhere
In the deep deep of the forest lying among the trees
People who are too tired they just don't look around, any farther
They disappear into the eternal darkness of a foreign place

Could we still have seen if we were there?
Could we have seen it if it were little?

Go on with our lives and lose those things behind.
Wrapped around in lies, we stand there voiceless.
We want to leave our lives, until we find a way.
Searching for the light for eternity.

Things are passing and changing and moving around,
But the colors of the sky,
Still remain the same, as we used to know,
Every single day.

We are running so free now, ignoring the risk
The limits that we had.
Leave our fears behind, take another chance.
Our souls will live again.

If we could catch the rhythm of time,
We could probably fly so high.

Go on with our lives, and lose those things behind.
Wrapped around in lies, we stand there voiceless.
We want to leave our lives, until we find a way.
Searching for the light for eternity

Go on with our lives, and lose those things behind.
Wrapped around in lies, we stand there voiceless.
We want to leave our lives, until we find a way.
Searching for the light for eternity")

(AN: I got the lyrics from It's called 'Fukai Mori', and Inuyasha fans would recognize it as the second ending theme. It's a really beautiful song—you've got to hear it.) :)


"Wow." The elegant Japanese song they had heard amazed both One and Two.

"I'm suddenly glad we got those foreign language upgrades." Two looked at One, "I don't think many people understood what she sang." True enough, the audience wore confused and bedazzled faces as the host escorted the young woman back to her seat.

One nodded, "Me too, but we really should look for that program. That is, if they're still here." Rogue programs had a sometimes aggravating tendency to slip away when no one notices.

The Twins reexamined the blurred photo. From what they could make out, the program had long, multi-tonal gold and black hair, reaching about mid-back. Two detected movement out of the corner of his eye and looked up to see the singer, 'Miss Annoli', stand up, placing dark shades over her eyes, and leave, steadily moving her left wrist back and forth. Two did a double-take between the picture and the young woman. He poked One again and wordlessly showed him the similarities between the photograph of the program and the singer.

"Looks like we found them. She seems kind of….I don't know….she doesn't give off the same, feeling, or something, that a rebellious program does."

Two raised an eyebrow at his brother's statement, "Well, you know how tricksy a rogue program can be."

The Twins were momentarily distracted from their main objective, focusing now on 'sibling rivalry', "'Tricksy'? I think a certain little brother of mine has been watching Lord of the Rings a few too many times." One wagged his finger mockingly.

"I am not your 'little brother'! How many times do I have to say that?"

"And how many times do I have to say, you are younger than I am, therefore you are my little brother. Anyway, I'm taller than you are."

"By an inch or two—"

"Or three, but who's counting?"

Two crossed his arms and pouted slightly, mumbling, "Just because it took a few minutes longer for me to download…"

An amused laugh broke the Twins' distraction. Their 'target' was laughing at something someone said to her.

Two's brow furrowed, "I know that laugh……and that smile…"

One was thinking on the same lines as his brother. Disbelieving, he removed his shades, as if something on them somehow put people who weren't there right in front of his silver eyes. The only change to what he saw was that it was brighter in the room.

One gasped, "Lily…."


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