An Outsiders Musical

This takes place before The Outsiders. Be nice, this is my first story.

Disclaimer: The Outsiders and all related characters belong to S.E. Hinton, not me. So don't bug me.

Chapter 1: Ponyboy's Sick

"Ponyboy. Ponyboy. Pony. Wake up, Pony." Sodapop poked Ponyboy, who merely grunted and rolled over, continuing to snore.

Darry appeared in the doorway. "He up yet?" Soda shook his head, now gently shaking his younger brother.

Darry had lost what little patience he had with Ponyboy. He marched over and shook Ponyboy, hard. "Wake up!"

Ponyboy jerked awake. "Eh? Alright, Darry, alright, I'm up, stop shaking me!"

Darry stopped immediately. He knew he was rough on Ponyboy, but he cared. "Wake up, kid, you're going to be late for school. And we're going to be late for work!"

Ponyboy leapt up and dove into the bathroom. Darry headed for the kitchen, where Soda was already making green eggs. He was carefully tipping out the food coloring.

SLAM! Two-Bit Matthews strolled into the kitchen. "Hey, guys, what's for breakfast?" Darry scowled at him.

"Glory, Two-Bit, do you have to slam the door? One of these days you're going to break my door down!" Two-Bit just grinned like the Cheshire cat and flopped into a chair.

Ponyboy emerged from the bathroom, hair slicked back with what looked like a full tub of grease. "Gee, Pony, I don't think you used enough grease," Two-Bit remarked.

Ponyboy stopped and looked at him seriously. "You really think so?" he asked worriedly. Darry rolled his eyes.

"He's just messing with you, Pony," Soda said. He finished cooking and dumped the eggs on a plate. "Where's the grape jelly?"

Darry grabbed the jar and tossed it to Soda. He barely caught it, and fumbled with it before it slipped out of his grasp. He dove to the floor and grabbed it an inch from the floor. He glared up at Darry.

"Next time, Dar, don't throw it at me!" Darry shrugged and apologized. Soda straightened up and looked at Ponyboy.

"Pony? You okay? You don't look so great." It was true. Ponyboy did look kind of pale and feverish.

"I'm okay, I just…Ohhh," Ponyboy groaned, clutching his head with his hands. "Feels like someone just conked me over the head."

Soda set the grape jelly on the table and put his hand on Pony's forehead. "Gosh, Pony, you're feverish!"

Darry left the room and came back with the thermometer. He stuck it in Ponyboy's mouth and watched in horror as the marking shot up.

"A hundred and three! Ponyboy, you are NOT going to school today! You need rest," Darry said forcefully.

Ponyboy didn't argue. He practically stumbled to the couch and flopped down on it. Soda looked at Darry worriedly. "Who's gonna stay at home and take care of him?"

Two-Bit volunteered from over his eggs. "I'll do it. One missed day isn't going to kill me."

"Yeah, since you never pay any attention anyway," Darry said scathingly. "Thanks, Two-Bit," said Soda. "You know what to do?"

"I'll figure it out. I know where the aspirins are," Two-Bit reassured them. "Now, go, already! You're gonna be late!"

Darry ran out to his car. Soda flopped down in a chair and served himself. "Steve's picking me up," he explained through a mouthful of eggs. "I have time to eat."

Suddenly, they heard a car horn from outside. "Hurry up, Soda!" Steve yelled from outside.

Soda threw his fork down in disgust. "Darn it!" He ran out the door. "Take care of Pony!" he hollered back.

Two-Bit laughed. "No worries, Soda. He's fine!"

Meanwhile, Ponyboy's head throbbed and he sweated from his fever. He shifted around, trying to get comfortable on the lumpy couch. He knew he shouldn't miss school, but he felt too miserable not to.

He rolled over and his eyelids drooped. He slowly fell into a deep sleep. Boy, could he sure use an aspirin about now…