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It was another warm day out on the sea and the Going Merry was alive and buzzing with activity. Usually at this time, everyone was getting ready for lunch and sitting around the table discussing various bits of gossip, rumors, or jokes. Today however, the Straw-hat crew had decided to stay out on deck and discuss things in their little sects.

Nami and Chopper were listening to yet another tale of Ussop's greatest travels and dealings near the back of the ship, Sanji was in the kitchen cooking, Robin reading a mysterious looking book a few feet from the storyteller, and Zoro laying on the deck near the front by himself. For once, the captain was nowhere to be seen, or more appropriately, heard, but nobody really noticed.

Roronoa Zoro had been resting comfortably near the front of the Going Merry for nearly an hour, feeling the warm summer's breeze wash over him and the sounds of the waves lull him into a deep slumber, completely unaware that he was being watched. He was dreaming at the moment, but it was a cloudy dream. He couldn't tell exactly what he was seeing in his dream, because it kept switching between two fantasies, almost like someone was holding down the channel button on a remote, flickering from one reality to the next very quickly.

Just as he was beginning to catch a glimpse of one of the dreams, a loud crash came from directly behind Zoro, startling him into an attack position with one sword already unsheathed.

"ZORO what are you doing? It's LUNCH TIME!"

The captain had been sitting on top of the ship, watching his crew intently to better understand them while he waited for lunch to be ready, but most of his attention was focused on the sleeping first mate, though Luffy didn't know why exactly. As soon as he heard Sanji call for lunch, Luffy jumped down with extreme force to wake up Zoro before he missed out and starved until dinner. The first mate still hadn't gotten it through to his captain that he liked sleep much more than food, but then again Luffy did have a rather one track mind when it came to food, so no surprise there.

"LUFFY! I was enjoying my sleep you know!"

Before Zoro could further scold the boy, his captain was running top speed to the kitchen, and whatever delicious dish the ace chef had decided to cook today. Now the swordsman was grasping to remember what he could of the dreams, but could only see a single black sword and a straw hat. Deciding not to read too much into the dreams for now, he headed towards the kitchen and lunch.

After about a half hour of eating and drinking (mostly by Luffy, as usual), the Straw-hat pirates gathered around Nami to hear about her latest discovery and the pirates' next destination.

"I've heard rumors that Gold Roger often visited a place called Desire Island. We're on our way there now, but I was warned not to let everyone leave the ship at the same time. There should always be one person on the ship."

By now, everyone was wondering both where Nami had obtained her information, and what would happen if they did all leave the ship… Several hours went by with nothing too exciting happening. Zoro had started his training an hour after dinner and only now realized it was getting dark. Robin had gone back to her book, with nobody bothering to ask what she was reading. Ussop and chopper had been discussing the possibility of a Leviathan Frog devouring the ship and crew whole for the last twenty minutes, and Nami had trapped Luffy into a discussion about her share of One Piece. As usual, Sanji was preparing dinner, dreading the time when his captain would tear in and devour whatever masterpiece was currently in the works.

"So Luffy, 35 for me, 15 for you, and 10 to the rest of the crew… sounds fair right? I mean, without me there would be no way for you to even find One Piece, let alone become King of the Pirates."

Just as Luffy was about to accept her offer, Sanji yelled for dinner. The captain was so naïve, he didn't care about the treasure itself, he just wanted to wear the title of King as Gold Roger had done before him. Nami decided that Sanji would have to pay later for distracting the captain during her 'negotiations.' Oh how he would pay.

Everyone was gathered at the table for what would surely be a beautiful feast, as always. However, Sanji simply put a pot of soup in the middle of the table, passed out some spoons and bowls, and told em to dig in.

"We're running low on supplies at the moment, so soup will have to do until we can reach this Desire Island of Nami-chwan's. If the name is any indication, I think I'm gonna like this place."

Deciding he wasn't very hungry after a bowl of the stupid love cook's soup, Zoro silently stepped out onto the deck and walked over to the railing. He was trying to forget about the dream, but it irked him to think about Mihawk's sword and Luffy's hat in the same dream. Though he didn't know for sure whether he had seen them in the same dream or not.

Meanwhile back in the kitchen….

"God Zoro's such a weirdo. I mean, who leaves a warm kitchen with delicious food and all their friends to sit on the cold dark deck by themselves? sigh I guess men just can't be understood after all."

Noticing for the first time that Zoro had left, Luffy decided to check up on his first mate. Most people would walk straight up to their friend and ask what was going on, but recently Luffy had been trying to understand his crew from afar, not digging deep enough face-to-face. The Straw-hat captain snuck on top of the kitchen using his rubber-like arms quietly watching his first mate. Zoro seemed completely in thought at the moment, lost to the world, otherwise he probably would have heard the sound of Luffy's hat interrupt the breeze or some other ridiculous noise that was completely inaudible to any but Zoro.

Unable to shake the thoughts, Zoro decided to head to bed. He thought he saw something on top of the kitchen roof, but gave it up to his imagination and went below deck to clock out for the night. Recently, the Going Merry had been remodeled so that all seven of them had their own room, allowing for some level of privacy, not shared on most pirate ships.

About the same time, the rest of the crew exited the kitchen, their bodies warm from the dinner and their spirits warm from the wonderful conversation on how weird Zoro was. Nami took any opportunity to poke fun at the swordsman, but nobody else really disagreed with her, except for possibly the weirdest person on earth (Luffy), but he had strangely exited right after Zoro, a point Nami would make sure to note in her journal after everyone else was asleep.

It was Ussop's turn on watch for the night, and it had also been decided that he would stay behind on the ship during the expedition to Desire Island the next day so that he could get some rest, and also to heed the warning of Nami's mystery source.

Below deck, Zoro was having problems sleeping. He had thought that if he simply tried to go to sleep, the thoughts would drop out and he would wake up to another beautiful day within seconds. He was not so fortunate, and tossed and turned for several hours, unable to reach that resting stage.

Finally, he decided to head above deck, hoping the cool night air was enough to clear his head. Zoro had expected to find the deck deserted, but there against the railing was none other than Monkey D. Luffy. The swordsman decided to take a seat next to his hat-less captain, hoping that a conversation with Luffy would be enough to put his mind at ease.

"Luffy, what're you doing awake?"

"I couldn't sleep. I tried really hard to think of the biggest piece of meat ever, but even food wouldn't put me to sleep Zoro. Am I broken?"

"Haha no Luffy. I couldn't sleep either. Where's Ussop?"

"I don't know… I think he's on watch somewhere."

Deciding that Luffy was a bit out of his mind, well… he was acting like a normal person in his sleep deprived form, so that makes him odd, but strangely normal…

This was going to cause a headache more severe than that elusive dream.

Luffy was on the verge of passing out after several minutes of silence, and layed his head on the swordsman's shoulder. Zoro wrapped his arm around the captain's shoulder as he lay his own head on Luffy's. The two sat in this way for several minutes listening to the sound of the waves against the hull. They watched as the moon drifted across the sea of stars, until Zoro realized what was happening. He had been in a haze since coming to the deck, and assumed it to be another dream. Although he was comfortable and finally on the verge of meaningful rest, the swordsman jumped up from his sitting position. He nearly knocked Luffy over in his haste.

"uhh… I-I uhh… I'm gonna go to sleep… Night Luffy!"

Zoro raced below deck to his own room in a panic. Luffy had never seen him move so quickly before... in fact, it was probably faster than himself at dinner time. As the captain struggled to understand what exactly had just happened, he decided that sleep would lead to breakfast. Zoro was just so weird.

Meanwhile, Ussop had woken from his nap on top of the ship and noticed the strange couple below him. Nami would definitely reward him for this juicy peice of gossip. As Zoro suddenly stood up and practically ran below deck, it occurred to Ussop that being on watch might not be half as boring if this kept going on, and maybe much more profitable. Commenting to himself on how beautiful the night was, he drifted back to sleep as the captain headed to his own cabin below deck.

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