Title: Nightly Rayne

Author: SJPearce

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Background: It's been 2 years since film one and a year since second film. Sweetest Addiction helped me with ideas and wrote parts of this so a HUGE thank you to her. Enjoy and remember to review.

Summary: Roman Pearce always knew two types of rain, one was the one everyone knew and most hated, and then there's the other type, Rayne O'Connor, Brian's little sister. A lot of sneaking around, some lies, and definitely some passion, Roman realizes that a little Nightly Rayne never hurt anyone until the storm rolls in.

CHAPTER 1 – A Little Closer Than Usual.

Brian paced up and down the kitchen, looking at the clock every few seconds. It read 1:45 AM. Roman sat at the kitchen table in the house they shared telling him to calm down. Brian didn't listen and rambled on about how anything could have happened and he didn't know where she was or who she was with.

'She' was his sister, Rayne Ashlyn O'Connor. 6 months ago their parents had been killed when a group of 2-4 men broke in to their home and stole all of their money and jewellery, the police had said that their father, Nick a well respected Police officer, had put up a fight resulting in them both being killed. Rayne wasn't home at the time she was at design school in New York, ever since their death Brian had made her move to Miami with him and Roman so he could keep a close eye on her. Except he couldn't keep a close eye on her when he didn't know where she was.

"That Ryan guy is bad news!" Brian stated aloud "he's got the worst reputation with girls and I know he's only using her"

"So what you gonna do, ban her from seeing him?" Roman asked

"If I have to"

Roman laughed "What was the first thing you did when Mom stopped you from seeing Delinda?" Brian's mom had raised Roman after his father took off when he was 3 and his mom was put in to rehab for alcohol and drug abuse when he was 6, ever since he had been Roman O'Connor-Pearce.

"I went to see her" Brian remembered "yeah ok so that wont work but I can tell her he's an ass". Rayne entered the house and didn't bother to close the door quietly knowing her brother would be up waiting to chew her a new ass. "Where the hell have you been?" Brian asked walking in to the hall way.

"Back off Brian, I'm tired I need some sleep" she said beginning to climb the stairs as Roman stood in the door way to the kitchen and hall waiting to play referee in the fight they were about to have.

"maybe you wouldn't be tired if you got home a sensible hour!"

"And what time did you get home Brian? Half hour ago? Tej's party went on for a while" Rayne stopped on the stairs knowing he would only follow her.

"I'm 26 not 19"

"your only 26 according to your birth certificate, listening to you, you sound 46!"

"don't be a smart ass Rayne, your curfew is 12!"

"did you ever stick to your curfew?"

"that's not the point"

"no your right the point is you don't like Ryan, I could come home at any hour as long as I wasn't with him right?"



"Ryan's using you Rayne don't you see it?"

"Who's to say I'm not using him huh?" with that she left them to ponder the thought "I'm going to bed" she added walking up the rest of the stairs.

Rayne walked down the stairs the following day at 10:30 AM thankful her brother was at work so they couldn't continue their argument from the previous night. They use to be so close, Brian was the first person she would run to if she were ever in trouble or needed any kind of help, but ever since he returned home from 'playing cop' in LA things were completely different between them. She didn't understand it, maybe he had changed, maybe she still hadn't forgave him from going to LA in the first place. Whatever it was it was beginning to piss her off that he was always on her case.

"Morning" a topless Roman said sat at the kitchen table reading the paper and drinking a cup of coffee. It was day off from Tej's and he didn't plan on doing much of nothing, just lounging around, maybe he would push himself to playing a little play station but nothing to energy consuming. Races were tonight he needed his energy for that.

"Hey" she replied distantly she was busy thinking about how her and Brian's relationship had changed. Roman watched her cross the kitchen and pour herself a mug of coffee before joining him at the table. She sat watching the liquid in the mug swirl around.

"Big with the thinking this morning?" Roman observed. Rayne looked up from her coffee and smiled at him lightly.

"Sorry I'm didn't get much sleep I'm feel like the living dead"

"You have another nightmare?" Rayne felt like such a baby having nightmares, but they weren't about things that go bump in the night they were of her parents. How they died, begging for their lives, dying in pain, it was always the same dream just a few details changed, things seem to get worse every time.

Rayne had only told Roman, the first time she had had the nightmare she had not been able to get back to sleep so she watched TV in the living room, Roman had come down stairs and found her crying so she had explained.

"Yeah" she sighed "only this time Brian was dead too" she said taking her focus back to her coffee. "But that's just wishful thinking" she joked Roman chuckled.

"That comment about you using Ryan really got to him"

"So what it's ok for you two to sleep around but I can't?" she asked becoming agitated, she was sick of them having a different set of rules to live by than her.

"Are you sleeping around?" he raised his eyebrows. He had grown up with Rayne and Brian; he knew she wouldn't feel awkward about answering the question, although she may avoid it.

"What do you think?" she asked, if Brian had asked her that questions all hell would have broke lose but her and Roman had a special relationship, they found it so easy to talk to each other about anything. They never argued and never had even growing up together. "No I'm not sleeping around" she added before he had chance to reply.

"Good that's my girl" he said.

"No Rome if I were your girl I'd be sleeping around" Roman put his hand over his heart and looked upset, "don't act offended that's how you like your women" she laughed putting her coffee mug in the sink, washing up her mug and keeping her back to him she said "I'm gonna hit the gym you wanna come with? Cause you definitely need to, I've noticed the weight you've put on" Rayne works at the gym and got free membership, she did work out at work when she got the chance but preferred to go on her days off.

He appeared at the side of her and replied "Girl, you're heading for a ass whooping" after flicking water on her from the running cold tap he ran out of the kitchen.

"You can run but you will pay for it eventually" she called after him.

Locking the front door with his gym bag in hand Roman challenged Rayne to a race "Last one to the gym buys lunch"

"You're on" Rayne said racing down the porch steps and to her car. She had a Yellow Skyline that had customised to the persistence of Roman and Brian, she wasn't bothered what kit her car had on it or the size of the rims or whatever they were called, all she wanted was a car to get her from A-B, but Roman and Brian insisted that they would not and could not associate with a 'standard' car. Leaving the drive before Roman had even started his engine Rayne took off down the road.

"That's the long way round sweet heart" Roman spoke to himself driving off in the opposite direction as Rayne had, confident he would win, he cruised and instead of speeding.

Rayne leant smugly on the bonnet of her car and waited for Roman to pull up besides her. He exited his car shaking his head; how the hell had she got there so fast? "Damn I'm getting hungry already" she said walking in to the gym along side him.

"You wait till I tell your brother you've been speeding"

"You're such a sore loser Rome"

After an hour of working out, Rayne was finishing off on the treadmill besides Roman, he had taken it easy today normally he did weights for almost an hour and all kinds of muscle building exercises but today he wasn't in the mood so he had just done 15 minutes on the bike and the rowing machine, and 30 minutes running. They were having a conversation about Brian and him being 'possessive' as Rayne put it.

"Come on Rome, a curfew at 19, please! I'm 20 in a month and what the hell did he think I did in New York?" she took a deep breathe then continued "go to all my classes, study hard every night, eat a healthy balanced meal and in bed by 11?"

"Isn't that what you do at college?" Roman joked.

"I don't get why he made me drop out? I'm such a burden to him here, why doesn't he just let me go back to New York?"

"Cause your all the family he's got now, he wants to keep you as close as possible and you're not a burden to him"

"Sure feels like it" she said stopping the treadmill and getting off.

"Well you're not, not to either of us"

"Is this the part where you get all soppy and tell me how much you love me?" she asked taking her towel from on top of her bag and dabbing the sweet from her face.

"No this is where I start hoping you don't want anything expensive for lunch" Rayne laughed at him, he was so cheap!

"I fancy Chinese but take out is fine with me babe"

After eating their Chinese take out, Rayne stood at the sink washing up their plates, there was no point in putting 2 plates and 2 knifes and forks in the dish washer so it was easier to wash them. Roman cleaned the table and then began to dry the plates. Neither one spoke but it was a nice silence. After cleaning the last plate Rayne pulled the plug out, remembering Roman throwing cold water on her earlier she cupped some water in her hands and threw it over Roman as he returned from putting a plate in the cupboard. The water hitting him shocked him and he stopped in his tracks water dripping from his face. Rayne laughed hysterically at his shocked, yet annoyed expression. "So that's funny huh?"

"Like you wouldn't believe" Rayne laughed. He walked closer to the sink and threw water over her, a water fight ensued. Standing practically next to each other at the sink to wet one another they weren't soaking the kitchen just each other. Roman cupped as much water as he could in his hands and then threw it in Rayne's face before she could retaliate he grabbed her hands to stop her. Standing closer than they had been laughing with one another, they stopped and looked deep in to each others eyes. With much hesitation Roman moved in slowly and kissed Rayne. He wasn't sure how she would react or why he kissed her it just seemed so right, she didn't push him away and kissed him passionately back.

Letting go of Rayne's arms he moved his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to his body. She didn't complain and moved willingly moving her arms around his neck. Things didn't get out of hand they just stood kissing for a while, at least ten minutes had passed neither one needing or wanting to come up for air.

"Hey guys, any one home?" Brian called walking in the front door and closing it quietly. Both of them simultaneously pulling apart. Rayne went back to cleaning the soap suds from the sink and Roman continued to dry the last plate. Brian walked in to the kitchen "I've come home for some lunch, wanna join me?"

"We just ate Bro" Roman told him

"I can make you a sandwich though?" Rayne asked.

"Wow, what's wrong with you? Being nice to your big bad brother…" Brian remarked.

"Fine get your own then" she told him retrieving a dry towel from the draw to dry her hands on; she threw the towel on the surface behind her and then left the room.

"I should have just kept my mouth shut and let her make it shouldn't I?" Brian suggested rather than asked Roman who was stood staring at the door where Rayne had just left through.

"Probably." Roman replied.

Brian made himself a sandwich whilst explaining to Roman about how an awkward customer had had him working on the same damn car all morning, wasting his time. Roman wasn't exactly listening, his mind was occupied thinking about what had just happened with Rayne and how much he had enjoyed whatever it was that had just happened.

Rayne came bounding down the stairs having changed from her gym clothes and called in to the kitchen "I'm going out, see you later." she called opening the front door.

"Hold up," Brian called chasing after her out of the kitchen and through the front door; Rayne unlocked her car with the fob and stopped hearing Brian call her name as he ran out of the house. "I wanna talk to you."

"Can it wait till later?" she asked, she just wanted to get out of there, away from Roman, away from Brian and his cop sense or spider sense as Roman called it. She didn't want to be around if and when Brian realised something had gone on between her and Roman.

"No I wanna talk to you now, I've made some decisions." Brian told her with as much of a sincere voice he could, he know making her think they were going to argue would just make her leave but if he could let her know they were going to have an adult discussion she may stay.

"You coming to races tonight?" Roman called from the porch.

"Maybe, depends what Suki wants to do." Rayne replied avoiding eye contact with him.

"Rayne please we need to talk." Brian pleaded

"About what?"

"I've been really hard on you lately and I'm sorry, I was wrong to give you a curfew and even if I don't like Ryan, I should trust your judgement."

"Yeah well, sometimes even my judgements are wrong. We broke up/" she told him.

Brian wanted to jump in the air and scream woohoo but he fought the urge "so we're cool?" he asked doing his best puppy dog eyes.

"We're cool bro, now can I get out of here?"

"What's the hurry?" Roman asked from the porch.

Rayne didn't reply to Roman "I'll see you later Bri."

"Yeah sure". She got in to her car as Brian turned and walked up the path to the house; Roman watched Rayne drive off then went back in to the house.

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