All You Can Learn is What You Already Know

Chapter 1: This Disaster

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'Great! I'm late for Potions again! Snape will be happy about this! So NOT!' Ginny thought as she walked toward the dungeons reluctantly.

Ginny had dropped all her books twice on the way to Potions and slipped on her show laces and fell halfway down a flight of stairs. This was going to be a terrible day.

She hurled herself through a door on her left hoping to find the corridor leading to the Potions room. Oddly, the sight before her wasn't what she had expected.

Ginny turned around and gasped...

The door was no longer there.


"I'm sick of fighting with you, Ron!" Hermione shouted as she stomped away.

Another heated argument between Ron and Hermione. Nobody paid much attention anymore, it was a common appearance.

"'Mione, I'm sorry" Ron hurried after her.

Hermione rushed through random doors trying to get back to the common room as quickly as she could, but Ron was steadily gaining on her.

"Hermione" Ron sulked. This was getting ridiculous, they were fighting almost three times a day now.

She flung open a door and he rushed in after her, slamming the door behind him.

Ginny was sitting in a big blue chair. They were in some kind of living room.

"Ginny, what are you doing here?" Ron ask suspiciously.

Hermione turned around to notice what Ginny already knew. There appeared to be no way out.


Students walking through the corridors were met by a strange sight.

Pansy Parkinson and Harry Potter were talking. They weren't fighting. They were talking like normal people do. It was uncommon for a Slytherin and a Gryffindor to just talk. There had to be a reason.

The reason? Pansy had been assigned to help Harry in Transfiguration, and he actually welcomed the extra help. Somehow, Pansy seemed tolerable.

They were actually so enticed in their homework discussion, that they went through a couple of wrong doors and walked in to an unfamiliar room to see Ron sitting on a couch worriedly, Hermione flipping through a large book, and Ginny lying lazily on the floor.

The look on Harry's face was that of pure confusion. Pansy's face reflected much of the same look as she turned around and noticed there was no way out.


'Finally I get a little bit of alone time.' Draco thought. He was glad that he was free of Crabbe and Goyle. He was planning on spending some time in the library. In silence.

Draco wasn't the person everyone thought he was. He didn't enjoy having his own little "posse." He wouldn't let on that he had another side. A softer side.

Nobody wanted to hear that Draco Malfoy hated how he was a bully. He also hated how jealous he was of Potter. He wanted something that made him special.

Coming out of the dungeons he had an odd temptation to take a stroll through the corridors . He soon noticed a door to his left that he thought might lead toward the library.

He opened the door and stepped inside, letting the door slide shut behind him.

His eyes were met by five familiar faces, four of which he was extremely unhappy to see. He tried to exit before anyone spoke, but there was no way out. He looked around the room, which looked like some sort of Muggle living room. Everyone looked at him tiredly.


That is the disastrous tale of how they all ended up together. They became trapped in a room with no clue as to when they would get out.


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The title All You Can Learn Is What You Already Know is a song by the amazing Ataris.

I don't own them, I just used them as inspiration.

This Disaster is a song by New Found Glory. It's okay.


So incomplete
Your stare is cold unlike anything I've ever seen
So incomplete
Your body is tired and falling apart at the seams
I won't deny
I took a part in ever wanting you back.
Don't deny
One day you'll need me, need me