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The Great Hall was alive with chatter. It was the first feast of the school year and Harry Potter had been absent from the Hogwarts Express. In fact, no one had heard from him all summer. At the end of third year, he had disappeared from he train station with his aunt, uncle and cousin. A month after, Hedwig turned up at Ron Weasely's house covered in blood and nearly starved to death. In her claw, she clutched a corner of what had once been a piece of paper. On it, it said in elegant script, Messer's Moony. That was all.

Upon seeing the paper, Ron had gasped and turned whiter then a sheet and the twins looks deeply worried. That summer, all of the letter that had been sent to number four, Privet Drive, had been returned, unopened and the owls looked deeply harassed. To say Ron Weasely and Hermione Granger, Harry Potter's best friends, were worried, would be like saying Voldemort wanted Harry dead.

The letters they sent to Headmaster Dumbledore and been replied with reassurances that Harry was fine and had been ordered not to accept any mail from anyone. Ron and Hermione remained unsure of the truth, but stopped sending letters to Harry and took care of Hedwig. Dumbledore said that Harry would arrive safe and unharmed to Kings cross on time to board the train. Hermione and Ron stopped worrying. They knew that Dumbledore would never let anything happen to Harry.

September came. They waited at Kings cross for nearly an hour before being told by the conductor that they had to leave or they would be left behind. Harry had not shown up. With heavy hearts, they boarded the train without their best friend, more worried then ever. Throughout the ride, they thought of things that might have happened, and assumed that Dumbledore had decided that riding the train to school was unsafe for Harry and had picked him up from Privet Drive himself and brought him to Hogwarts early. They were dismayed to find, upon their arrival, that Harry was not there, waiting for them with a smile on his face and an umbrella to keep them dry from the rain.

In the Great Hall, Harry's absence was the biggest topic of discussion. There were rumors of what had happened to the boy. Dumbledore had sent him off to privet training, that he had been withdrawn from the school. The whispers continued through the Sorting and into the feast. Finally, when everyone had eaten and their plates had been cleared, Dumbledore stood and held his hand up for attention. Everyone went silent, looking up at, waiting for him to tell them the secret.

Mere seconds before he opened his mouth, there was a loud boom in the space before the head table, and all the air whooshed to one place, then back out as if forced there by an invisible force. Then, out of thin air, into the place cleared by the air, Harry Potter dropped to the floor in an undignified, filthy heap. He heaved himself to his feet and stood, staring at Dumbledore. No one knew what to think. This was not the happy young boy they had seen leaving the train station last year.

The person standing in front of them looked as if he'd spent his entire life in Azkaban. He was filthy. The clothing he was wearing was ripped and covered in mud and other unsavory things. The short, messy black hair they were used to was now past his shoulders, hanging in lank, greasy piece around him. Anyone that could see his face could tell he had been starved. The once full face had lost all fat. The skin clung to the bone in his face as if afraid that it would fall off if he moved to fast. What everyone noticed the most were his eyes. Once vibrant, lively emerald green eyes were now a dull, lifeless bloody red.

Ron and Hermione glanced at each other before standing from their spots at the Gryfindor table and flinging themselves in the direction of Harry. They were almost there before the hit a force field that felt as if it was made of steel. Ron hit it harder then Hermione did and fell flat on his arse. Harry turned around and glanced over them coldly, no recognition in his eyes before turning around and staring at Dumbledore again.

"I demand a resorting and an escort to Diagon Alley to buy my school supplies and some clothing. If you do not grant me these things, I will leave." Harry's voice was harsh and raspy. Dumbledore looked shocked and opened his mouth; his expression showing his was going to say no. "I've read all of the rules, Dumbledore. A student third year and up can request a resorting if he or she is unsatisfied with the house he or she is in. I, currently, am unsatisfied with the school I am in, but with settle with a resorting. What do you say, Dumbledore?"

Dumbledore looked horrified. He glanced at the teachers around him for support, but all of them looked either stupefied or terrified. He gulped once before looking back at his once Golden Boy then nodding once. Professor McGonagall quickly brought out the Sorting hat again. Harry, sneering slightly, grabbed from atop the stool and shoved it on without sitting down. The entire hall waited in silence, everyone staring at the emaciated form of Harry Potter wearing the over large hat, as it made its decision once again. Harry made one rude gesture with his hands as they waited. Finally, after what seemed an eternity of people wishing for the Boy-Who-Lived to be in their house the hat opened its mouth. The word that followed would be the talk of the school for the rest of the year.


Whispers rippled through the hall like the surface of a pond that had a stone dropped into it, the center being Harry Potter. Harry took off the hat, dropped it on the stool with a look of disgust before gliding over to the Slytherin table and glaring at the people that sat closest to the door of the hall. They quickly got the message and scooted down, leaving their new addition with several seats around him empty. He waved his hand and a small, terrified looking house elf appeared before him. He ordered something and the house elf disappeared with a small pop, only to appear moments later with a large goblet of…something and a small plate of crackers.

In this time, no one looked at Ron Weasely, who looked at though he was about to explode. He stood up, glaring darkly at his ex-best friend and bellowed like a drunken Wilde Beast, storming furiously in Harry's direction, all the while shouting obscenities at the top of his lungs.

"YOU FILTHLY, NO GOOD, PIECE OF SCUM! HOW COULD YOU BETRAY YOUR OWN HOUSE JUST LIKE THAT? AND FOR SLYTHERIN? I KNEW IT, I KNEW THE ENTIRE TIME WE HUNG OUT THAT THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU, YOU FILTH! I SLEPT IN THE BED NEXT TO YOU FOR THE LAST THREE YEARS, SHARED MY FAMILY WITH YOU, HELL, I EVEN THOUGH OF SETTING YOU UP WITH MY LITTLE SISTER! HOW MANY TIMES DID YOU THINK OF TRYING TO KILL ME, OR MY FAMILY! HOW OFTEN HAVE TO ATTAKCS BY YOU-KNOW-HOW JUST BEEN SET UP TO MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE THE GOOD GUY!" Ron stopped suddenly, two yards from Harry, who was sitting in his seat; quietly drink from his goblet and eating his crackers. He grabbed at his throat and gasped, obviously trying to yell at Harry some more. Harry turned around in his seat and glared coldly at the boy trying desperately to scream some more.

"Weasely, do you know what the Dursley's did to me this summer? Or did Dumbledore even tell you two? I bet he didn't. I bet he told that I was safe and happy at my relatives' house, unable to receive mail because he didn't want me or you to get hurt. Well, I wasn't. I wasn't even at the Dursley's for most of the summer. After a week, they took me to some man and told him I was unruly, that they never wanted to see me again, that I had threatened their precious son. You know what that man did to me? He sold me. He sold me as a slave. I spent most of my summer in the dungeon of some fat rich man who got his jollies from buggering small boys until they couldn't move anymore.

"After about a month, I escaped from his…his house. He lived in the middle of nowhere, so I ran into to forest surrounding his house and a vampire attacked me. Do you know what happens next? Anybody?" He looked around with a malicious gleam in his red eyes. No one dared to say anything. "I was turned. The vampire, my Sire, drank all of my blood then gave me some of his. After I passed out, he took me to his 'family' and we slept. I spent the rest of the summer with them.

"Since it was day when the Train leaves the station I couldn't leave the safety of our nest because I'm not old enough to withstand sunlight. I had to apperate here after darkness fell." He sent a murderous look at Dumbledore before his eyes fell on Severus Snape, who looked…shocked and then on Draco Malfoy who looked…. well, like Malfoy. "Malfoy, would you please escort me to the common room, I'm feeling tired."

"Yea Potter, I'll take you. Though I don't know the password." Malfoy looked up at Snape and Snape nodded, getting up and sweeping over to Harry, getting there just as Draco joined him at the entrance. They left the Great Hall in silence. Ron, who was still trying to talk, was stopped by s sound from Dumbledore. Everyone look up at him and realized he was crying, large, salty tears streaming down his face and into his beard. A look of unimaginable sorrow was in his eyes. McGonagall stood and told everyone they were dismissed and that classes would start as usual tomorrow.

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