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-Chapter 10- Moon Festival -part3

"SIARA!" Suki shouted as she stood up- well, tried to, anyway. "What... do you... think you're doing!"

Startled, Sokka and Siara broke their kiss and noticed a very drunk Suki standing in front of them, glaring at Siara. Immediately, Jet walked up behind Suki and put his hands on her shoulders. "Suki, you've had way too much to drink! You should sit down-"

Suki just ignored him. "Siara, you... You little... BACKSTABBER!" she shouted as she walked over to where Siara and Sokka were dancing, stumbling after every other step.

Siara looked shocked. "Um Suki, wait, it's not what you think..."

"You stole my BOYFRIEND!" Suki yelled, still in a drunken voice, holding a fist in front of Siara's face.

"I'm not your boyfriend!" Sokka shouted as he backed away, trying to take Siara with him just incase that situation got ugly. Which was exactly what happened.

"Wait, Suki," Siara reasoned. "Jet's your boyfriend, and you obviously like him more than Sokka..."

"You... you... BITCH!" Suki shouted, as she took another big swig of wine.

Now all attention was drawn on the two girls. Every single person on the dance floor was staring at them, and it was really starting to embarrass Siara. "Suki, can we talk about this later? Everyone's staring at us-"

"YOU LYING... BACKSTABBING... TRAITOR!" And without another word, Suki punched Siara in the face. Pretty hard. She immediately collapsed to the ground, out cold. Everyone watching gasped at the sight they saw.

Sokka glared at Suki. "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!" he shouted. Suki just stared at him blankly, chugged down the rest of the wine in the bottle, and also collapsed, aparently from too much alcohol.

"Oh my god!" Tanya yelled as she, Rick, Aang, and Katara ran up to the unconcious Siara. "We should take her to the hospital," she added.

Sokka nodded in agreement as he picked her up in his arms, and they left the festival.


Sokka held onto Siara's hand tightly as she lay there in a bed, still unsoncious. They were the only two in the room. He was furious at Suki for doing that to his girlfriend. All he wanted was to dance with Siara, the girl who he longed for, and Suki just had to get in the way. And wasn't she a little young to be drinking so much? Why would Suki care anyway? I mean, she cheated on me with Jet! She should be worried about him, not me! But I was the one who really wanted to dance with Siara... this whole situation happened because of me... it's all my fault...

Sokka sighed. Still holding her hand, he watched Siara closely, hoping she would wake up soon. The dress she wore to the festival had been removed and replaced with her regular clothes, and her hair was back in it's usual loose poney tail at the base of her neck. As Sokka continued to examine her, he noticed her stirr some, and her eyes fluttered open. "Huh... Sokka?" she muttered quietly as she turned her head to face him.

Sokka smiled. "Hey, Siara," he said. "You feeling alright?" he asked.

Siara sat up. "My head still hurts, but I think I'll make it," she replied with a quiet laugh. "What happened last night?" she wondered.

"Well, we were dancing..." Sokka started, "... and Suki just had to interrfere. She saw us kiss, and aparently she was pretty drunk, because she punched you in the face and knocked you out cold."

"So now she's probably pissed at me for taking you..." Siara said, sounding disappointed. "Why would she care anyway?"

"That's why I was wondering," Sokka added. "I guess it was all that alcohol getting to her head."

"I hope so," Siara muttered. "She's my best friend- well, besides you, of course..." She leaned over and kissed Sokka on his cheek. But she noticed he still had a somewhat sad expression. "What's wrong?" she asked softly as she put her hand on his shoulder.

Sokka sighed. "This is all my fault..." he muttered.

"What? No it's not, Sokka-"

"Yes it is," Sokka continued. "You got hurt because of me. I was the one who wanted to dance with you. I said I didn't care if Suki saw... but she did, and then..."

"No, it's not your fault!" Siara reassured him. "I know you probably feel that way, but... I didn't care if she saw either! Stop beating yourself up, Sokka." Siara then planted a sweet kiss on his lips.

Once the kiss stopped, they looked at eachother and smiled. Then there was a knock at the door. It cracked open a little, and Suki poked her head inside, "Um, Siara, can I come in?" she asked hopefully. "I really want to talk to you..."

Siara glanced beside her at Sokka, and then at Suki, and nodded. As Suki stepped inside, Sokka walked out, closed the door behind him, and waited. "Listen, Siara..." Suki started as she sat in the chair Sokka was sitting in earlier, "... I just wanted to say I was sorry about what I did last night. I mean, I was drunk, and I just couldn't help it... And you're my best friend, you should be able to go out with whoever you want. I'm really sorry I punched you. And I apoligize for embarassing you in front of everyone at the festival. I guess I really need to stay away from that wine for a while!"

She and Siara laughed. "It's ok," Siara said calmly. "I understand, you were drunk, and I know you couldn't help it."

"Now tell me," Suki said with a giggle, "how stupid did I act last night?"

Siara started laughing uncontrolably. "Y-you should have seen yourself!" she sputtered, struggling to talk through all her laughter. "You sounded hilarious! And you could barely walk!"

Suki also started snickering. "I was that bad?" she asked.

"Oh man, you were pretty bad!"

"So, what all have you and Sokka been doing?" Suki wondered with a sly smile.

"Well, I found out he's a really good kisser!" Siara replied.

"Have you guys had-"

"SUKI!" Siara shouted as she jokingly shoved her friend. "You sick minded freak!"

She and Suki burst into laughter again, and chattered on and on about guys.

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