A retelling of an old tale. With a KakashiX Iruka twist.

Iruka woke up and stretched an arm towards the man lying beside him. It hit empty space and cold sheets. That was odd. It was Saturday. Kakashi never got up early on Saturdays. He blinked the bleariness from his eyes and stumbled into the kitchen. His lover was seated at the table staring into a cup of tea, mask crumpled beside him, silver hair spilling forward like the seed head of an exotic weed. The tea had been cold for so long that a thin layer of brown scum had formed on its surface, giving it the look of an opaque solid in the bright morning light.

He didn't look up when Iruka sat next to him, but kept staring at his tea as if it held some terrible secret that he wasn't sure he wanted to know. Iruka glanced at the clock on the stove, 6:30. Early. And he'd assumed he must have overslept.

"So what time did you get home last night?" He asked gently.

"Er, sorry wassat?" The copy nin startled as if just realising that the other man was there.

"Kakashi, what time did you get home last night? I gave up on you at midnight and went to bed. Did you go out drinking with your friends after you saw Hokage-sama? You look a bit hung over."

Kakashi shook his head in reply, making his already unruly silver hair spread even wilder. He took a mouthful of cold tea then grimaced in distaste as he swallowed it. "No, I went for a walk, needed to think. I didn't go to bed."

Iruka gasped and shot out a hand to feel the other man's jacket. "But it rained last night! Yes, you're still damp. You mean you've been sitting there all night in wet clothes?" He stood up and pulled the slightly dazed older man to his feet. "Come on, I'm putting you in a warm shower before you get sick."

Kakashi made eye contact, making Iruka realise for the first time that he'd been avoiding it before. Then allowed himself to be hustled into the bathroom and stripped, while the gushing water ran through the system until it was hot. Iruka couldn't resist letting his eyes sweep over his lover's naked body. Kakashi caught the look. And felt the heat he'd kindled in the other's chakra. It brought a welcome glow to at least one small part of him

"Want to join me?"

The easy smirk on his face was in sharp contrast to the guttural rasp in his voice. Then without warning he pulled Iruka into the shower still wearing the teeshirt and boxers that he had slept in.

"Kakashi!" The teacher objected, laughing, as he pulled off his soaked clothes and tossed them to the corner of the shower.

"Well you said you wanted to warm me up." The copy nin answered as he pressed his body into the younger man's, hooking his chin over his shoulder.

He was as cold as marble.

"God you're like ice!" Iruka gasped, turning them both around so that the other's back faced the full force of the shower. He scrubbed him energetically with soap, trying to bring some circulation back to his pale skin.

Kakashi stretched out, freeing himself, then pushed the darker man to the back of the shower. Trapping him there with an arm on either side. "I am, I'm cold all the way through. Will you warm me? You're the only one who can."

The shower water was hitting Iruka full in the face now, blinding him. He blinked, trying to make out the expression in Kakashi's mismatched eyes. "You mean right now?"

"I've never wanted you more Iruka. And you know that I've wanted you a lot."

In response the teacher leaned past him and turned off the water. He glanced back into those eyes, expecting to see a smile, but there was none. So he reached out to grab two towels and draped one over his shoulders and one over the other man's. Then led the way into their bedroom.

They kissed fiercely, hungrily, for a few minutes. Iruka was acutely aware of the other's desperate need. And something else too, a tiny unstable flare in his chakra that he had never felt before, and had never expected to. Then Kakashi rolled him onto his stomach and whispered in his ear. "May I?'

Iruka blushed, but blood was gathering in more than his cheeks. "Yes I'd like that." He admitted.

Iruka felt cool.slickness being applied between his buttocks. Then held his breath, in pleasurable anticipation of what was to come, as his lover's skillful fingers prepared him. He felt a spike of heat that quickly spread into warmth in his clenched belly, and hot desire beneath it. A gasp of delight escaped from deep down inside. It felt so good to have their two bodies joined like this, so right. Kakashi's hand snaked around his hips and grasped him, squeezing gently, maintaining his rhythm. It was good, after five years together Iruka knew it would be. Very good.

And then it wasn't. Pleasant heat became burning pain.

"Stop kakashi! Please you're hurting me!" He choked, shocked that his most gentle of lovers had lost his touch so suddenly and completely.

But kakashi didn't stop. He was panting hard and fast in his ear, like a machine, blind and deaf. The pain became excruciating, like hot metal being poured into him. Iruka screamed and bucked his body. Pushing the other man off him as he rolled over. He lay on his side, knees pulled up to his chest, sobbing.

Kakashi lay stunned for a moment then reached over to touch his partner. Who pulled away reflexively. "Oh God, what happened, what did I do?" He asked, his voice breaking.

Iruka couldn't answer. He was shaking like a leaf and desperately trying to get control over his breathing. But he let Kakashi pull him against his own body and cradle him with one arm, while he ran the fingers of his other hand through wet dark hair. Gradually the pain eased and he was able to relax a little.

"You hurt me." He said unnecessarily. Kakashi sat up and turned his back to him, swinging his feet off the bed.

Iruka could see the knotted muscles in his slumped shoulders. He sat up and started to massage them gently. "Kakashi, what's wrong? Why are you being moody like this? You're never moody. You're always so completely self possessed. Self possessed and self controlled, it's the only mood you have."

He paused, blinking back the hot tears that were threatening to return to his eyes. "Did I do something wrong? Are you angry with me?"

Kakashi rounded on him, almost shouting. "God no! I'm not angry with you, I'm angry but not with you, never with you!"

The copy nin grabbed him and clutched him tight against his chest as if the teacher might slip away, then spoke very quietly. Perhaps if no one could hear, then the words wouldn't exist, wouldn't mean anything. "I have to leave you Iruka. Give you up. I've been ordered to get married, to a woman."

Iruka heard. His eyes went wide with shock. "You mean that's what Hokage-sama… ? But… but she can't do that!"

"She can. She can order me to do anything she likes. I'm nearly thirty, I won't be able to fight the way I do forever. And I'm the last of my line, she wants me to have children, Hatake genius children to take my place." He cast his eyes down and noticed the sheet where Iruka had been lying. "Oh my God you're bleeding! I have to get you to the hospital!"

The teacher squawked and pulled a cover around himself. "No! It's not so bad now, I… I'll be fine. I won't let people think you raped me then dumped me. I still care about your reputation even if you don't." Kakashi was already dressed. He looked anxiously at the other man and decided that he didn't have the time or the energy to argue with him.

"Then lie still and rest. I'll get some medicine, salve and antibiotics. But if it still hurts tomorrow I'm taking you in. You can't stop me so get used to the idea."

Then he was gone, leaving Iruka hurt and bleeding. In his soul much more deeply and painfully than in his body.


When Kakashi got back Iruka was dressed and in the kitchen.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" He yelled, snatching him off his feet and carrying him back to the bedroom. "I told you to lie still!"

"And I told you I'm fine, stop treating me like a damned incompetent half-wit!" Iruka protested, struggling uselessly against the other's grip as he was laid carefully on the bed.

Kakashi kept hold of his wrists, but softly now, then leaned over and kissed him tenderly. "Look, I know you're upset. We're both upset, but fighting with each other will only make it worse."

Iruka relented. "You're right. You're always right. Well... nearly always." He just managed a thin smile.

"Of course I'm right." Kakashi grinned back. "I'm a genius, didn't you know? Now roll over so that I can treat you with this stuff."

He raised his headband and examined the younger man with his sharigan eye, while Iruka slipped the sweatpants he was wearing down past his knees and turned onto his stomach. The bleeding had stopped and he wasn't torn internally, just badly bruised. Kakashi sighed with relief and then started to apply the salve, smearing it and pushing it inside with his long slender fingers. It was soothing and numbed the pain quickly. Soon Iruka found himself responding to the familiar probing. He spread his legs a little wider, allowing Kakashi to go deeper.

Even without the sharigan uncovered the copy nin would have noticed. He slipped a hand under the other man. "Umino Iruka you horny bastard, you're getting hard!"

He got a fiery blush in reply. "Please Kakashi, we didn't get to finish before."

The copy nin slapped his lover's bare buttock playfully. "Ha! Well forget it. You aren't getting any more of that for at least a week, probably two. If we have that long."

"But couldn't we do something else…" Then Kakashi's words cut through the fog of lust clouding his brain. "What do you mean? If we have that long. When is this marriage supposed to happen."

Kakashi looked away, as if the spider spinning its web in the corner of the ceiling was suddenly the most fascinating thing he had ever seen. "Tsunade is already planning the wedding. It's just a case of filling in the blank for the bride's name."

All thought of sex was gone, all thought of anything, except… two weeks! Kakashi was leaving him with only two weeks notice! Iruka wouldn't give up so easily. "But… but it doesn't have to be so bad. You'll just have to explain to her, your wife. About us I mean, that she'll have to share."

Iruka found himself staring hard into the other's eyes, both eyes. The sharigan whorled into action in fits and starts, responding to Kakashi's agitation. "No Iruka." He said solemnly. "I was up all night thinking this through. I want you to be my partner, not my whore. I love you too much to let you settle for anything less."

The bottom fell out of Iruka's world. He remained fixed in the sharigan's hypnotic glare. Unable to speak, unable to throw himself on the floor and scream as he wanted too. Watching silent tears stream from Obito's eye, just as they were streaming from his own.

Kakashi swallowed hard and continued. "I want you to move on. Find someone else, someone who's allowed to love you the way you deserve to be loved. There are dozens who would jump at the chance." He pulled Iruka towards him, pressing their wet faces together, then whispered. "This doesn't have to ruin both our lives."

Now Iruka understood how Kakashi had lost control enough to hurt him before. He just wanted to fuck until they were both senseless. Because nothing else made any sense anymore, it never would again. He started to strip his silver haired lover for the second time that morning.

"Please Kakashi, I need you."

"I know Iruka, I need you too."