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I woke up that morning extremely tired. I shuffled into the old oak kitchen and grabbed the rusty kettle off of the wooden table. I wobbled to the front door and gently pushed it open. A light dewy breeze brushed against my cheeks and my eyes closed in silent peace. The early birds happily sung their songs, sending notes to sleepy people over the village that it was time to get up.

Well, I wasn't ready to get up, but I always had breakfast ready for Thomas when he woke up. Thomas now worked at a blacksmith right smack in the middle of town. Simmermaker's Blacksmith is what I believe it was called. But what do I care about metal and things? I'm a barmaid. I rolled my eyes at the thought and walked to the water pump.

"Good morning, Cass," Thomas greeted me with a smile. I closed the door behind me and shot him a grin. "Morning," I muttered sleepily. I hung the kettle over the fireplace and took a seat at the little table next to Thomas. He looked me over and frowned. "You didn't get much sleep last night," he observed intently. I chuckled quietly and replied, "How do you figure?"

"Those lovely purple baggies under your eyes, your lack of civil conversation, and…you walked through the mud in your favorite slippers." The last statement made me frown. I looked down at my feet and sure enough there was mud evenly coating the sides of my favorite slippers. "Great," I muttered, not even noticing the now frantic whistling of the kettle.


Around noon, Thomas offered to walk me to work and I accepted gratefully. As the small tavern loomed into view, I turned to Thomas and gave him a small smile. "Thanks for walking me," I said. "Sure thing, Cass…you know I'd walk you wherever you'd want to go," he stated shyly. I nodded sadly and whispered, "I know you would, Thomas…I know."

"So, uh, would you like to go out to dinner tonight or…" Thomas began, but I cut in with, "Thomas, I have double shift tonight…you know I have to work to midnight…maybe some other time." Thomas nodded silently, not meeting my eyes. "Yeah…yeah some other time…" He muttered before walking away.

"Thomas!" I called and he turned to me with a frown. "Are we still on for that humiliating game of cards tomorrow?" He smiled then and nodded. "Oh yeah. Of course," he assured me before leaving.

"Cassidy, get in here! Don't dillydally when you know there is plenty of work to be done," Madena called from within the tavern. I sighed and looked to the sky in desperation. "Coming," I called back and entered my dull life. Life was such a thrill when I worked at the castle…


The day was busy. Besides the regulars, the tavern was packed with depressed husbands, couples, workers on break, and just any old bum from the village. I had my share of men crying in there mugs over women who had left them, begging me to give them advice on how to get them back. Of course, I was too busy inside my head, having glanced at the dark corner my mysterious hooded figure sat the night before.

The sun was now setting I could see as I glanced out the window of the backroom. The blood red sky slid slowly down the mountains as the blackness of the night struggled to spread itself over the land. I sighed tiredly and turned back to what I was doing. Dishes. No matter how I tried...I always seemed to be with the job of washing dishes.

As I was drying the last of the dishes, Madena rushed into the room, her red hair falling from her usual tight bun. I dried my hands on a towel and frowned. "What is it?" I asked, trying to mask my panic. "That man! The night before who asked about you?" she exclaimed trying to catch her breath. "Yes, yes. What about him?" I asked, not understanding. "Well, he's here! Asking for you! I told him you were busy, but he grabbed me! Oh, his hands, Cass, his hands. They are so cold!" She cried, rubbing her arms frantically.

My lips parted in shock and I whispered, "He wants to see me? Why does he always ask for me?" "I don't know, dearie. I don't know." She replied honestly. I sighed and brushed my chestnut bangs away, groaning inwardly that they never stayed in the bun. I tied my apron around my waist with shaking fingers and sucked in a shuddering breath.

I slowly, painfully made my way to the door, but a hand grabbed my wrist and spun me around to face them. "Be careful, Cassidy. I do not trust this stranger," Madena warned me darkly. I nodded in understanding, for I didn't trust this new stranger either…even if I did happen to know him. Which I don't…do I?

He wore the same black cloak and hovered in the same dark corner as the night before. I stared at his back for the longest time, questions rushing through my brain. Why is he back? Where is he from? What does he look like? Why does he sound exactly like him? How does he know my name and why does he ask for me?

"Staring is not very ladylike, my dear," came the dark voice from the hooded figure. I gasped in surprise and fear. How did he know I was standing here? I gulped and slowly made my way around him to the other side of his table. It was hard to look at the black shadow that was his face. I narrowed my eyes, hoping to gain a better glimpse at his face.

"Are you going to stand there and gape or ask me what I came for?" He asked lowly, yet amusedly. My mouth dropped open in shock and I stuttered a moment before muttering, "I'm sorry, forgive me…can I get you anything?" He laughed then. A light tossing back of his head and that same icy laugh that I had heard so rarely.

Could it be him? Could it be Dracula? But… how is that possible? He is dead. He is not coming back. I am jumping to conclusions because I miss him and I had wished so badly to see him again. I then noticed that he was staring at me…well, I couldn't see his face, but I could feel his eyes piercing through my soul. "You are quite the beauty. You always were," he whispered.

I frowned. I think I may be going mad. "But, not to get off the subject, I do believe I came here for something…" he stopped. I leaned forward eagerly. He definitely was not here for ale or food. "You…" he finally said. I gasped and took a step back. Just then, an old man ran into the tavern screaming. Madena ran out of the backroom to see what the commotion was about.

The people of the tavern all looked up in surprise and stopped their chatter. I looked at the man in intrigued confusion and intimidation. "Vampires! Vampires!" the old man screamed. My hand drifted up to my mouth and my eyes watered. Madena shook her head disbelievingly. "Vampires have not been spotted in Transylvania for nearly 3 years, man!" she cried.

That's what I thought…that's what I knew. I was there when it happened. "You must believe me! All of you! I found William Simmermaker dead in the blacksmith shop along with the young lad that worked for him! I swear it!" he insisted, sweat dripping from his brow. The blood drained from my face and I felt like vomiting. "Thomas…" I whispered.

I spun around to the figure at the table but he was not there! He was gone! But what had he left behind on the table? I leaned forward and I felt my insides churn as I saw the silver mask with the glittered designs. "Oh my God…" I murmured. My mask. From the Masquerade. I began to sway. My knees buckled and I fell to the floor. "Cassidy? Cassidy!" I heard Madena cry from above me.

Before I was completely consumed by the welcomed darkness, one thought spoke to me loud and clear. He's back.

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