A Destiny I Never Wanted

By Tenchi Malfoy

Disclaimer: Obviously, the things you recognize are not mine or I would be rich! Well the only thing that is mine is a few select characters and mannerisms as well as the plot to the story.


Chapter 12: Mission: Save Riddle, Avoid Questions, Be Sorted

Gently he let his elemental magic flow out through his hand, silently asking the water to find Riddle. Suddenly the water was pushing him through like a torpedo, familiar tentacles of the giant squid started showing up. Harry had never seen the thing face to face and he wasn't sure he really wanted the pleasure either

He was running out of breath and he could feel his throat start to constrict lightly. He didn't want to push his luck and ask the air from above to lend his some oxygen. He felt already exhausted thanks to the use of his elemental power, which was consequently not ready to be used. It was still highly drained, from what he expected was his trip and his lack of an adequate body at the moment.

Now was not the time though to be thinking of such things, he had to find Riddle. The water was still pushing him closer to the body of the giant squid. As he got closer he noticed two large dark eyes were staring at him, they looked like two tunnels. Then he spotted Riddle, eyes closed and body limp from lack of air. Riddle was intelligent and strong but he was nothing compared to the giant squid.

Harry thanked the water after he was sitting right in front of the giant squid. He had already been submersed under water for at least a minute and thirty seconds possibly more. Without some outside help, he wouldn't last long and he could already feel the beginning of his mind loosing consciousness.

Suddenly the giant squid came and took him by a tentacle and started lifting him back towards the surface. The giant squid wasn't supposed to harm students, it was forbidden but apparently their pets were an exception. Harry struggled using his regular magic and threw a stunning spell at the tentacle. The grip loosened a little bit but Harry was still be held by the creature.

Spots were forming inside his eyes as his eyelids started to shut. Just before they connected with the bottoms, oxygen filled his lungs. How could that be possible? He hadn't breathed any in and he didn't use his elemental magic to call up the elements help, so what?

That was when his eyes fluttered over to Riddle, his own eyes lazily staring at him in deathly exhaustion. Harry could see that Riddle was just moments from death and he here he was again going to let another person, or animal in this case die for him. With renewed strength, partly from the air in his lungs and partly from purely wanting to save his friend, yes Riddle was indeed his friend. Maybe even his best friend.

Sure the nundu couldn't talk to him but that didn't stop them from communicating. They used gestures, body language and eye contact. But most of all they for some reason could just feel each other, their presences and feelings. To him, Riddle was human and had just saved his life, perhaps against saving his own.

Focusing his attention on the tentacle, he forced his magic to congregate out of his finger tips. His hand on the tentacle, he felt them get hot and the water steamed around his finger tips. The tentacle loosened incredibly fast as Harry burned the large creature. Temporary distracted Harry silently called Riddle to him, his hand out thinking of nothing else but having Riddle in his arms. And then, he was. Riddle was laying limp in his arms and they were sinking fast.

The giant squid seemed to take notice that his dinner was no longer in his reach and tentacles were zooming after the perpetrator, him. He knew what he had to do; calling out once more to the water he urged it to lift him out.

Then suddenly they were flying through the air onto the other side of the lake away from Hogwarts. His exhaustion was nothing to what he felt after the last battle but it was still wearing on his small form. They landed roughly on their bottoms, or he did. Riddle was still limp in his arms; Harry felt his hip bone crack under the force.

Wincing slightly he pushed Riddle onto the ground and with his last bit of strength he called on his elemental magic once more to remove the water from Riddle's lungs and fill them with air. Seconds later, right before he blacked out, forest green eyes opened slowly and stared into blurry emerald green ones. He wasn't sure what happened after that but he woke up some time later to whispering voices.

"Albus just stun the stupid cat," a woman's voice, stern and firm it sounded like Professor McGonagall.

"Professor McGonagall I cannot just stun this nundu, I don't know if the spell will even work against such a dark magical creature," Dumbledore said honestly and it wouldn't. Harry found that out the hard way, Riddle could deflect the spell with that damned tail of his.

"Riddle," Harry called out to the nundu who was no longer under the charm. Riddle's body had probably removed it unconsciously when it lost most of its energy. Riddle was busy prowling around his body, which he noted wasn't hurting. His eyes narrowed slightly suspicious that the cat had helped him but he couldn't be sure. "Stand down boy."

"Mr. Potter!" McGonagall shouted running over and bending down to check him under the watchful gaze of Riddle. "What you did was irresponsible you could have died!"

"Professor McGonagall could you please go back to the school and retrieve Madam Pomfrey?" Dumbledore asked staying rooted to his spot ten feet away.

"No its fine, I didn't sustain any injuries," Harry interrupted sitting up before standing and brushing off his robes that were still soaked with the lake water. "No really Riddle may need some checking out though." Harry said when McGonagall tried to help him up with a stern glance. McGonagall looked hesitant to help such a creature.

"We saw the giant squid throw you from the water and we rushed over to help you. The Headmaster was so kind as to have postponed the sorting ceremony until you returned," McGonagall explained her eyes looking at Riddle over her glasses.

"I do however believe that the students might be getting restless so let us return," Dumbledore reentered the conversation with a gentle smile. "Since we are still on Hogwarts grounds, are only choice is to fly."

Suddenly Harry was in the air and being zoomed over the lake; he resisted the urge to use his magic against Dumbledore's and relaxed. Soon his feet were touching the ground in front of the entrance doors of Hogwarts, Dumbledore and McGonagall arriving moments later. Riddle was however nowhere to be seen, Dumbledore must have put him back under the charm. Harry felt the cat come up to his leg and nudged him towards the door.

"If you would proceed Harry," Dumbledore instructed gently, Harry nodded silently and walked through the open doors followed by the two elder adults. In memory he walked over to the great hall the doors slightly ajar, noises of impatient students wanting food reached his sensitive ears. "Silence!"

The noise seemingly ceased to exist as everyone's attention refocused on the two adults, one child and unknowingly on a silent nundu. The silence was deafening as all that could be heard were their footsteps as they walked up to the head table, Harry stopping to stand silently by Blaise and Draco. He made an almost unnoticeable flick of his wand when a girl was hit with Riddle's tail, it sent the nundu flying angrily back in the air.

"Professor McGonagall if you would proceed with the sorting," Dumbledore instructed once he had seated, McGonagall nodded and took out the parchment that held the list of their names. "After a few short words of course." Everyone groaned but Harry perked his ears up, this wasn't normal.

"Students, it has long been known that four houses reside in Hogwarts. Or that is what everyone thought. It has recently been brought to our attention that there was a fifth house; a house that long went extinct five hundred and thirteen years ago. It was said to have the lowest amount of students out of the four houses." Dumbledore paused, Harry's breath caught in his throat, how come in his old world there wasn't this fifth house?

"Sometime having as little as 3 students and no more than 9 had ever been recorded. By a vote the house was taken out of the choosing for the Sorting Hat since it seemed frivolous to have such a house with an almost nonexistent population. The house was lost in time but recently when finding an old journal of a late Headmaster of the school, the last one to have the house in his term at Hogwarts; it was decided to reinstate this house."

"To be chosen to be in the fifth house, or Sphinxen, it is said that you must have qualities of all four houses. Not much else is known about why they are chosen but they do not attend classes with regular students. Now McGonagall if we could start, the students are getting restless," Dumbledore finished with a smile, restless indeed. Everyone could be seen whispering among themselves over this new information.

Harry was dumbstruck, this wasn't supposed to happen. What if he ended up in this new house? He supposed it was going to be easier, there were no pre-approved views on this house, no rivalries but since they didn't have classes with everyone else then it would be harder to keep Neville safe. Let's face the truth here; this Neville was different and didn't seem too fond of him already, so there was no way in knowing the boy would let him know his actual magical ability. Harry sighed heavily to himself as the sorting hat sung the same song before McGonagall cleared her throat and brought out the stool.

"Abbot, Hannah." McGonagall started with a stern look on her face, it brought Harry out of his thoughts. The blonde pigtailed girl bounced happily up to the chair, her expression nervous as McGonagall placed the sorting hat on her head. A few moments later and, "HUFFLEPUFF!" Everything was going as it should be so far, and then Hermione was called.

It was a few minutes before the first member of the new house was announced, "SPHINXEN!" Nobody cheered as everyone stared; suddenly a small round table appeared in the middle of the room between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. Above it a banner appeared, purple and white stripes with a fierce looking Sphinx in the middle of a glowing purple fire. It was then Harry knew that this was house, he belonged there.

It went on and Neville was sorted into Gryffindor amongst cheers, the loudest yet. Dumbledore raised his goblet and drank from it in a silent celebration, he obviously had expected this but his face also showed the slightest amount of relief. Why was he relieved? Malfoy went up and just as the same, the moment the sorting hat touched his head, Slytherin was yelled. Then came Moon, Dominic and if Harry recalled last time he was sorted into Slytherin, he didn't know the boy but he always seemed the quiet type.

"SPHINXEN!" Harry raised his eyebrows, once more nobody from the other houses clapped; Hermione was alone in celebrating another in her lonesome house. Her claps resided in the hall in a silent echo. Harry turned back when Nott was once more sorted into Slytherin, big surprise there. A few more students were sorted into the same houses, and then he was called. He noticed Draco give him a thumbs up, he was happy though when whispers didn't follow him as the sorting hat was placed over his head.

"What do we have hear? A Potter…good to have a direct distant relative…well let's see here…a certain memory is being blocked from my view…interestingly you are not the one blocking it…no worries…here we go…your intelligence is very advanced at such a young age…such heartbreak…parseltongue mhmm that is certainly interesting considering your heritage…such raw power…weak as it is right now…elemental are you? Been three hundred years if I do recall…a familiar already…a nundu seated right above you extended in the air…not too happy about it…how interesting…loyal you are but certainly not to many…ambitious…courageous…hardworking…passionate and studious…all good traits…so where to put you…"

"Would it be prudent to ask that wherever you do decide to put me, be somewhere that I will flourish the best in no matter the house?" Harry requested in a whisper knowing the hat could hear him but the hat ignored him.

"Protecting the Longbottom boy eh? That boy will have troubles that most could never dream of…yet you would give your life to save him…if only you knew that all is not what it seems…look upon the forehead and gauge the thoughts deep within…you will see that all is not what it seems," the hat repeated, what was that suppose to mean? "Don't fret on it too much boy…he needs you or else he will fail but it is not my place to tell you…keep your eyes open young one…SPHINXEN!" He yelled the last word for all to hear, Harry furrowed his eyebrows as he took the sorting hat off his head.

He stepped off the stool and looked up to the small table, his two housemates clapping for him. He met both of their eyes and nodded in a greeting way as he sat down, when the sorting continued he took out his wand under the table and silently lowered Riddle down out of the air. The cat rested at his feet, happy to be on the ground once more.

At the end of the sorting ceremony, they were still the only three students that had been sorted into the fifth house, Sphinxen. Dumbledore stood up and the students quieted down, they had been back to whispering about the new house.

"Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts!" Dumbledore greeted, everyone erupted in claps, and their table seemed to be drowned out by the others. All three of them clapping in a reserved manner, it was almost amusing. "Let me not keep you from the feast any longer, let me leave you to these last few words, Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Thank you!" Dumbledore sat down, didn't matter what world you were in, he would never change.

"I'm Hermione Granger," Hermione introduced herself to the both of us, me a second time. I shook her offered hand after Dominic did.

"Dominic Moon." The other boy offered, I smiled and shook his hand. The boy was about average height, maybe 5'2 at the tallest. He was skinny with very little muscle, tan skinned the color of Latin descent. He had dark brown hair with dark blue eyes that stuck out against his darkened skin. His nose was skinny with flared nostrils but it fit his face well.

"Harry Potter." Harry said with a small smile as he settled down to eat, their table wasn't very big. Probably five feet in diameter and the three sat about a foot away from each other. "So a fifth house?" Harry started conversation as he gave a piece of chicken to Riddle under the table; the two remained in the dark for now about the cat beneath their feet.

"With three students," Dominic said in an amused voice as he tore apart a roll and ate it in pieces. "I wonder what classes will be like and what about our Professors, who are they?"

Harry furrowed his eyebrows and looked up at the head table. He kept himself from glaring at Quirrell, turban wrapped around the monster. Everyone else was oblivious that Voldemort lay just in reach but now was not the time to strike. Snape caught his eye; the man didn't hide his glare of which he returned it gleefully. The man may have been on their side but the man also took it on his own account to torture him mentally his entire life at Hogwarts.

Dominic was right, there were no other Professors other than the regular ones and they wouldn't have the time to teach them, not with all their other classes. So who would teach them, perhaps Dumbledore was going to tell them after the feast? Or maybe the old codger had forgotten but it wasn't likely.

"Dunno but I read in Hogwarts, A History that there was only four houses, there wasn't even a mention of a fifth house or a supposed fifth house," Hermione entered into the conversation as she shook her head.

"No there wouldn't be, Dumbledore said that the information was lost. I bet it was covered up and lost on purpose," Dominic added, his voice held a distinct accent over his British one, Latin indeed.

"Five hundred and thirteen years ago he said?" Harry questioned, the two nodded and he continued. "Wasn't that when the Wizarding World was going through the revolution for the equal rights of all magical persons alike?"

"I dunno but if that is true than are you implying that the house was discarded since the students in this house were supposedly different?" Dominic asked catching on, Harry nodded absently it was only a theory.

"I get it; you're saying that they discarded the house so that everyone who attended the school would be taught the same things, so they were all equal. Nobody was seen as different." Hermione added in a whisper of confirmation. "Then why now?"

"I dunno," both boys answered in unison. Harry looked up at Dumbledore with furrowed eyebrows trying to figure out what was going through that mans head. Feeling Harry's eyes the man stopped his conversation for a moment with Professor Flitwick and caught his gaze. The Headmaster smiled gently before holding his gaze for a moment longer, he then went back to talking to the Charms Professor. Harry went back to eating.

"Ahem, just a few more words now that we are all fed and watered. A few start of term notices," Dumbledore stood up and gathered their attention. "First years should note that the forest on the grounds is forbidden to all pupils. And a few older students would do well to remember that as well." Harry didn't have to be looking at Dumbledore to know that his eyes flickered to the Weasley twins for a moment before continuing.

"I have also been asked by Mr. Filch, the caretaker, to remind you all that no magic is allowed to be used between classes in the corridors. Quidditch trials will be held in the second week of term. Any one interested in playing for their house teams, please contact Madam Hooch." Harry frowned here; he doubted they had a house team. Not enough players, not nearly enough players.

"And finally, I must tell you that this year; the third-floor corridor on the right-hand side is out of bounds to everyone who does not wish to die a very painful death." He heard a few chuckles but none came from his house members. He was alone as the only student knowing exactly Dumbledore meant.

"He seems serious," Dominic whispered a bit skeptical.

"And now before we go to bed, let us sing the school song!" cried Dumbledore raising his hands, wand in hand. Harry smiled at Dumbledore for the fond memory came up; he knew the other Professors were very less fond of the idea. "Everyone pick their favorite tune and off we go!"

The words hung snakelike above in wisps of smoking words, the school bellowed the song. Harry in memory whispered it lightly to himself, it felt good to be in a place where worry was not a constant thought and death didn't hang in the air. Everyone was so cheerful as they sung in a loud mess of voices; the Weasley's once again ending it in a slow funeral march. Everyone clapped, Dumbledore being one of the loudest.

"Ah, music," he said wiping his eyes. "A magic beyond all we do here, now off you trot!"

The three didn't move though, they sent each other confused glances. The three visibly relaxed though when Dumbledore made his way down to them with a smile as all the other students headed off to bed.

"Children would you like to join me?" Dumbledore answered waving his arm towards the door, Harry recognized it as the same door that led to the room the champions had went in after they were chosen in his fourth year. "Just for a little chat about your unique house."

The three slowly got up and followed Dumbledore to the room in silence. Harry felt Riddle next to him and pushed the urge to put him back in the air, the poor nundu had been through enough today. Once in the room Dumbledore told them to sit down on the couch, Harry welcomed the comforting seat as Dumbledore sat down in a lounge chair directly across from them.

"I suppose you are wondering exactly what you will be taught and what is so different about your house?" Dumbledore said as he flicked his wand at the fire, it burst to life with flames. "Well as a Sphinxen more is going to be expected of you, you'll receive a list of rules that will be posted in your common room. We have different Professors and you'll be attending classes with just each other, classes that are different. You will still be taught the basic subjects, Charms, Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Astronomy and Herbology."

"But you see, your classes will be in levels and sub-topics of a sort. I suppose you want an example?" Dumbledore questioned, three confused nods returned to him, he continued. "Well you will in your first year you will be taught the "The Theory of Transfiguration" and then second year "Inanimate Transfiguration" third year, "Transfiguration of Animals" and so on. Most of your first year will be theory and book work." Surprisingly none of them groaned at the statement, Dumbledore continued with a smile.

"Most students have forgotten what hard work really is. You three students were chosen to be in the Sphinxen house for this unique ability and your others. Not just study habits but you three have some other kind of magical talent, I can correctly assume that you three along with I have no idea what that talent is and we won't. Not until third year when you will be tested for it and trained to use and embrace it. Not much is known about the Sphinxen house but I suppose that there are books about your house and its unknown history in your common room."

"Professor you suppose, haven't you ever been inside the Sphinxen common room?" Hermione interrupted with an apologetic look on her face.

"No I have not Miss Granger. Only students of the house and house-elves are allowed in the common room and dormitory, not even the Headmaster can enter. This brings me to my next point of discussion. You do not have a head of house but all the Professors, yours and the regular Professors have the right to punish you if any wrong doing is committed." Dumbledore said sternly, his blue eyes staring at them over his half moon glasses.

"Yes Headmaster," the three muttered all together in voices just above a whisper.

"Now are there any questions?" Silence and then.

"Headmaster, when will we know all of our classes and Professors?" Hermione asked, just like Hermione to want to know exactly what and when she was being taught and by whom. Harry had the urge to hug her but he held back, she would probably think him insane.

"Your schedules will be in your common room in the morning Miss Granger, I have told the house-elves to place them there," Dumbledore answered, twinkle in his eye shining ever brighter.

"Headmaster, why can't everyone be taught what we are going to be learning?" Harry asked this one, Dumbledore sighed.

"Mr. Potter like I said before most have forgotten the value of hard work. Most students have trouble with the usual class load, you three will have much more to handle. You were chosen because you have this special forgotten trait. You must understand this and that you three will be treated no different than any other students but more expectations will be handed to you and you will be expected to fulfill them." Dumbledore explained urgently, Harry nodded his head followed by the other two. "Now Harry since you were sorted into Sphinxen you will be allowed to reveal your pet to your housemates."

"Riddle come," Harry muttered, the two looked around confusedly. He knew he should have been more happy but he didn't want to be different, not again. Dumbledore dropped the charm and a nundu came walking gracefully over. "My familiar Riddle, he is a nundu." Hermione was wide eyed while Dominic looked mildly curious.

"A dark creature?" Dominic muttered under his breath, Harry's eyes darkened but he was expecting a comment like this.

"He isn't dark just misunderstood," Harry explained, anger lacing his words. Riddle came and sat down; he used his long tail to wrap around Hermione's arm, the girl shrieked and tried to get him to release it. "He won't hurt you, Riddle let go." Riddle unwrapped his tail with what looked like a disgruntled expression, Hermione calmed down a few moments later and even petted Riddles soft fur.

"He's gorgeous," she murmured and I nodded, Riddle warmed up to her all of a sudden. He licked her face with his pale white tongue, Hermione laughed softly. It was music to his ears to hear her laugh once more but it hurt as well.

"Now lets get you three to bed, morning will come fast for you," Dumbledore added softly standing up. Riddle became invisible again and traveled along his right side between him and Hermione, Dominic on his left and Dumbledore in front of them. "To the Seventh Floor!"


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