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Chapter One

Hallway Encounter

"Aww man! I'm always late on the first day of school!" A young pink haired girl scolded herself. Her name was Sakura. A 17 year old woman who attended Konoha High School. Among many girls, she was always the most beautiful of them all. She has bright pink hair that went down to her shoulders and a long slender body. She has perfect curves that would make any woman jealous. Along with being beautiful, she has the most friendly personality. She hardly ever got mad at anyone.

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She lived by herself since her parents died in an accident a long time ago. They were one there way home when an 18 wheeler made a sharp fast turn, and collided with the small Mitsubishi. Sakura can't stand death.

The bell rang loudly and she was able to make it at the gate in time. She was trying to catch her breath and make it to her class at the same time. "This always seems to happen every time I move to a different school. Sigh"

She turned a sharp corner and bumped into a tall, well built man. (Guess who?) Sakura fell backwards in pain since it was a hard collision.

"Ow! Gomenasai! Daijobu desu ka?(I'm sorry! Are you alright?)" She looked up to see a handsome face stare down back at her. His eyes were an emotionless onyx and his raven hair was slowly swaying. His body was well built and he had perfect form.

"Hn." He simply nodded, helped her up and continued walking. This kinda made Sakura a little irritated but decided to drop it. And she ran to class.

Sakura made it just in time for class. Everyone was too busy chattering to notice her come in. She didn't know where to sit, so she sat in an empty chair in the front of the room. Then, in walked a man with silver hair and a mask covering half his face.

"Ohayo class! Sorry I'm late. I was too busy on—" He was interrupted by his class.

"—on the road of life." They rolled there eyes and gave their attention.

"Wow. You catch on fast!" Kakashi grinned and sweat dropped.

"Psh….You say it everyday pervert!" a boy in the second row exclaimed. He had blond hair and whisker like lines on each cheek.

Kakashi ignored his statement and took Icha Icha Paradise out of his bag. Everyone sweat dropped at his actions. "Well, it looks like we have a new student." Kakashi said, still looking at his book. "Would you please introduce yourself?"

"H-hai." She stood up in the front. She could hear whispers from the class. Mostly from the guys.

"Wow! She's hot!"

"Oh man! I wanna take her out on a date!"

"Look at that ass!"

Sakura gave out a stress mark. "Ohayo. My name's Haruno Sakura. I transferred here from Katake High." When she said that everyone gasped. Then guys started whispering again.

"Wow! She must be smart!"

"Brains and beauty! Alright!"

"That's a nice ass!"

She gave all the guys that were talking about her an evil glare and they immediately stopped.

"Domo Sakura. Please take a seat next to Sasuke if you will. Sasuke, please raise your hand so she can see you." Kakashi said, still not lifting his gaze from his book. A boy n the 4th row raised his hand, but he wasn't looking forward. He had his eyes closed. Sakura immediately recognized him as the guy he ran into in the hallway. "It's that guy! The nerve of him walking away without even saying I'm sorry or anything!'

She simply walked up the steps and sat down next to him. And she could've swore she felt eyes looking at her. She looked around and saw that every girl in the class, with a few exceptions, were staring at her with death glares. She ignored it and paid attention to the weird teaching Kakashi was giving the class. He would read his book and ask questions, then flip the page and ask another question.

"Oi…" Sasuke whispered to her without looking.

"Hmm?" Sakura replied.

"Don't pay so much attention to Kakashi. He can't teach for beans."

Sakura giggled a little and smiled brightly. "Okay then."

Sasuke opened his eyes and looked at her from the corner of his eyes. 'Hope she won't go crazy like my fanclub…no…maybe this ones different…maybe…' He looked away and kept thinking. 'Sakura eh?...'


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