AN: This is the much awaited sequel to Tony which was my first fanfic. I promised I would not write a sequel, but I could not resist. This one's going to be so cute too. And I'm going to have a sequel to this one too, I can tell. Thank you so much to all the people who reviewed Tony and hoped for a sequel. The first chapter is dedicated to the real life Tony who goes to the camp I work at. He's a cutie pie and was the inspiration for this Tony.

"Tony," Sara called from the kitchen. She was in front of the stove flipping eggs for breakfast. She had long since gotten used to the idea of breakfast at 11:00 at night.

"Greg can you go get him," Sara asked, now setting the table. Greg smiled and went to Tony's bedroom. The little boy's bedroom had once been a den type room in Sara's apartment. But after Sara and he had gotten married last year and adopted Tony, the room had transformed. Blue paint covered the wall, as well as several pictures that Tony had drawn.

"Tony," Greg said when he walked in. Tony was sitting on the floor. He had a piece of paper in front of him and colored pencils were scattered around his small body. He was a brilliant artist and drew in vivid colors. His current project was a great flaming bird Greg assumed was a phoenix. Tony had been drawing a lot of mythical beats lately.

Tony made a soft noise indicating he had heard Greg. Even though Tony was now ten, he still spoke very little.

"Come on Tony. Breakfast," Greg said looking appreciatively at Tony's drawing. Tony put a red pencil down and stood up. He had done very little growing in two years and was still very small for his age.

Tony followed his father back to the kitchen where they sat down at the table. The door bell rang and Sara leapt to get it. Greg put large amounts of eggs on his plate as well as Tony's. Sara came back leading Lena. Lena was practically a member of the family. Her apartment was directly across the hall from Sara's. Half the stuff that Greg and Sara owned was in Lena's apartment, and the same was true for her.

Lena was Tony's declared teacher. Sara and Lena filled out the forms with the home schooling department and all that. Tony had expressed the fact that he really didn't want to go to a public school. Sara felt she would probably pressure him into it for 7th grade, but that was more then a year away. And Lena did a good job as a teacher. She and Tony had fun.

Lena always had breakfast with them before Greg and Sara left for work. Strangely enough, they didn't face any problems at work about getting married. Well nothing job threatening anyway. Originally there was a big mess with Grissom and Ecklie but it turned out okay. With the promise of keeping everything at work professional, they were allowed to stay on the same shift. But they almost never got cases together. Which didn't matter. True to their word, all contact at work was professional.

"Hey Tony," Lena said happily, like she did every morning. Lena was a very cheerful happy soul. She worked over the internet, and so could keep her own hours. She chose to keep the same hours as Sara. She loved Tony as much as Sara and Greg. She enjoyed teaching him. But she thought the little boy would be better off in school. In some aspects anyway.

"Remember Tony, we have to go visit the doctor today after I get home from work," Sara said. She had finished her breakfast and put her plate in the sink.

"The doctor or the shrink," Tony asked. He used his flat, hollow voice that all three adult hated. Tony still had anointments with the shrink, mostly for adjustment reasons, shifting back into a family life.

"Not your doctor, my doctor," Sara said with a small smile. Instantly smiles appeared on everyone's faces. Greg, also done with breakfast, stood up. He walked over to her.

"Ah yes," he said, patting her stomach. "That doctor."

Sara fixed him with a mock angry glare. "Greg, my stomach is not fat. I will not be fat for another few month," Sara pointed out, getting laughed from both Greg and Lena.

"Yeah, I know. I can't wait," He said, clear eagerness on his face. They had found out Sara was pregnant only a few weeks ago.

"I can," Sara said.

"Oooo, You're gonna be a mommy Sara," Lena said gleefully. Sara's face instantly hardened.

"I'm already a mommy," Sara said with a nod at Tony. She loved that little boy so much, and completely considered herself Tony's mother. The adoption was just documentation.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Lena said, her happiness deflating. She turned to Tony. "Tony, sweety, I'm sorry." She hugged the little boy apologetically.

Tony shrugged. "That's okay. I knew what you meant," He said simply. Tony was always so accepting and forgiving. Sara wondered how he had become so easy going. He was such a sweet kid who went through such an awful thing.

Sara and Greg cleared the dishes and Tony and Lena moved to the living room.

"Bye Tony," Sara said walking into the living room and kissing the little boy on the forehead. "I'll see you when we get home."

Tony nodded and smiled up at Sara. Greg ruffled the little boy's hair affectionately.

"See you buddy," he said.

"Bye Sara. Bye Greg," Tony said as they walked out the door. He never called them mom or dad. He had only ever called them Sara and Greg.