Shades of Grey


Alexa Regalton slid out of the car and looked at her new house. It was painted a dark grey, but the paint underneath, a bright yellow, peeked out here and there. The sidewalk and driveway were cracked and coated in weeds. The drab shutters, originally black, swung off their hinges and collided with the tree branches that were beginning to take over the house.

"Um…it's nice," she said to her father. She walked up the driveway, suitcase in hand, and pushed open the front door. It looks like a mausoleum, she thought to herself. She shuddered and walked forwards into the narrow hallway. She peeked in to the living room and then walked up the stairs to find her bedroom. She opened the last door at the end of the hall and stepped inside. She glanced around and then lowered herself onto the bed.

She slowly opened her suitcase and rummaged around. Finally, she pulled out a medium sized picture frame and set it up on her night-stand. She sighed as she looked at it and fingered it lovingly. "I'll do my best, Mom, to be happy for you," she whispered.

She smiled wistfully and leaned back onto her bed. Maybe, she thought, there is a reason for us being here. Maybe there is a higher purpose…but that's just wistful thinking isn't it?

She glanced around the room, noting the cracks and peeling paint, and snorted. Higher purpose, my butt.