Chapter 19 – Never Ending Story

Rayne cradled the small child in her arms, gently stroking the soft almost white blonde hair on the Childs head, she didn't realize she was crooning until the arms wrapped around her waist and the culprit began to sing the same tune along with her.

The waist hugger gently kissed her neck and then leant his chin on her shoulder so he could stare at the gorgeous child to. "He's perfect"

Rayne's eyes clouded with tears like they had a few hundred times before ever since Mason had been born 3 weeks before. "10 toes, 10 fingers, a little button nose, two perfectly shaped lips, my ears-thank god" she laughed "two small beautiful blue eyes and his dad's complexion"

"Perfect" he confirmed "come on let's take him to see his uncle's and aunt's"

Rayne sighed, she didn't want to go back and introduce Mason to his family, she wanted to keep him all to herself and his father, she wanted to lock the front door on the beach front property close the blinds, lock the windows and just spend eternity with her son and her husband. "Can we not just stay here?"

Her husband laughed "its not going to be that bad" he insisted "the dust has settled everything is sorted out now, nothings doing to happen, we're going to take Mason introduce him to Brian, Mia, Suki, Tej, Dom, the whole team, their going to fall in love with him as much as we have and we're going to catch up and reminisce and show them our wedding album, tell them all about the trouble this little man gave us before he arrived, tell them all about the business, how happy we are, how much we love living here…"

"Ok, ok" Rayne interrupted him; she could have recited the speech with him as he had had to give her the same speech more than once in the last month and half.

Rayne knew she was being selfish by keeping Mason all to herself, but the last year and half she had spent in Cancun just her and her man, no racing, no racer chasers, no drama, no team, no money worries, nothing to come in-between them it had been utter bliss. The 9 months and two weeks of her pregnancy had been hard with complications and false alarms but she had still been on cloud nine and she didn't want anything to bring her down and returning to Miami and mixing with all the old crowd seemed like it was asking for trouble.

"I promise you Rayne Pearce that nothing will go wrong" Roman told her taking her free hand and leading his wife who held his son out of the room smiling. He was going to get to show off his new family.

A year and a half before…

Rayne placed the plate on the table in front of the customer and smiled "anything else I can get you?" she asked politely, please say no, please say no.

"No we're good thanks" Rayne smiled and walked away from the booth quickly before they changed their mind.

Rayne had got a call that morning from Marcus asking if she could run the diner for the day as Sarah and two other waitresses had got flu and couldn't go in to work. Rayne had agreed and it now being 5pm and the dinner closing in half an hour, Rayne was now regretting her decision plus she still had the agro of facing Roman and Suki.

There were four customers in the diner and all had their food and were eating, Rayne finally got a chance to take a break and sat at the bar with glass of ice cold Pepsi. "You ok?" Candice asked her sitting beside her. Candice had quickly become Rayne's friend after Rayne had started at her second job. When Rayne realized she wouldn't be able to run the diner alone she called Candice who had agreed to come and help her.

"Tired" Rayne smiled lightly "I didn't get much sleep last night"

"You still not spoke to him?"

"No, had my phone off all day to"

"You can't put if off any longer" Candice told her before walking towards the newly vacated table.

Rayne knew she was right. Eventually Rayne would find out whether Roman had had a son or a daughter with his wife!

Rayne sat at the bar doing to paper work for the day, it had been years since she had worked there but was surprised at how much she remembered. The day was over and everyone had gone home except Rayne, she didn't want Shelia to go back to a pile of paper work so was doing it for her.

As Rayne punched numbers in the calculator, the tears rolled down her cheeks she didn't bother wiping them away and let them drop to the counter leaving little wet puddles.

A bang on the front door made her jump and she quickly turned to see the culprit was Roman, he was standing at the door of the dinner with a half smile on his face.

Rayne contemplated ignoring him and going back to the paperwork but knew he wouldn't leave until she spoke to him. There was no point in putting it off anymore. It was do or die, it was now or never, ride or die.

Rayne jumped down from the stool she was sat on and took the keys from her pocket as she crossed the diner and opened the door for Roman to enter.

Roman walked in and Rayne slowly closed and locked the door behind him, she took a few deep breathes before she turned to look at him.

"Rome" Rayne began turning to face him but stopped when she saw the tears streaming down his cheeks "Are you…" Roman caught her face in his hands and her lips with hers cutting her off. Rayne kissed him back for a second before she pushed him away

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry I just…" Roman began Rayne passed him and sat back on the bar stool. Roman began to pace up and down in front of her. "God I don't even know where to start"

"How about your married and your wife is in labour yet you're here with me?"

"Ok" Roman took a deep breath "I was at the hospital, her mom and dad were there and then her sister shows up, with Melissa's newly released from prison husband!"

"What?" Rayne had to laugh, Roman's smile couldn't have been bigger, Roman began to laugh to. After a couple of minutes of laughing "so what does all this mean?" Rayne asked.

"it means a couple things, one I'm technically not married, its nil and void as she's already married, two her sister is quite sure with timings and what not that the baby is her realm husbands and not mine, three it means I can finally have what I want, that is if you'll have me?" he looked at Rayne expectantly "I know I messed up, I know its going to take a lot to get things right and I know none of it will happen over night but Rayne you know you're the only person I want, the only one I've ever wanted, I want to be with you again" he told her walking closer to her.

Rayne smiled "lets get out of here, start fresh somewhere"

"Deal" Roman told her kissing her passionately and this time she didn't push him away.

Rayne let the tears roll down her face, this all she had wanted, this was what she had wanted since day 1, since the moment he kissed her in the kitchen. This is all she wanted her and Roman; it didn't matter where they were as long as they were together.

"I've gotta make a couple stops first" Rayne told him grabbing her bag off the counter.

Rayne raced down the path towards Roman in the waiting car, she jumped in to the passenger seat and closed the door "one last stop and we're out of there" she said as Roman pulled away from the curb.

Rayne had dropped the diner keys back to Marcus, she had been to Tej and packed a few things she couldn't live without, sentimental things, Roman told her she could buy new clothes wherever they ended up there was just one last thing Rayne needed to do before her and Roman started their new life somewhere else.

Roman stopped outside the house and Rayne leaned over to kiss him "give me 5 minutes"

Rayne knocked quickly on the door hoping it sounded urgent, it didn't take long for the door to open and Suki looked shocked to see Rayne standing in front of her.

"Suki, you're an idiot" Rayne began and held her hand up when Suki opened her mouth to interrupt "I don't have time to argue. I love you, your great when you're not an idiot; Tej loves you and misses you and I'm guessing now that your pregnant you two should give it a go!"

"How do you know?" Suki asked looking down at her still flat stomach

"I'm your best friend; I'm supposed to know these things without you telling me. Now stop being an idiot and tell Tej, work it out with him" Rayne jumped up the step in to the door hugged Suki and then turned on her heels "Me and Rome are leaving. I'll call you when we get somewhere" Before Suki could reply Rayne darted down the path and got in to Roman's car.

"You ready for this?" Roman asked her as she fastened her seatbelt

"I've been ready for the happy ending of our story since day one Rome"

"This isn't the end, ours is a never ending story" Roman smiled before leaning over and kissing her passionately.

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