Chapter Eight:

Disclaimer: The last singing line is also from Even Stevens. "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" is by Green Day. S.E. Hinton owns the Outsiders. And I stole the last bit from Even Stevens too.

"It…It's always been that way?" Ponyboy asked, shocked. "Yeah, Pony, where have you been all these years?" Two-Bit teased.

"I…never mind," Ponyboy said, confused. They heard the front door close, not slam, for once, and Johnny entered. "Hey, guys," he said softly.

"Hey, Johnnycakes. Where've you been?" Dally asked. "Around," Johnny said vaguely. "Avoiding Socs and my parents."

"What, alone? Johnny, you could've gotten killed!" Dally said, shocked.

"Well, I didn't. Anyway, everyone else had something to do. It was just me." Ponyboy sneezed, once, twice. Then the music started.

Ponyboy was getting really fed up with this. Where was the music coming from? And if people always really had been singing randomly, why hadn't he noticed before? The Johnny started singing.

"I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don't know were it goes
But it's only me and I walk alone

I walk this empty street
On the boulevard of broken dreams
Where the city sleeps
And I'm the only one and I walk alone

I walk alone, I walk alone
I walk alone an' I walk a-"

Ponyboy cut off Johnny. "STOP! Just stop! No more singing! NO MORE SINGING!" he screamed at the top of his lungs. Someone was shaking him. He twisted away, still yelling.

"Stop singing…stop…no more singing…!" Ponyboy yelled. Two-Bit was shaking him. "Pone! Ponyboy, snap out of it! Pony! Pony…"

Ponyboy rolled away from him and rolled right off the couch in a tangle of blankets, yelping.

Two-Bit bent over him, looking concerned. "Pony? You okay? You looked like you were having a bad dream."

"A…a bad dream?" Ponyboy stuttered. "Where's Dally?" Two-Bit shrugged. "I dunno. He stopped by earlier, then left to slash Tim's tires."

"But…but…what about the singing?" Two-Bit shook his head. "No one's singing, Pone. You were dreaming. I can sing the Mickey Mouse song if you like."

"NO!" Ponyboy yelled. "No more singing!"

"Alright, chill, I was just kidding. Feel better?" Two-Bit put his hand on Pony's forehead. "Glory, Pony, your fever's broken!"

"I do feel a lot better. Hey, I can still go to track!" Ponyboy leapt up, excited. Two-Bit shook his head. "Forget it, Pone. You missed it. It's seven o'clock at night!"

Ponyboy sagged. "Darn. I missed the meet." Two-Bit looked confused. "What meet? Your coach called, and I told him you were sick, and he said it was okay if you missed one practice. He said the meet's next week!"

"Oh," was all Ponyboy could say. "Relax, Pone. Just sit. Soda's making you some soup."

Just then, Soda waltzed in from the kitchen, wearing oven mitts and carrying a steaming soup bowl.

"I've got hot soup, delicious chicken soup!" he sang. That did it.

"No!" Ponyboy wailed, burying his head under the blanket. Two-Bit and Soda were shocked.

"What? What did I do?" Soda wondered, concerned.

The end.

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