The Collective Years
1: Moving Day: The First Meeting

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A/N: So…I plan to do this as a collection of one shots or so, in more or less chronological order, hitting some of the turning points of what Sam and Jack experienced during their time in the Collective. Obviously this will make more sense if you've read the rest of the Collective Cycle, though you could just start here and go back to the others. And now without further ado…


Samantha Carter was excited. Today she was going to see her family's new house for the first time. Even better she was going to get to see her dad again. Her father's company had transferred him across country three months ago. He'd left Sam and her brother Mark with their mother to finish up the school year and moved to the east coast to get things set up. This morning the three Carters had boarded a plane and headed east. They were going to be landing soon. The pilot had already put on the fasten seatbelt sign.

"Please turn off and stow all electronics and then put your seatbacks and tray tables in the upright and locked position for our final descent into Newark International airport."

Almost there. This is going to be soooo much fun. I just wish Grace and her family could have come with us and I wish Mark would stop squirming. He's taking up half of my seat as well as all of his. How come I had to sit in the middle?


Despite what her mother had told them about airport security Sam was still disappointed that her Dad hadn't been waiting for them when they stepped off the plane. But now she could see him, standing on the far side of the security set up. Her hand slipped from her mother's and she ran the last few yards, winding herself between the crush of people shuffling through the gateways.


"Hey Sammie baby! It's good to see you again kiddo."

Jacob Carter embraced Sam in a bear hug.

"I think you've grown again."

"Nah, you just forgot how big I was. Mark's the one who's been growing according to Mom."

"Speaking of…"

Jacob released Sam to hug the rest of his family.

"Let's go get your bags. It'll take a little over an hour to get to the house from here."


It's hockey time!

Jack O'Neill loved being included in the hockey games that neighborhood high school guys played in the street just in front of his house. Despite the fact that he was one of the youngest guys in the game he was often chosen first when they formed teams. Jack grabbed his stick and roller blades from the garage and headed outside. A large moving van was parked in front of the house across the street blocking their normal playing area.

"Hey George. Looks like we're going to have to shift over a little bit."

"Apparently. It's going to be hard to avoid the potholes."

"Maybe we should just make them the goals."

"Good call. All right guys, let's get this set up."

The goals were set up and teams were chosen. It was a well matched game. The group had been playing together long enough to make the teams even.

I love this sport, but god it can hurt sometimes.

Jack quickly stretched some aching muscles and looked around.

Wow, we've been playing for a long time.

"Next goal wins?"

George's question received affirmative nods from the majority of the group, and everyone buckled down with renewed energy. Jack went on the offensive, skating towards the other team's goal with the ball. His shot was knocked away by the goalie and play headed back in the other direction. The sound of a car coming down the road distracted Jack, but when it parked behind the moving van instead of continuing down the street he turned back to the game. Most of the other guys were crowded in front of his team's goal leaving him unguarded. When his team recovered the ball Jack slapped his stick on the pavement to call attention to himself. The ball slipped between the other players and Jack was off skating as fast as he could down the street. He could feel another player coming up behind him and just as he was about to shoot the ball someone slammed into him.

OW! Damn it that hurt!

Jack pushed himself up from the pavement and onto his knees. He shook his head and looked at his raw palms. Just beyond them were two pairs of sneakers. Jack followed the jeans that topped the sneakers to a well worn t-shirt capped by a blond halo.

She looks like an angel. I bet she's a handful.

"Nice shot but you wouldn't have fallen if your center of gravity had been lower to the ground. I'm Samantha, but you can call me Sam. This is my brother Mark. What's your name?"

Oh yeah, I was right.

"I'm Jack."

Mark reached a hand out to help Jack up.

"That was some header there man. If you guys always play that rough I'm going to need to get some new pads."

"You should get those scrapes cleaned. I bet my mom has some stuff that's not totally packed away."

"Actually, that's my house right across the street. I'll just get my mom to do it. You guys want to come over?"

Jack eyed the siblings. Sam looked up at Mark for a moment. He nodded and she trotted off to ask their mother.


Great, more hockey players. Mark's going to be so happy. I don't see any girls around. I'm sure there are some somewhere.


"Yes Sam?"

"Can Mark and I go across the street to Jack's?"

"Who's Jack?"

"He's the guy who just scrapped himself up playing hockey. I said you'd fix him up, but he said he'd just get his mom to do it since he lives across the street. He invited us over."

Sam's mom sighed looked around at the movers and nodded.

"You don't want to go in and see the house first?"

"Nah, Dad sent all those pictures. Besides we've got plenty of time to get to know the house."

"You have plenty of time to get to know the kids around here too. Go ahead; just don't over stay your welcome. Make sure your back in time for dinner. I'm going to order pizza."

"Okay Mom."

Sam walked back over to the two boys who were now deep in conversation about hockey.

"Mom says we can go, but we're supposed to come back for dinner."

"Good. I'll just go get my shoes."

Jack skated across the street, plopped down on the curb, flinching slightly as he hit the ground and pulled a pair of sneakers from the haphazard pile. He winced slightly as he moved to switch his shoes for the roller blades.

"Here, let me take those."

Mark picked Jack's discarded roller blades up off the ground. Jack leaned heavily and used his hockey stick to lever himself from the curb. Sam stepped up to his side and offered her shoulder. Instead of placing a hand on her nearest shoulder Jack slung his arm around her.

"Thanks Samantha."

The threesome walked together across Jack's front yard. The boys deep in conversation and Jack limping slightly as he leaned on Sam, who was avidly studying her surroundings including the guy she was currently tucked up against.

The Beginning.