Ch.11 Lucky Day

Alexa looked up startled. Upon seeing Blaise, her feelings were decidedly mixed. She felt like she should be irritated with him, but yet she felt deeply attracted and uncertain.

Blaise looked down at her, and feeling the nudge of Felix, knelt down beside her. "Hey, I'm sorry for what happened earlier. I really do want to believe and to trust you, but…"

Alexa looked at him fixedly, biting her lip. "But what?"

"It's just that…it's so hard to believe something without proof. Can't you help me believe you?" Blaise asked earnestly.

Alexa felt great annoyance rise up in her again and then, it slowly seeped away, leaving only empathy. She nodded her head, understanding. "I don't know; I have something that could help I suppose, but it's" She exhaled deeply, "hard for me to relive." She put her head down.

Sensing a breakthrough, Blaise wrapped his arm around her shoulders comfortingly.

Alexa turned her head and looked at him; his face was inches from hers. Slowly, Blaise leaned forward and gently kissed her neck. She gasped softly and leaned back into him as he continued to caress her neck. He softly stroke the other side of her neck with his hand.

Lips pressed to her ear, he whispered, "Show me."

His breath was warm on her neck; It sent shivers down her spine. She turned and looked him in the eyes. "All right." She got up slowly and walked forward a few steps before looked back shyly. "You wanna come up?"

Blaise smiled at the offer. "Unluckily, I can't; the stairs won't let me."


"Just bring it back down here."

Alexa looked around, wincing. "Can't I show you in a more private place?"

Blaise raised his eyebrows. "Hmmm, well, I suppose you could bring it up to my room."

Alexa bit her lip. "But won't the stairs…you know…not let me?"

Blaise smirked. "No. For some odd reason, the founders decided that girls are more trustworthy than guys when in the opposite sex's rooms." He sighed and perked up. "Will you?"

"All right." Alexa turned and retreated to her room. She closed the dormitory door behind her and rested against it for support. Walking forward slowly, she fingered the portrait of her mother before grasping it and holding it to her chest. Gathering strength from it, she walked down the stairs.

Blaise met her at the base, escorted her to the other side of the room and up the stairs.


Draco sat on his bed, looking disgustedly at his transfiguration homework. Sighing, he crumpled yet another sheet of parchment and threw it across the room where it joined an already mountainous pile. He groaned and lay back onto his bed. He glanced over at Goyle and smirked. At least I'll never be that pathetic.

Goyle was, charmingly, in the process of eating a once large pile of cauldron cakes. Within in seconds, he finished the pile, though remnants of the some odd-twenty cakes remained on all parts of his face. Lacking in more cakes to eat, he quickly jammed his thumb into his mouth.

Draco, still smirking, sat up slowly and resumed his homework. He wrote down a few sentences and then, in frustration crumpled up the parchment. It flew across the room and joined the pile.

"Trying to make Mt. Everest?" Crabbe quipped from the window. He popped a few Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean jelly beans into his mouth and, a few seconds later, grimaced in disgust.

"Yes, Crabbe, I want to make a bloody mountain in the middle of the room so we can all go skiing." Draco shook his head and bent back down to his book. He heard the door open and ignored it. Suddenly, he found great material for his transfiguration essay and hurriedly sprinted out a few sentences. Smiling slightly, he bent his head industriously over his book, pouring down it's open pages. In mid-word, Draco was interrupted by a drumming on the end of his bed.

Pausing, he looked up, fully prepared to tell either Crabbe or Goyle off and was startled out of his anger. Blaise was standing there, expectantly…with Alexa.

"What?" he asked innocently.

Blaise smiled uncomfortably. "Could you, uh, you know…" he inclined his head towards the door.

Draco looked around and saw that Crabbe and Goyle had already left the room. He eyed Alexa, anger and resentment steaming within him. He wanted Alexa. But he smiled instead. "Well, I guess I can leave." He got up nonchalantly, picked up his books and parchment, and smoothly walked out the door, shutting it behind him. He definitely did NOT want to hear anything.


"Wow. " Blaise bit his lip, kneeling by the bed. "So then all that stuff with your mom and Voldemort was…"

"True? Yeah."

Blaise flipped the photograph, now out of its frame, over, in order to look at the woman on the front. He inspected it, noting the barely revealed dark mark. "You look like her."

Alexa looked down at him from her position on the bed. "I'm not so sure that's a good thing."

Blaise grimaced; the Felix must be wearing off. Too bad he couldn't sneak another sip. Then again, maybe he wanted to do this without Felix's help. He could win Alexa on his own.

He smiled and met her gaze. "I said 'look' not 'act'." He shrugged. "While your mother may, in some way, have affected how you look, she can't affect what's inside you. And what's inside of you is….good."

Alexa raised her brows. "That sounds blasphemous…coming from a Slytherin."

"So maybe I'm not as piously cold-hearted as I used to be. Is that a bad thing?" He rested his elbows on the edge of the bed.

Alexa gave a slow smile. "I guess not."

Blaise looked at her in the eyes; then he smiled and dropped his gaze, shaking his head. "You drive me wild, Alexa, and I can't stand it." Blaise hesitated. "I love you."

Alexa laughed. "Love. Hmmm…incredible." She paused. "I've known you for two days, Blaise. Two days. I don't even know you, Blaise, and you say you love me?"

"When I first saw you, I wanted you. I fell in love with you the moment you entered the room," he smiled mockingly at her, "the tallest 'first year' I'd ever seen."

Alexa smiled at the comment, but she quickly turned serious. "What do you know about love, Blaise?"

"Whatever you teach me."

A small laugh escaped from Alexa. "Ah. Maybe it's not something that can be taught; Maybe you need to find out for yourself."

"Well, then." Blaise grabbed her foot and pulled her toward him.

Alexa leaned back, away from him. "What are you doing?"

Blaise gently placed his hands on her waist. "Finding out for myself." Leaning in, he gently met her lips with his. When she didn't resist, he pushed harder, pushing onto the bed. He felt her hands run through his hair and grinned into her mouth. Pausing slightly, he moved one hand to her stomach and felt her cool, smooth skin. His other hand twirled lightly in her hair, supported her head. Blaise pulled back and looked at her, resting peacefully in his arms, eyes closed.

She felt him draw away and opened her eyes. "What?" she asked, struggling to control her passion.

Blaise gazed lightly at her, still stroking her stomach. "You. Me." He smiled gently. "Us." He bent and kissed her stomach.

She smiled up at no one. "It tickles." Blaise grinned at her and kissed her stomach again…and again…and again…


Alexa woke, late at night, to find herself downstairs in the common room, tucked neatly in on one of the couches. She yawned and her mind drifted back to earlier. She smiled and bit her lip, remember the feel of his touch on her skin.

She smiled amusedly. Slowly, she crept off the couch and up the stairs to finish the night in her own bed.


As Draco came in the room a while later. He looked over at Blaise's bed, and noted the absence of a certain young woman from it. Though keeping his thoughts to himself, he smirked broadly as he clambered into his own bed. From beneath his pillow, he pulled out a small bottle containing a liquid with a strange mother of pearl sheen.

He kissed it lightly. "Tomorrow, maybe." He closed his eyes eagerly in anticipation of the next day.

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