The next few months passed quickly. Harry, Draco and Severus settled into a sort of routine. Jason would accompany Draco to breakfast and their morning classes. After lunch, Ronan would take over and proceed to attend the afternoon classes while terrorizing those around him. Both were brilliant, but Severus and Draco were worried. Where was The-Boy-Who lived to be annoying? They knew he was in there, along with at least one other personality. They found that after too much sugar, Jason had a hard time keeping his mouth shut and had asked him about any other personalities. While they didn't know the last ones name or what he was like, they found out that the true Harry, the one they were looking for hadn't shown himself to someone in years.

Life went on. People still searched for Ron Weasley, but no one found him. His mother was in hysterics over it, but didn't show it. The twins had confided in Ronan that they were glad Jason had sent 'The Great Git' away. Ronan continued to see Tom, most of the time once Ronan arrived, Tom would send everyone away for the night and give Severus a room to stay in. A few hours after, Ronan would show up at his door tired but happy. It wasn't until a week before Christmas that another fraction of Harry's personality showed himself in the most unusual of ways.

Severus woke and paused, thinking. Why was he awake? There was nothing he had to do…then he heard it. A rustling coming from what sounded like his lab. He looked to the bed next to him and found Jason gone. He sighed and got up, intending to reprimand the boy for using his lab without supervision. Pushing open the door, he was once again surprised at what he saw.

Standing in front of a softly simmering cauldron was Harry Potter, but this person looked nothing any of the others. His hair swept down to the floor in thousands, if not millions, of tiny intricate braids and knots. The robes he wore were of the finest quality, but they weren't in a style that Severus had ever seen before. The sleeves were pulled back from his hands with soft, thin white rope while they draped down to the floor. The rest of the robes were sort of like an old fashioned kimono, but altered to be more fitting. A skintight black shirt protected his slim neck and arms while a thin length of leather pulled his hair away from his face. The robes were a soft green colour that made his hair appear to have a green shine to it. But what shocked Severus the most were his eyes, they weren't bloody red or soft emerald green, they were a most shocking amber, unlike any shade Severus had ever seen. At the soft gasp that escaped Severus before he could stop it the young man turned around and with a soft smile dropped into a deep graceful bow.

"My Lord Severus. I hope we find you in good health this evening." His voice slid over Severus' senses like cool silk, perfectly controlled and level. Severus could tell that this personality was no boy, no matter what its physical body said or looked like.

"Yes, though I am a bit tired. Forgive me if I am being rude, but…who are you? And what are you doing with my lab at this hour?" The man in front of him chuckled slightly and looked him in the eye.

"I am Hasan. Harry has sent me to watch over you and the young Master Malfoy, seeing as he doesn't like how fast Ronan and Jason have come to trust you two. I am in your lab testing a potion that I haven been dieing to try ever since Master set foot into your classroom. I hope I am not the reason you awoke."

"Wait, why…. why are you calling me…and Master…What's going on?" Severus was hopelessly lost, all from a few sentences from Hasan. Hasan, seeing the look of confusion on Severus' face, glided over and gently took the older mans wrist in his hand, guiding him back to his bed and pulling off the dressing gown he'd thrown on.

"Go back to bed, Lord Severus. I will be here in the morning to answer any questions you and the young master have." He gently pushed the man back down into his bed and pulled the covers up to his chin, a soft smile on his lips. After running a fine boned hand through Severus' hair, he bowed low again and disappeared through the door to the lab. Despite the mans wishes, it was nearly impossible for Severus to fall back asleep that night. After a few hours of pretending he wasn't thinking of the ethereal beauty occupying his lab, he feel back asleep.

The next morning was odd to say in the least. When Severus had woken to find his bed empty of Jason using him as a pillow or of Ronan glaring at him because the house elves wouldn't bring any food, his heart had stopped for a fleeting second. Then his strange late night visitor came flooding back to him. He sighed and decided before he barged into his lab and demanded answers from Hasan, he would at least clean himself and put some real clothes on.

After a quick shower, Severus got dressed and carefully made his way to the lab, only to find Hasan gone. After several seconds of though, he went to the living room to find the man sitting on the ground in front of a fire, breakfast and Draco waiting for Severus on the table. He sat down and Draco sent him a dark look.

"What the bloody hell is going on? I was woken up this morning by one of the most persistent house elves I've ever met, only to be brought here and ignored by…who ever this is."

"Draco, I don't know what's going on. I was told that in the morning Hasan would answer any questions we have as honestly as he can."


"The man that's been ignoring you, now eat. The sooner we're done, the sooner we can get some answers."

In record time, both Draco and Severus were finished and Hasan was joining them at the table without being told to do so.

"Good morning Lord Severus, Young Master Malfoy. I suppose you both have many questions. I will answer what I can to the best of my ability. If Master Harry deems the question unsuitable, we will forget it and move on. Are the terms agreeable to you?" At their nods he smiled and nodded to Draco, waiting for the first question.

"How many personalities are there? We got from Jason that there is him, Ronan, Harry and at least two others." Hasan smiles slightly.

"There are seven in all. Lord Harry was the first. Soon after being dropped at the Dursley's Jason was created to preserve Harry's innocence, then Ronan to provide protection from bullies. A year before Harry came to Hogwarts James, the person you two know as Harry Potter, was created. I was created to take the part of a guide. Upon our first meeting with Voldemort The One Who Is was born. We do not speak of him and Harry has kept him… under control ever since, fearing the destruction he could cause if he were to be set free. Sometime between first and second year Armonk was born. He is more animal that anything and has only been aloud out once." Hasan looked at the tabletop then back up at the shocked faces of Severus and Draco. Draco glanced at Severus before asking his next question.

"How are you able to change your appearances as each personality takes control, I've never heard of that in anyone?"

"We believe it is partly because of the vampiric nature and partly because of Lord Harry's inherent magical power. Before we were bitten, we could not change our appearance other then the colour of our eyes." Hasan glanced at Severus before looking to the tabletop again, a slight blush colouring his cheeks. The older man leaned forward slightly.

"How were each of you created?" Severus wasn't prepared for the intensity of Hasan's gaze as he answered the question.

"In Lord Harry's most desperate moments of need, no one was there to guide him and offer him the comfort or protection he needed, so as the need arrived he created someone else to help him, to keep him and his others safe and happy in their own way. Jason lets Harry have a child hood. Ronan give Harry protection from those who wish to hurt him. He allows Harry to break rules without remorse when he needs to. James gives Harry someone to hide behind, someone Harry knows everyone will like and adore. He is the epitome of a Gryfindor.

"I was created to know everything Harry did not, to guide him in the right path, even if it is not the one that Dumbledore has planned for my master. I am the planner and scholar of the seven of us, second only to Lord Harry himself. The One Who Is, even though he is most destructive and bad for the rest of us, allows Harry to feel anger and fury without being overrun by it. Armonk worries only about the most basic of things, prey, food, sex and sleep. We all help Harry keep his sanity and happiness, even if those outside of us don't understand and seek to label our master crazy and unstable."

"Why would Harry need to protect his innocence?" There was a glint in Severus' eye that gave away his fear of knowing why Harry would need to protect his innocence. Hasan closed his eyes and relaxed slightly, his breathing deep and even. Draco glanced at Severus and raised an eyebrow.

"Lord Harry does not wish you to know that information and politely requests that you keep your nose out of his childhood, seeing as none of the answers you seek are there. He also apologized for Ronan's advances on both of you." Hasan's eyes opened again and he looked at both of them, expectant. Draco glanced at his godfather, then at Hasan before asking his next question.

"Can we speak with Harry, face to face?" Hasan's eyes closed again, but this time he had a small frown on his face as he spoke with Harry. He sighed deeply and opened his eyes.

"Lord Harry has given you ten minutes in which you may converse with him. I ask that you do not make any sudden movements and to be glad he has responded to you at all. You are privileged to meet him at all. I am warning because he has not been out in nearly five years and is far more dangerous then both Ronan and The One Who Is combined, even though he has restraint they do not. Do you understand?" At both Severus' and Draco's nod, he closed his eyes again, breathing deep and even. Both men watch with baited breath as the physical transformation took place. Ronan and Jason looked exactly alike, aside from their eyes, so neither man knew what to expect as they watched.

The facial structure slowly changed, his cheekbones becoming more angular and sharp and his eyebrows gaining more of a point at the arch. His lips thinned slightly, but lost none of their colour. Instead of the slightly square chin he'd had before, he now had a slightly pointy one, increasing his now more elfin feature. His hair changed slightly, becoming blacker, like the smooth silkiness that was between the stars in the night sky and short, but it still held the braids and was pulled away from his face.

After several minutes, Harry let out a breath and slowly opened his eyes. Neither Draco nor Severus was prepared for the inky blackness they saw. Harry smirked slightly and ran long, slightly bony, fingers through his hair.

"Hello. It's a pleasure to meet you both."

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