A Destiny I Never Wanted

By Tenchi Malfoy

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Prologue: Losing So Much but Gaining Much More

It had been a month since the Final Battle and Harry Potter was alive but only by life. His heart and mind were gone somewhere else. He sat there at the base of the lake on the Hogwarts grounds, watching his schoolmates celebrate for the demise of the Dark Lord.

He himself couldn't bring himself to celebrate, yes he had defeated the worst Dark Lord in a century but what he lost was so much more. He had nobody at the end of the day to go home to, nobody to talk to without being asked for his autograph.

Hermione had been murdered in a raid at Hogsmeade a month before the Final Battle. Lucious Malfoy killed her as he held onto Ron making him watch her painful death. He used multiple dark curses and then used the unforgivable. He started out by making Hermione kill Neville with a knife by using the Imperious Curse. Then he used Crucio multiple times and laughed as she screamed her lungs out until he hit her with the Killing Curse.

Ron was locked up in St. Mungos because he went insane after the scene. He never spoke a word to anyone after that. He was in the ward with the Longbottom's where Harry visited him often with hope but leaving with less each day.

Remus had been killed by a fellow werewolf at the beginning of his Seventh year. Remus had refused to join the werewolf group that had sided with Voldemort and thus been captured and murdered before he could be rescued. The werewolf was killed soon after by a furious Harry.

Dumbledore survived until the Final Battle where he was ambushed and murdered by no less than thirty Death Eaters. Harry could not save him because he was preoccupied with Voldemort in an intense duel. Dumbledore died with honor as he gazed upon the Death Eaters calmly with something akin to excitement in his face. Harry remembered his last words as he saw Dumbledore fall, " No Harry I am not worried it as I said before death is just the next greatest adventure," Then they walked out onto the battlefield silently with so many others following behind their great leaders.

Amelia Bones had taken over as Headmistress since both Dumbledore and McGonagall were murdered. Snape became Deputy Headmaster in place of McGonagall. The Weasley's suffered the lost of Bill and Percy as well as Mr. Weasley.

The person who had made him want to die as well was his lover, his everything, Ginny Weasley. She had been held captive by Theodore Nott at the end of Seventh year right before the battle. Harry tried to rescue her at Riddle Manor where she was being kept but she had already died from torture and rape. He cried for days blaming himself for not getting there fast enough. The one person who had never wavered in her love for him slipped through his grasp into the grasp of death. He would never forgive himself for not being there to save her as she did him in so many ways.

Harry shook his head to rid him of such thoughts; he looked upon the school he was no longer apart of with sad eyes. He could not bring himself to leave his only true home that he had ever had. He had changed so much from that little underfed boy he had been in his first year.

After fifth year during the summer he had vowed to himself that he would never let the people he loved to die again. He spent that whole summer exercising and reading his school books over and over again. When the school year came he requested a meeting with Dumbledore, he told Dumbledore that he needed to be trained and after a few negotiations Dumbledore humbly agreed.

The next two years of his school life he spent working extra hard and having lessons with Dumbledore in a special room off of his office. During that time they discovered the "Power the Dark Lord Knows Not". Harry was the first one in three hundred years to be a Multi-Elemental Lord. He wielded the power of all four elements thus having control over the other two, shadow and light.

He could conjure fire with a flick of his wrist and manipulate water into a creature that attacks at command, make cliffs appear at of no where for barriers, conjure more wind for a tornado, make day look like night and use them all to make the ultimate storm. He defeated Voldemort by using all his power in the elements together and forcing it at a shocked Voldemort who was blown into to bits.

He spent two weeks in the hospital wing to recover from magical exhaustion. He spent another week regaining his sleep under the watchful eye of Poppy which she insisted he called her. It was now a week after he was released and he felt normal but empty.

He looked like his normal self at the first glance. His now long jet-black hair was tied at the neck of his head by a green sash. His body was toned and muscular covered by his emerald dragon hide robes. He wore dragon hide boots as well as a regular dark green cloak. He had grown to look more like his mother with his now angular features. His eyes shown out with a piercing look in them as if he were to look at you he could see right through you. He looked the epitome of a Wizarding Savior unless you looked closer and then you could see the grief in his sad eyes.

He looked upon the glassy lake and then up to the now darkened sky with his empty eyes. He conjured a pillow with a thought and lay his head down upon it. He stargazed for a while looking particularly at the Dog Star Sirius.

Just as he fell asleep out by the lake he muttered some words that would take him on yet another adventure.

"Why me? Lord you gave me a destiny I never wanted. Why me?" asked Harry as he failed to notice the Dog Star flicker for a minute before it shoot across the sky. Of you were to look down upon the Hogwarts grounds by the lake at that moment you would see a gold light surround Harry Potter and then gone the next second taking Harry in its wake.

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