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Sara and Lena had fun looking through heath food books and such, looking up foods and meals that would be good for her. Sara actually didn't get as sick as she thought she would, but there were still days she had to stay home sick. Lena made a big joke about how Sara was experiencing "morning sickness" at 10 o'clock at night.

Sara was really grateful to have Lena, who lessened her anxiety about everything. Lena had 5 older siblings, all girls. All had had at least two children and Lena had been there for all of them. So as far as Sara was concerned, Lena was the next best thing to a doctor. And up until she was actually giving birth, Sara would take Lena over the doctor any day. Lena made her laugh and smile no matter what.

Lena didn't bother pressing Sara about telling her co-workers at the lab. And Sara was putting it off. But she found her self not gaining enough weight for it to attributed to anything more then semi-casual weight gain. It worried Sara at first, but Lena and the doctor both assured her that it was normal, especially with her first child.

Sara had also started wearing loser clothes then normal, something else nobody (nobody at the lab anyway) seemed to take notice of. She was actually surprised nobody at the lab was putting two and two together.

When she was entering the fifth month of her pregnancy, Sara was actually starting to show, and her weight gain could no longer be attributed to other causes. She had yet another doctor appointment the day before she had resolved to tell the rest of the lab.

Lena and Tony, as expected , were in the waiting room. When Sara and Greg came out, Greg was grinning like a fool. Sara looked like she was in a state of numb shock.

"What," Lena demanded. She looked at Greg, because she didn't think Sara would tell her right now.

Greg looked at Sara, before speaking. Then he said one word. "Twins"

Lena's mouth opened in amazement. "Your kidding," she breathed.

Greg shook his head, still grinning and Sara became unfrozen enough to speak. "Nope. I'm having two babies."

"You know what this means," Greg said happily.

"What," Lena said, just to humor him.

"I get to name one of the babies," Greg said. Lena laughed softly.

"I wouldn't count on it," she told him.

Tony wrapped his arms around Sara, who picked the little boy up, mostly on reflex.

"Two babies," he said and Sara nodded.

They were going to tell Grissom first, simply because he was their boss, and Sara resolved to tell him herself. Greg sulked for a moment and then agreed.

"Grissom," Sara said knocking on his office door.

"Yes," he said looking up from his papers at them. Sara looked at Greg before turning back to their boss.

She decided to just come out with the truth. "I'm pregnant," she said, smiling, just like that.

Grissom looked at her, as if trying to decide weather or not she was speaking the truth. Greg seemed to sense this and spoke up.

"It's true. I know. I had to hold her hair back when she puked," He stated confidently. Sara was very close to punching him.

"Okay," Grissom said. "How far along?"

"Five months, about," Sara said. Grissom nodded again and Sara could tell what he was thinking.

"Oh please don't confine me to the lab," she pleaded.

"Yeah," Greg said, grinning. "She'll go crazy. And then she'll kill me. I value my life Grissom."

This time Sara really did punch him. Greg flinched and held the arm Sara had punched.

"You know, you'll have to go on...maternity leave eventually," Grissom pointed out. Sara scowled and folder her arms.

"But not for a while," she stated.

"Are you going to tell the others," he asked and Sara nodded.

"I'll call a meeting for both the night and swing shifts. It'll make rounding them up easier," he said. Sara nodded and thanked him. Both she and Greg went to the conference room to wait for the others.

Catherine, Warrick and Nick, being in the building already, were the first to get there. Sophia and the new recruit that went between the night and swing shifts arrived shortly after.

The new recruit, despite the way most of the CSIs referred to him, was not that new. He had been working in the building for just over a year and was good at what he did. His name was Eddie and he frequently floated between the swing and night shift and sometimes days, just working whatever case needed extra help.

They also waited for Mia, because she and Sara turned into real friends.

"Are you running the meeting because Grissom's afraid of facing us all or something," Nick asked. Greg shook his head but didn't say anything.

"It's not really a meeting," Sara said. She tried to figure out the best way to tell her co-workers the news and eventually decided on the same tactic she used with Grissom.

"I'm pregnant," she said, loud enough for the whole room to hear. There was a moment of silence and then laughter. Actual laughter.

"Sure," Warrick said. "Nick died his skin green and joined a murdering cult of vampires."

"Told you," Greg whispered to Sara.

"Nice joke Sara," Nick said.

"Is the idea of me having a child really that farfetched," Sara exclaimed. and Greg nodded. She sighed loudly and stood up. She gathered the back of her shirt up, reveling her stomach which was quite a bit bigger then normal.

"I wouldn't joke about this," she said. Her eyes were blazing and she was normal, fierce, fiery Sara again. Normal Sara with two babies inside her.

"You're not kidding," Mia asked. Greg and Sara both shook their heads.

There was a collective intake of breath and some whistlers of amazement.

"How far along are you Sara," Catherine asked.

"About 5 months," Sara told her.

"Wow...Sara's having a baby," Nick said.

"Um..." Sara said. And everybody was looking at her again. "Two babies actually. I'm having twins."

She was sure, that if it was possible, all their jaws would've hit the ground with loud thuds.