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Well, I am glad that I am back into the Zelda category after almost seven months. It's my two-year anniversary on this site too. Anyway, this story is obviously based off of Aladdin because it is my second favorite Disney story, closely following Cinderella. I hope no one else has done an Aladdin parody before, and if they have, then I'm sorry but I'm not trying to copy or anything. I've actually had this idea for a while. It is of course a LinkxZelda because that's my favorite couple! So, I won't bother you any further and let you start the story. I hope you like it!


Prologue: Chosen Hero

It was a dark and stormy night in the land of Hyrule. Lightning raced across the black, endless sky as ominous clouds blocked the light from the moon. The wind howled fiercely, battering the trees as it swirled around them. As another bolt of light seared across the sky, a lone rider galloped across the plain, heading towards the tallest hill.

Awaiting him at the top was another rider atop his proud, black stallion. The horse reared as the other approached, scaring two balls of light that had been crouched upon the man's shoulders. The twin fairies rose into the air and circled like a crown upon the leader's head. The other rider stopped in front of him, jumped off his mount, and bowed. The stationary rider did not dismount, but bobbed his head. His skin was green and wrinkled, but his hair – though little remained – was still as fiery red as ever.

"Greetings, Lord Ganondorf. My apologies for arriving so late," the kneeling rider said, rising slowly to his feet and gripping his shadowy horse's reins. The mounted rider stared at him with calm eyes.

"Did you get it?" he asked. The shadowy rider nodded and stuck his hand in his cape, bringing it out with a shining golden triangle upon it. Ganondorf's face glowed with pleasure in its light.

"I had to slit a few throats…but…" the dismounted rider started, but Ganondorf had tried to swipe for the triangle. The shadowy figure drew back his hand. "Not yet! You promised me a reward." Ganondorf snapped his fingers and one of the fairies, the darker one, swooped down to grab the triangle from the surprised rider. The fairy flew back and dropped it in Ganondorf's outstretched hand.

"Patience, Shadow," Ganondorf said, twirling the triangle in his hand. "As soon as we find the Temple of Wonders, you will get your reward." The rider named Shadow was not impressed, but he mounted his own horse anyway and waited for Ganondorf's orders. The green-skinned man looked at his fairies.

"Tatl? Tael? What are you waiting for?" The two fairies ducked into the leader's cloak and brought out two similar glowing triangles. Ganondorf took them and placed them with the others. As soon as all three connected, Shadow gasped.

"What shall we do now?" His question was answered not by Ganondorf, but by the three sacred triangles. They flashed a brilliant gold and rose into the air. Then, without warning, they shot off across the hills, leaving a trace of golden powder behind them.

"Hurry!" Ganondorf ordered, digging his heels into his horse's flanks and galloping after the magical artifact. After a second's delay, Shadow followed as well. The two gave chase after the artifact as fast as their horses could carry them. At last, the trail stopped and the triangle floated to a stop in the air. Ganondorf pulled his reins and stopped the horse and Shadow imitated his actions. The two glanced around their surroundings.

They were standing in front of a relatively flat expanse of grass that was surrounded by the normal hills of Hyrule Field. There was no sign of buildings anywhere; they had left the castle's view a long time ago. Ganondorf grew doubtful that his plan to find the sacred Temple was successful.

Slowly, the magical item started to glow again. As its light increased in intensity, the ground started to shake below it. Ganondorf and Shadow tried to keep their horses steady as the earth trembled. Then, they heard a distinctive crunch followed by groaning as the ground split apart in the middle of the clearing. A long spire shot out of the ground, followed soon by a whole building of stone. Ganondorf and Shadow hurried back as more of the Temple surfaced where they had stood moments before.

Finally, the rising was complete. The Temple stopped moving and the ground stopped shaking as well. Ganondorf ran his eyes over the Temple, making sure it was the one described in all the books he had at him. Sure enough, it was.

The Temple was a massive building, fairly rectangular in shape, with a rather pyramid like roof. Columns of pure white marble ran along the front entrance while the rest of the Temple was made of giant slabs of yellow-brown stone. Painted on all the walls were pictures describing the making of the earth by the Goddesses, the Triforce, and the legendary Ocarina. After seeing that particular drawing, Ganondorf smirked.

"After all these long years! I have found it at last," he cried, placing his hand up at the triangle artifact and pushing the air behind it. The item sensed his wish and floated towards the giant entrance of the Temple. The object soared up to the place where the Triforce was carved into the wooden frame of the door and slid into position, all three Triangles fitting perfectly. The stone door shuddered once before sliding up with a loud thud. Ganondorf glanced hungrily at the glowing entrance bathed in yellow light.

"Go on," the leader said, turning to the other rider. Shadow paled.

"You…you…want me…to go…in there? My lord…but…we do not…know what is…in there!"

"Silence!" Ganondorf roared. "You will do as I command!" Shadow, shaking, nodded and got off his horse. In his nervousness, he stumbled and fell over his first few steps. Ganondorf clicked his tongue impatiently. Shadow shivered before hurrying over to the Temple.

As the shadowy rider put a trembling foot upon the first step, the Temple shook. With a cry, the rider stumbled back onto the ground.

"Who dares enter the Temple of Wonders!" chorused a combination of three voices simultaneously. Their voices were obviously feminine and strangely melodious. Shadow shook his head and looked back at Ganondorf. The green-skinned man held no reluctance in his eyes as he flicked his head to proceed. Shadow gulped and got to his feet.

"It is I, Shadow," said the rider, finding it foolish and scary that he was talking to the Temple. The voices immediately responded.

"Only the Chosen Hero may enter these walls!" they warned. Shadow looked hesitantly back at his leader.

"Go on, Shadow, go on!" Ganondorf urged. Shadow nodded and turned back to the entrance in determination. Putting one step in front of the other almost mechanically, he made his way up to the platform. Then slowly, he placed one foot inside the entrance and braced himself.

For a moment, it seemed like nothing happened. Relieved, Shadow let his whole body inside the Temple. Suddenly, the structure roared and shook violently. Before Shadow could get back out, the entrance clamped shut. The whole Temple rose up into the air and buried itself into the ground, sending rock and dust flying in Ganondorf's direction. The rider-less horse got spooked and ran. Ganondorf fumbled for the reins as his own stallion lost control.

Within moments, it was all over. The ground showed no sign of the Temple's existence except a slight patch of brown dirt where the triangle artifact lay, split back into three separate shapes. Ganondorf cursed under his breath.

"Lovely!" remarked Tatl as she and her brother fairy went after the scattered pieces of the sacred item. "I'm sure you didn't see that coming!" The fairies went back to their master and dropped the triangles into his hand. With a scowl, he returned them to his cloak.

"Chosen Hero? What's that about?" Tael asked. Ganondorf looked thoughtful.

"Apparently there is a certain 'hero' that can enter the Temple. Shadow obviously wasn't qualified. We will need to keep searching in order to find him." Tatl sighed.

"We've already spent forever searching for the stupid pieces of the Triforce key," she said in an impatient tone. "And now we have to search for some stupid guy!"

"Patience, patience," Ganondorf said, though he did not feel any himself. "The king of Hyrule has something I can use to find this information. We must head to the castle at once if we are to make it by morning."

"Great, another day of lost sleep!" Tael grumbled. Ganondorf laughed into the air as he grabbed his reins and kicked his horse into a gallop, Tatl and Tael quickly grabbing onto his shoulders. The odd trio rode off into the starless night.

"Some things are worth sacrificing for the ultimate source of power!"


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