TITLE: The Upper School

AUTHOR: Danielle


SUMMARY: AU. Buffy's POV through out her whole middle school and high school life and how she survives going to a very strict school, which who goes has tons of money. And the faults of just being a kid. And of course... some Angel.


DISCLAIMER: All Joss Whedon's. This is a fact fiction. All names are changed for privacy matters.

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Grade- Trimester Three- April, 2001

"Why are we going again?"

"Just go! Please don't leave me with all those annoying political people," I beg at Willow.

"I still don't get why you have to go," Willow mumbled as we carried our trays of disgusting food to the Exhibition Hall.

"Angel asked me to go. He said he wanted me there."

"I didn't know Angel loved politics so much," Willow said.

"Are you kidding," I said as we go up the ramp towards the hall mumbling to the teacher on guard we are going to JSA. Stupid Junior Statements of America. Everyone goes there, if you need to shout your opinions to each other about how gay marriage is wrong or abortion should be done. Stupid retarded smart people who have nothing else to think about accept that. "It's all he talks about."

"Seriously, he never struck me as the kind," Willow said as she opened the door to the Exhibition Hall, which wasn't even a hall it was just small room.

"Yeah, he is like in love with Ann Coulter, and Bill O'Reily," I say quietly as we enter the room and see already as people are yelling at each other. I see Angel on one side and I'm about to go to him when he stands up and starts yelling at one poor little junior.

"Are you kidding! Your point is useless, so when they torture people they might force them to lie, but how do you think anyone gets any of their information? We need to do this, its for the safely of our country! Do you want another 9/11?"

I stand still and I think I am in shock. "That was Angel, right?" I murmur towards Willow.

"Yeah," I can tell she is also in shock.

"Let's pretend we don't know him."

"I think that's a good idea."

We sit far away from Angel. People keep arguing with each other and me and Willow are sitting in shock. "I think that's why people don't vote."

"Yup. People are crazy."

Me and Willow start laughing and some dumb junior glares at us. I glare back. "Do you need something?"

He turns his head and me and Willow starts laughing louder. "And people call me crazy. They should come here and rethink their decision."

Willow laughs at my remark and then we both erupt in laughing when someone roared at someone else. "Why did Angel make you come anyways?"

I take one of my Freedom Fries and chew. "He says we never can have lunch together anymore. Which is sort of true. He is never at lunch anymore. He either has an SAT II class, or some kind of club."

"'Cause you guys are having lunch right now together," Willow said with a smile.

We hear Angel's voice snapping at someone and I chuckle. "Yeah well, its better than nothing."

"Are you guys doing something tonight? It is Friday."

"Yup! Angel's dad is taking his clients out to dinner, and I'm coming with," I say happily.

"That's nice, hey did Fred tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"She met someone."

"No! For real? Who?"

"I don't know him, names Charles or something like that. She seems smitten with him."

"That's great, I'm so happy for her. I really want to meet him."

"Yeah, me too. She said she would bring him around one day."

"That's great."

The bell rings and me and Willow jump out of seats and dump our trash in the trash can and walk happily out of the Exhibition Hall. As we walk out, I feel someone's hands wrap around my waist and I twist around happily and wrap my hands around his neck. "Hey their."

"Hi," Angel murmurs before he bends down and kissed me.

"Now isn't PDA wrong for Mr. Political here?" I question as we walk down the hall towards the 10th Grade hallway. He smirks down at me.

"Really? If it would be I wouldn't be allowed to do this," he says as he swipes me down and kisses me passionately in front of our whole grade. When he lets go I can barely open my eyes. I hear him chuckle and some whistling from our friends and when I open my eyes, I can't help but smile.

"I was never against it."

He puts his hand around my shoulder and he starts walking me to my locker. "So, are you ready for tonight?"

"Yup, I have the perfect dress. It's gorgeous," I say, looking up to him as I dial in my code to my locker.

"We are going to get home pretty late," he says as he starts playing with his hair.

"Okay, I'm sure mom won't mind," as I take my math stuff out of my locker.

"Actually I was thinking, maybe you could sleep over," he says. He stops playing with my hair and I drop my books and stare at him.

"Uh…" What I am I supposed to say?

"Buffy, I don't want to have sex with you." I glare at him and he laughs at me. He cups my cheeks and kisses my nose. "You know what I mean. Of course I want to well you know, but I'm not going to force you into anything you don't want to do."

I bit my lip and smile happily. "Okay, I just need to ask Mom-"

"I already asked her and she said yes."

I stare at him. Is he serious? "Are you kidding?"

"No," he looks at me weirdly. "I called her last night and asked and she said that was a good idea."

I stare opened mouthed at him. "That's amazing! She barely lets me sleep over Xander's house."

He glares at this and I can't help but smile at this. "And you shouldn't. I bet he masturbates to you."

My face turns into disgust. "Angel that is so sick, in so many ways."

"It's true," he mumbles and he looks so cute when he is mad like that. We start walking towards his locker.

I wait a while as he gathers his books and we are the only ones in the hallway now, the bell already ringing. "So… do you masturbate to me?"

He looks at me quickly and then shoves his face quickly behind the locker door but I saw his blush. I smile happily and push the door out of my way and smile up at him. "I hope that blush is because you do."

Angel looks over at me, and I smile. "Yes." He finally says.

He closes his locker and he walks me to my math class, kisses me. "I love you."

"I love you," and I watch as he walks to his own class. People in my class aww at us, but I'm still in my bubble. Angel masturbates to me!

Angel holds my hand as we walk out of the restaurant. The dinner was amazing. We enter his car and his parents start taking us to his house. He doesn't live that far from me, but far enough that it takes a distance to get to my house from his. We reach his house and his parents quickly go to bed and me and Angel go to his room. We take off our shoes and I move slowly towards the center of the room.

His room was huge. I always felt so small when I was in it. I feel even smaller when Angel stands next to me and he looks at me with his brown eyes, intense and beautiful. I gulp and he is right in front of me.

"I uh think you should lock your door."

He turns around quickly and he locks his door and he looks so big in suit and mature in his suit. He turns around. He comes closer to me again, and holds me gently in his arms. I tug at his suit jacket and he gets rid of it. I slowly begin unbuttoning his shirt and un-tuck it and let it fall to the floor. I touch my hands to his chest and put my hand over his heart. He takes hold of my hand and kisses it. I bite my lip and smile best I can.

His hand reaches the zipper of my dress, and he slowly pulls it down. It falls to the floor around my feet. I stand in front of him in nothing but my black underwear and I swear I hear his and my heartbeats going faster. He picks me up slowly and lays me down on the bed. He gets rid of his pants. Angel lies on top of me and slowly brings his lips down on mine. I wrap my hands around his neck and bring his whole body against mine. My breasts smash against his chest, and are legs tangle and I hear him moan in my mouth.

I feel his arousal against my thigh and I bring my legs up so that his arousal touches mine through my underwear. "Buffy," he murmurs.

I tug at his boxers and he looks down at me. "What are you doing?"

"Take them off."

He looks at me before he sheds them. I touch him lightly and I feel him moan again. "Buffy."

I start rubbing him lightly. His body is tense and I smile into his neck as I feel him try to stop himself from pounding into my hand. Just as I'm about to roll him over and go down on him, I feel his hand touch my underwear. My eyes snap at him in panic.

"Let me," he whispers as he slowly pulls down my underwear. He comes back up to me, and slowly starts inserting a finger. I can't even move. He moves his finger up and down, and slowly it feels good, feels really good. I close my eyes when I feel him insert another finger and move my head to the side, as he starts kissing my neck. Slowly I start to resume rubbing him. He starts moving faster and I start to moving in a frantic pass. I starts moaning, trying to get somewhere. I come shouting his name and he starts kissing me to keep me quiet. I feel him come against my stomach, and I sigh. We continue to kiss and slowly he lets go. I look up at him and he moves away from me to get the towel that he has against his nightstand. He wipes my stomach and his, all the while looking at me.

He throws the towel in the trash and looks at me. He lies over me and I touch his hair. "I love you, Buffy Summers."

"I love you," I whisper in response.

He rolls over and he pulls me tight against him. I pull the blanket over our shoulders and giggle as our heads our hidden underneath the blanket.

"So what you doing today?" Angel asks as I walk out of the shower.

"Studying, working probably," I respond as I quickly pull on my bra and underwear and then pants. "Why wanna do something?"

"Let's go to the Bronze. I want to dance with you," he says as he pulls me into his embrace.

I smile up at him. "Really? And why do you want to?"

"It's Spring Break soon, I want to have you as much as I can before you leave," he says as he traces small circles on my hip bone.

"It's only ten days, Angel. I'll be home before you know it."

"Well I don't like being away from you," he said.

I roll my eyes. "And what happens when you go to Harvard and I'm still in little ole Sunnydale?" I laugh lightly. When he doesn't answer I turn around and stare at him. "Angel?"

He looks up at me and his eyes are so serious. "Would you come with me?"

I snort. "Like I could ever get into Harvard."

"I mean if I went away would you go somewhere near me?"

I stare at him for a second. "Angel…" His eyes are near tears and I don't know what to say. I come up to him and hug him close. He slowly puts his arms around me and hugs me. Why is he so serious all the time? I kiss his chest through his shirt. "Angel, I love you. We are only in 10th grade. Sixteen! When we get there, than we'll deicide were we go okay."

He pulls away from me and his eyes has some kind of innocent hope. "Were we go?"

I smile lightly. "Were we go."