I mean, I've been good. I've done my best. I did what was asked of me.

I even let Glory stick her dainty lit'l finger in my heart and rip it to pieces without tellin' her what Dawn was and what do I get for my trouble?

Kicked in the wrinklies!

Over and over and over and over again.

Well, to hell with them, and I mean it! Lit'rally!

Let 'em sort things out on their own without me to kick around, her particularly.

A man makes mistakes, right? Only according to them, to her, I'm not a man, I'm a thing, a disgusting, soulless THING!

How come they forgive each other and never me? Over and over and over and over again. They can forgive the Niblet her thievin' ways. They can forgive Willow nearly gettin' Dawnie killed. They can forgive that bastard Xander for callin' up that dancin' demon what made monkey's out of all of us. They forgive. Over and over and over and over again, they forgive!

But never me.

Why can't they forgive me? Not that I've ever done anything worth forgiving, I'm just being me. I'm evil, remember?

This is just too much, I'm gettin' this soddin' chip out even if I have to smash my head open with a rock and dig it out of my brain with my own fingers.

Should have done it years ago instead of hangin' 'round SunnyD, coolin' my heels, getting laughed at, gettin' made fun of, gettin' left out, gettin USED.

DAMMIT, I'm sick of trying to be human. I want things to be simple again! Dru was right! I don't want to care about what's right and what's wrong. I don't want to care about what other people think! I don't want to love anyone or anything, I just want to kill!

I'm gettin' this chip out and things'll go back to the way they're supposed to, me evil, them dinner. One at a time, I'll take 'em down, startin' with Buffy like I should have in the first place. No more foolin' round with magic talismans, no truces, no bargains, no manipulating circumstances.

I'm cuttin' the crap.

Should have done it this way years ago.

No more foolin' 'round.

I'll do it the way it was always supposed to be: I'll just wait until they aren't looking and "wham!" I'll rip their throats out one by one, slow and hard so they know who and what's happening to them, one by one by one. No fancy moves, that's where I went wrong.

Should have kept it simple, would have saved me a lot of heart...time.

Just me and my fangs.

Take 'em by the shoulder, startin' with, Dawn... No, save the Niblet for later, how about 'Red? Right after Dawnie, might need her. Tara? She's the only decent one of the lot, she doesn't deser... no, turn 'em, turn 'em ALL. Save Buffy for last, so she has to watch her friends and family turn to dust at her own hands. Then I'll kill her like I should have a long time ago. Long, slow, and hard, with me on top - and this time she'll know why I'm known as "William the Bloody." She think's an ice cube down the back of the neck's somethin' excitin' in the middle of bumpin' uglies? I'll show her what it means to get an ice cold in and out and I won't stop when she begs me to like I did in her bathroom. I'll make it last. I'll make her scream all right!

Then I'll drain her and make her my third Slayer.

Here I go, I'm leaving this pesthole.

Watch me get on my bike and ride out of here. Watch me leave the city limits.

Watch me go past the "Welcome to Sunnydale Sign."


How come nobody's followin' me to ask me to come back?