All You Can Learn is What You Already Know

Chapter 9: Behind These Hazel Eyes

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"We start work today," she ran her hand through his hair.

Draco stood up, topless, and pulled Ginny into a bear-hug, shuffling to his dresser.



It was tough to learn how to operate a muggle camera shop. Press this button before opening this door and only pour in 3 drops of this solution and 2 drops of that. Working here was proving tougher than any Potions work Snape had ever given them.

"Draco." Ginny frowned looking longingly into his eyes.

Draco smiled. They had been working for about 3 hours now and it was quite warm in the back-room. Ginny glistened gently and her red hair was messy around her face.

'She looks so beautiful' Draco smiled.

A man in a stuffy, black business suit walked in followed by a brunette women in a burgundy corduroy jacket and black pin-stripe pants.

The man spoke in to a small silver cell phone professional and the woman whispered, "Pick-up for Mr. Wilmer."

"Okay," Ginny smiled as she slipped to the back-room to locate the pictures as Draco talked to the woman. She was in her late twenties and she seemed to be in some-what of a hurry.

'Wilmer, Wilmer.' Ginny thought as she sifted through the envelopes, 'For some odd reason, that sounds familiar.' But Ginny shook it off. They were in the muggle world. Nothing was familiar, really.

Ginny plopped the picture envelope down on the counter and read off the stick, "That will be $8."

The woman pulled out a ten and handed it over to Ginny.

She turned to leave, but then thought better of it. Glancing back to the man on the cell phone who was now standing at the shop window, she smiled at Ginny and asked , "Have you ever thought about modeling?"

Draco looked at Ginny and Ginny gave her a questioning looking and answered, "Um, not really."

"This is Mr. Wilmer's business card, give us a call, sometime. I'm Aimee, ask for me. You have the most beautiful eyes, hazel almost," she turned to leave, "Okay well give me a call."

"Okay..." Ginny was still puzzled, but she smiled, " And thank you."


Zip. Ping. Zip. Ping. Ping. The games flashed and rang throughout the entire arcade.

"Arg!" Hermione roared, picking up a cup some brat threw on the floor.

Ron laughed, "Calm down there, Hermy."

"These little brat don't even seem to know how to pick up after themselves, and these noises are driving me up the wall. And THEN, you're just sitting there like this is no big deal. Like we don't have this entire place to clean and watch over and..."

Ron kissed Hermione lightly on the lips, and they both blushed a deep crimson.

"Um, well thank you, for um...Helping me... stop talking." Hermione mumbled.

"No problem, 'Mione, I'd love to make you stop talking anytime," Ron smiled, then looked at her in confusion, "I think."

Hermione laughed and hugged Ron, "You're the greatest." Then she returned to picking up litter from the monstrous little arcade brats.


Pansy served a steaming cappuccino to a customer, then turned to see Harry having trouble working the coffee machine. And it was really complicated.

"All you have to do," she leaned over him, "Is press the button for the flavor, the type of drink, pull this lever, and," She placed her hand on Harry's, and pulled along with him, "Voila."

Harry smiled as she whispered in his ear. Her hushed voice walking him through the steps, her soft cheek so close to his, her shiny hair brushing against his ear.

As the steaming wafted up from the cup, Harry turned quickly and kissed her, then turned to deliver the coffee.

Pansy raised a hand to her lips and a smile spread across her face.


"Modeling?" Hermione asked for the one millionth time.

"Yes, Hermione," Ginny squealed, she had never really gotten this kind of attention before.

"Wow, Gin. That's. That's amazing," Hermione giggled, "You're going to be a model."

"I don't know that I'll call, actually," Ginny diverted her attention to the floor.

"Well, why not?" Hermione asked, surprised.

"I don't know. It doesn't seem very 'me'. And besides, we'll have to go back to reality eventually." Ginny answered, eyes surveying over a magazine. And then it hit her.

"OH MY GOSH! That's where I've heard that name before. This magazine. 'Tyler Wilmer; Hottest New Models, Hottest New Fashions.'"

Hermione grabbed the magazine out of Ginny's hand, and, sure enough, there was a whole paragraph about him.

Ginny made up her mind. She would call them. Most likely, they gave out their number everyday, maybe it didn't mean anything at all.


Ginny and Draco told everyone about it over dinner. And Ginny assured them she would call. Soon after dinner they went to bed, exhausted from their long days at work.

That night, lying in bed, Ginny missed Draco. Sliding off her bed, Ginny tiptoed to his room.

She sat down by him and gently stroked his soft blond hair. His eyes drifted open.

He smiled and slowly pushed himself up to a sitting position.

"Ginny, what brings you here so late at night?" Draco sighed.

"Couldn't sleep," Ginny shrugged, "Come to the living room with me."

He pulled off the covers and got out of bed. Pulling on a gray T-shirt from his dresser, Draco followed Ginny to the couch.

"So I was wondering if this couch was big enough for both of us." Ginny winked.

"You woke me up to see if we could fit on the couch?" Draco asked with confusion.

"Maybe, maybe not," Ginny smiled.

Draco wrapped his arms around her, causing her to squeal a little, and pulled her down onto the couch next to him.

He lightly pulled her head towards him while running his hand through her silky hair.

And she closed her eyes as he kissed her lovingly. His hand rubbed her back and sides as they kissed. She placed her head on his chest and felt the simple rise and fall of his breathing.

Taking in a deep breath, she began to whisper, "Should I call him Draco?"

"Yes, Gin, You are so beautiful. You have to let the whole world see you. I'll be there for you every chance I get."


The next morning Ginny woke up lying on the couch next to Draco. She smiled as she leaned in and kissed his forehead. She got up and stretched momentarily, then went in the kitchen.

'I think I'll make some coffee or something else yummy.' She decided.

Walking into the kitchen she yelped as she noticed Harry sitting at the table.

"Hey there, Gin-bug," Harry grinned, "Sleep well, or much at all."

"Oh, shut up, Harry," Ginny mocked, "On a more serious not, please please don't tell Ron."

"Well, I don't know, Ginevra." Harry said seriously.

Ginny frowned as she realized how much trouble she'd be in if he told Ron.

"I'm just kidding, Gin, of course I won't spill." Harry sighed as if she should have known he was joking.

Ginny relaxed, laughed, and poured herself some coffee.

Everyone was up soon and sitting around the kitchen table eating.

Ginny and Draco kept throwing each other looks and smiles all through breakfast, and it was annoying Ron to no end.

Ginny decided to give the modeling people a call and pulled out the card.

She dialed the number and took a deep breath.

"Tyler Wilmer's Modeling Agency, This is Kirsten speaking. How may I help you."

Ginny closed her hazel eyes to calm herself, "I'd like to speak Aimee Rae, please. She asked me to call."

"Hold please." and Kirsten was gone, only seconds until she'd be talking to Aimee.


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Behind These Hazel Eyes is by Kelly Clarkson.


Seems like just yesterday
You were a part of me
I used to stand so tall
I used to be so strong
Your arms around me tight
Everything, it felt so right
Unbreakable, like nothin' could go wrong
Now I can't breathe
No, I can't sleep
I'm barely hanging on