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"AWRIGHT! It's summer vacation! It's time to PARTY!" Uotani excitedly punched the desk with her fist. "This time, I've got a whole month off my part-time jobs!"

"That's great, Arisa." Hanajima packed her things into her bag. "I don't have any plans for summer, either. What about you, Tohru?"

Tohru realized she was being spoken to. "Well, that is… I'm going to the Sohma's summer home with Kyo-kun, Yuki-kun, and everybody… I'm sorry I won't be able to spend the summer with you two…" Tohru's eyes were cast down and she fiddled with her uniform uncertainly.

"It's okay Tohru, just go have a good time. We'll be fine." Hanajima smiled and put her hand on Tohru's shoulder.

"Hey! Tohru! You coming?" Kyo called from the door of the classroom.

"Go on Tohru. Do whatever you want." Uotani smiled at her as well.

"H-Hai…" Tohru rushed off to join Kyo and the others.

"She's been spending a lot of time with those Sohma people…" Uotani observed as she watched Tohru bounce away. "It's going to be a long summer without you, Tohru."

"Yes… It will be, but if she's happy we're happy, right?" Hanajima gazed tenderly at Tohru's receding figure.

"Right." Uotani confirmed. She paused a second. "Hey, do you think orangey is her boyfriend?" She asked suddenly.

"No… she would have told us if he was… but I do think they have feelings for each other…" Hanajima said dangerously. "Competition…"

"Yeah… Good luck Tohru, hope you find some summer love!" Uotani called, after Tohru was out of earshot.

The two friends laughed and began their walk home.


Tohru was kneeling in front of Shigure, who looked up from his newspaper to ask her what was up.

Tohru hesitated before asking nervously. "Well, you see… you know how we're going to spend summer vacation at the Sohma home? Well… um… my friends… I won't get to see them if I go… so will you let me please… bring them along? Even if it's only for part of the time! I would really like it if they could come!" She paused. "Oh, but… oh I'm asking too much aren't I? Ah, forgive me! I'm taking advantage of your hospitality!" Tohru started apologizing frantically, until Shigure put his hand in front of her face to signal her to stop.

"Slow down, Tohru-kun! It's okay! Your friends can come with us. We'll just have to be extra careful, okay? I'm sure it will be more fun with them, and Kyo and Yuki will be happy too!" Shigure laughed and went back to his newspaper, just as Kyo walked in.

"What? You mean that gothic freak and Yankee bitch is going to come too?" He yelled. "This is going to be one damn long summer…" Kyo muttered as he shuffled away.

Tohru was unsure if she should bring them if Kyo didn't like it, but then just shrugged and smiled. She didn't think he really hated them. She went upstairs to phone her friends to tell them about the arrangement, hoping they could come.


"Hey, Machi!" Yuki called to the brown-haired girl after the final student council meeting had ended.

She turned around. "Yuki? What… What is it?"

"You know how I told you we should do something together this summer?" Yuki asked her. She nodded and he continued. "Well, my cousins, Honda-san, and I are going to the Sohma summer home for part of the summer. I was wondering if you wanted to come along as well?" When she stared at him, he added nervously, "Um… I'm inviting you to come on vacation with me... I hope it doesn't sound too weird or…" His voice trailed off.

Machi shook her head. "It… it's fine. I would like to go… but… I'm not sure that being around so many people… I don't like it…" She looked away from him.

Yuki laughed. "If that's all you're worried about, it's fine! They'll leave you alone if I ask them to! Plus, I think you should get out more…" Machi opened her mouth as if to say something, but Yuki spoke first. "So, it's settled then! You'll be coming to the summer home with us! We'll pick you up first thing Monday morning, so be ready by nine!" Yuki was about to say goodbye, but something—more like someone stopped him.

"YUN-YUN! YOU CAN'T TAKE MACHI ON DIRTY ESCAPADES LIKE THIS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!" Manabe came over and slung his arm around Yuki's shoulder.

An anger mark twitched on Yuki's forehead. "Don't turn everything perverted…" He said, irritated.

"Aw, don't be mean! So… Where's my invitation? If I don't go," Manabe put an arm protectively around Machi. "Neither does she." He concluded flatly, although there was a prominent hint of teasing in his tone.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! A vacation! Kimi wants to come too!" A voice whimpered behind them. Kimi was bouncing up and down, hand in the air like a kindergartener waiting to be called on.

"Alright! Lets just get grumpy ole Nao-chan to come, and it'll be School Defense Corps, vacation special!" Manabe's eyes sparkled.

"I'M NOT GOING." Came a monotonous voice from behind them.

"Aw, you're no fun!" Manabe whined.

"Shut up, I already have plans to go on vacation with my family. And even if I didn't, I wouldn't go with you morons anyway." Naoto replied angrily. With that he stalked away.

"Aw, that's too bad. Oh well, at least we're all going! Yun-Yun's picking us up nine o'clock sharp on Monday, so be ready!" Manabe called as he also departed.

"OKAY!" Kimi danced away, waving at everyone.

After they had left Yuki and Machi were quiet, as Yuki leaned on a wall in sheer defeat. I can't believe this… I didn't agree to any of it… they invited themselves…

This was going to be one interesting summer.


So, you like? My second serious Fruits Basket fan fiction, the others are all one-shots. This one is going to be a lot more humorous than my last one, Together Forever. Summer fun for everyone! (Happy dance).