Chapter Seven...


connection reestablished...


"All right team, we have a few things to go over before the dance," One started.

"Like how you ain't gonna wear brown shoes wid yo' tux," Five declared haughtily.

"Brown shoes!" Three shouted indignantly.

One stared down at his brown shoes. "What's wrong with my shoes?"

"You's wearin' a black tux," Five pointed out. "Now, if ya were wearin' powder blue pinstripes like Wally, den dere wouldn't be a problem."

"My fashion sense does not pertinent to this mission."

Three growled at him, fire in her eyes. "Wally, change shoes with Nigel!" she demanded.

"What!" One was beyond comprehending what Three was so worked up about.

"Best to just do it, mate," Four advised, eyeing Three cautiously. He had already removed his shoes and presented them to One.

"This is ridiculous," he muttered as he untied his shoes.

After they had successfully switched shoes and Three was sufficiently happy, One took the liberty of giving a motivational lecture. The rest of his team ignored him, keeping an eye out for the limousine.

"One, we know our battle stations. We've done this thousands of times," Two pointed out, efficiently quieting a disgruntled One.

"Nigel!" One's father called. "We need pictures of you and your little friends."

One blushed as his father produced an ancient camera and started to snap candid photographs.

"Fine, dad," he gritted.

The five of them lined up and, with the exception of Two and Four, smiled into the camera. Two and Four made absurd faces, and in one photograph Five elbowed Two and in another he had slung her over his shoulder.

"Da limo's here!" Three shouted excitedly.

Two, Four, and Five pressed their noses up against the glass of the window as their limousine slowed to a halt in front of One's house.

They all ran outside and piled into the limousine.

One was under the assumption that they were headed directly to the prom, but when they veered off onto a side road, he attacked his fellow operatives with a barrage of questions, ending with a mortifying "This is LIZZIE'S HOUSE!"

The four other operatives gave him questioning looks.

Four ignored One's embarrassment as he stepped out of the limousine.

"THAT'S Four's date?" he squeaked.

"Well, duh," Two muttered.

Four returned five minutes later and helped Lizzie into the limousine. They both ignored One as they spoke quietly to the other operatives. One was openly gawking.

Two broke the awkward silence when the limousine pulled into the parking lot of their final destination. "THAT is my LITTLE brother!" he wailed.

Everyone looked at Two and then out the window to see Tommy being dragged into the banquet hall by a determined Eighty Six.

Two bolted from the limousine to liberate his captive brother.

"It's gonna be one'a dem nights," Five muttered as she reluctantly went after Two.

Three ran into the building, dragging One behind her. Four and Lizzie just looked at each other, shrugged and followed.

Four had just opened the door for Lizzie when he heard Three scream. He left Lizzie behind as he ran in to locate Three. Lizzie sighed sadly. She should have known better than to assume that those five friends would go anywhere without having to work.

Four found Three screeching incoherently at Lenny, who for his part looked very smug.

"Wot did he do to you?" Four demanded tightly.

Before Three had a chance to respond, a large machine took Four by the waist and clasped a large metal object to him.

"Wot in all the hells is this!" Four demanded while writhing madly in the machine's grasp.

Lenny leered, exposing all of his teeth. Years of headgear had provided him with a perfect smile. Ginny came up behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "It's a chastity belt."

"WOT!" Four shouted.

"It is a preventive measure for students so they do not undergo lewd acts after the dance," the two Delightful Children explained together.

"Ah'm not gonna shag mah date!" Four growled crossly. The machine released him, and he wasted no time in punching Lenny.

Lenny reeled in shock but regained his balance quickly. He licked the blood from his lips.

Lizzie appeared behind Four and giggled. Of all of the operatives she had not expected Four to defend her honor, no matter how round-about he was about it. Of course she was the opposite gender that Four would be interested in anyway.

Four roughly grabbed Lizzie in one hand and Three in the other and dragged them both into the main hall.

Inside students sullenly sat in silence. The music was playing, but no one was on the dance floor and most eyes were downcast. The only sound other than the music was Two thoroughly chastising Tommy and Eighty Six.

Four dragged the two girls over to Five who was sitting alone at a table with a reflective expression on her face.

"Where's One?" she asked.

Four furrowed his brow. "Ah was gonna ask you."

"Operative down?" Three asked.

"I don' t'ink so." Five shook her head.

Lizzie sat down next to Five and studied her open toed stilettos. "You didn't tell me that you'd be working during the prom," Lizzie said quietly.

"Sorry, Sweet Cheeks," Five said not unkindly.

"Ah'm gonna go find One," Four announced. "Three, Five, please keep an eye on mah date and do, you know, girly things." He waved his arms around vaguely.

Five gave him an unimpressed look, but Three looked excited by the prospect: no matter how gay Four was, he was not girly.

Four headed directly for the men's bathroom as he heard Three call to the DJ demanding the fastest and hottest dance song in his collection.

Four found One sulking in the bathroom. He was bracing himself on the sink and staring at himself in the mirror.

"Should we assume our battle stations?" Four asked softly. He stared into One's eyes through the mirror.

"I've lost my team," One explained, breaking Four's gaze as he moved to face the boy directly.

"Wot!" Four squawked. "We're right here!"

"No, I mean I've been relieved of duty." Four thought he heard One's breath hitch.

"Just because that Bitch took us away from you does not mean that we still aren't a team," Four declared indignantly. It vaguely occurred to him that he should ask why, but he quelled that train of thought. He knew precisely why One had been essentially fired.

"To what point?" One asked. "We would have been decommissioned in a week anyway."

"You're bein' stupid!" Four shouted, exasperated.

"There is no point, Four, it's futile."

"You're just gonna give up on your classmates, your team - me?" Four growled.

One nodded.

"Damn Pommie!" Four raised his hands above his head in fury and slowly approached One.

"Wally!" One's voice was tight. "What are you doing?"

"Giving you wot you want!" Four screeched.

He reached his hands around One's head. One hand found the base of One's skull and the other found the small of his back.

"Wally?" One's voice wavered slightly.

Four violently crushed his mouth against One's. One froze as Four pressed him against the sink, bending his back into an arch. Four acted without any reserves, passionately and expertly coaxing One into response. When One had fumblingly tried to go this far before, Four had responded with more than a little resistance and One was in too much of a slump to have done much of anything. Right now, though, Four was putting all of his experience and knowledge into use – and One was feeling the arousal spiral in his gut.

There was one problem with the situation as Four saw it. He wasn't worried about not being part of One's team or about how his date was outside waiting for him. He was worried about that damn belt the Delightful Children had placed on everyone who had entered the dance, namely One and himself.

Four's hands left where they had been rooted and firmly roamed all over One's body. He hiked up One's tuxedo shirt and roughly ran his fingers up One's sides. Four buried his face into One's neck and proceeded to do things with his tongue, teeth, and lips that One hadn't even known were possible. Four found that he couldn't stop himself. Years of want had boiled down to this moment and he wasn't about to let it escape until he had everything out of his system.

One panted openly as Four's solid grip on One's flesh spiraled down to his belt – which was as far as his hands could go.

One tried to form a word but all that came out of his mouth was "Gguh!"

"Damn belt," Four growled into One's throat. "But no matter…" One felt Four smile against his skin. "There are ways to get you off that don't involve touching you…"

"Dear God!" One gasped out.

"Wallabee, actually," Four corrected, whispering sultrily into One's ear. Four had developed his bedroom voice long ago. He liked to talk, so why bother to stop when it came to sex?

One writhed in response, yielding to Four's will.

"Is this wot you wanted?" Four snarled. He then bit down hard on One's earlobe.

"No," One ground out. "But please don't stop!" Four had expected that response.

"Anyone could walk right in," Four explained, his voice heavy with lust. "They would see you at mah mercy, wantonly writhing beneath me, pinned to the marble sink in the bathroom at a very fancy banquet hall, getting fucked without me touching your cock. You'd like that, wouldn't you? But you'd rather me touch your cock. Ah bet it's glorious right now, oozing all over the place."

Four's hands molded against every curve of One's heaving torso, and as Four spoke to him, his tongue darted in and out of the shell of One's ear.

"Are you hard for me?" Four knew what he had asked was trite but One didn't. Four bit One's earlobe and knelt down in front of him. One had to grasp the counter so that he wouldn't grasp Four's hair.

"Yes," One hissed and bucked his hips. Four wasn't sure if it was in response to his question or in response to him kneeling.

He lifted One's shirt and delved his tongue into One's belly button. And twirled his tongue.

One clamped a hand over his mouth to keep from screaming as loud as possible. His voice instead came out as a tight muffle.

"There's a good boy." Four smirked and licked his lips. He stood up and One refused to look him in the eye. "But that's not wot you wanted. You want to go out there with your team and battle evil one last time before we all are gone for good."

One nodded.

"Well, then go out there and we'll assume our battle stations." Four said it as if he had not just pleasured One in the bathroom at their prom. Pleasuring someone in the bathroom at prom had cliché written all over it, and it left a bitter taste in Four's mouth. "Actually, Ah have a better idea. You go out there and have a good time – and make sure everyone else has a good time and Ah'll take care of everything." Four had a problem and he knew of someone who could take care of it for him. "Remember, mate, you're in my shoes now and Ah'm in yours."

One simply nodded again and wandered out of the bathroom. Four was satisfied with himself when he noticed One's stride had a bit of a waddle to it.

Four looked at himself in the mirror. He had a satisfied smirk that he needed to rid himself of before he left.

After a moment he was able to compose himself as well as adjust himself enough to leave the bathroom. That wasn't what he had wanted either, but it made his point and that was what mattered.

He straightened his tie and strutted out of the bathroom just as Two and Tommy entered, still bickering.

Four winked at them.

"You didn't!" Two accused.

"How did you do it?" Tommy asked simultaneously.

"Mah secret." Four blew them a kiss as he closed the door behind him.

He sauntered up to Three on the dance floor. Three had successfully encouraged most students to go onto the dance floor and have fun. She and Five had also dragged Lizzie onto the dance floor and they seemed to be having a blast. Lizzie seemed particularly graceful. Four hadn't expected that.

He wrapped his arms around Three's waist from behind, bringing his front flush against her back.

"Kuki," he whispered into her ear. "Ah have an idea to defeat the D.C. if you'd be willin' ta help."

She nodded excitedly. The smell that clung to Four was all she needed to latch onto his train of thought perfectly.

"We need to put on a show – a hot show."

"Yay!" She exclaimed. "HEY DJ! Put on some SALSA!"

Sure enough the next song that came up was Salsa.

"You and the DJ…?" Four asked.


"Hm… Let's tango, Kuki."

And they did. Remarkably well and on beat. They had cleared the dance floor and everyone stood to watch. The steps were fast and frenzied. The two complemented each other so well and it gave the feeling of choreographed sex that had been practiced into oblivion. The dance was just between the two and the onlookers were obsolete. Every so often one would make an original step that would leave the audience awed. It felt forbidden to watch something that should be very private. And that made everyone want to watch all the more. Lizzie was mesmerized by the show and so was One, although One still could not bring himself to look at Four.

As the lengthy song concluded, Four and Three shared an enthusiastic kiss, making a show of it.

"That's hot," someone muttered in awe. Everyone else applauded animatedly.

Three and Four bowed deeply. As Four rose he locked eyes with his target: Lenny of the Delightful Children From Down the Lane. Four winked and he noticed Lenny's breath hitch.

"Ah'm gonna bail 'im up," Four announced to Three.

Five overheard and took charge. "'Ight, Three, you keep Lizzie busy while Two and I are going ta tear up da dance floor. D'ough it'll be hard ta follow what you's just did."

Four nodded and wove his way out of the crowd and toward Lenny.

"Hello, Lenny," Four purred. He pulled the boy into an alcove, stealthily avoiding the adult supervision. "Did you miss me?"

That was all the warning Four gave before he crashed into Lenny, fervently sucking at his lips. Lenny groaned in appreciation, wrapping his arms tightly around Four's waist.

"Yes," Lenny gasped around Four's adventurous tongue. "You always tease."

Four smirked against Lenny's mouth. Four's hands stealthily found their way under Lenny's suit jacket and showed Lenny the knowledge he had acquired during his absence. Lenny moaned throatily, involuntarily tightening his grasp on Four's waist. Their lips collided fiercely, waging a war that Four was not going to lose. Lenny broke away to catch his breath, panting unevenly.

"Lenny," Four whispered sultry into his ear. "Do you want me to talk to you like before?"

Lenny growled an affirmation as Four attacked Lenny's neck. Lenny made up precisely one fifth of the children at the dance without a chastity belt on. Four had recognized this as an advantage, not just as a source of anger and proof that the world was indeed not fair.

Four wasted no time in burying his hands in Lenny's pants. Four busied his mouth with Lenny's throat, scanning his memory for ever sensitive spot he could find. As Four realized that he could remember every spot that made Lenny squirm, he also realized that he had missed this – this fraternizing with the enemy. It was the risk that gave it its thrill, but it was also the risk that gave it its passion. Their affair was like a dangerous dance: side step to avoid detection, pivot to avoid a blow, bow to avoid swing. It was boxing at its finest.

And Four was damn good at it.

Lenny had to bite his lip to keep from crying out, but a faint mewl escaped from his throat in between pants.

"Ah don't remember you bein' this responsive – been havin' a dry spell?"

"Been waiting," Lenny gasped out.

"For?" Four purred, still working on Lenny's neck.

"You to give up on your leader."

Four growled dangerously. "He's not – " Four's first reaction was to defend One's honor, but losing his temper now would not be conducive to his plan – and certainly wouldn't fix his problem. "He's not mah leader anymore."

Lenny's guard immediately dropped and his heart rate increased. He was very aware of Four's hand in his pants and what exactly that hand was doing. Lenny was very familiar with that hand and his body remembered it too well.

With a reluctant groan, Lenny removed the talented hand from his pants.

Four broke his contact on Lenny's neck to look up at him questioningly.

"Not here." Lenny's voice was hoarse. "Follow me."

Lenny led Four to the bathroom - and the dance floor just happened to be between them and their destination.

Four caught Three's eye and nodded slightly. Three smiled broadly. Unfortunately Three wasn't the only one to notice. One was on his way to intercept Four and Lenny. Thankfully, Three noticed One as well and intercepted him before could interfere.

"You haven't danced with me all night…"

"But – "

"Dance!" Even with his back turned Four could feel the fire in Three's eyes.

"Yes, Kuki," One responded meekly.

The door to the bathroom closed behind them.

"I've been waiting for this since you showed up for school in those shorts…"

Four let Lenny push him against the wall and ravish him. Very soon Four was babbling incoherently. "Ah want you to touch me. Ah need it – Ah need you."

Lenny looked down at the belt preventing his access and snarled.

"Gawd, Lenny! Finish me off! Touch me!" Four continued to babble.

Lenny detached himself from Four and stared at him biting his lower lip in turmoil. Four was sandwiched between him and the wall and was all but writhing in pleasure. The way Four's hair clung together with sweat and plastered itself to his forehead was delicious. Lenny bent down and nibbled along Four's jaw line causing more gibberish.

Lenny broke away with a curse. Four looked up at him with a glazed expression.

"Undo it," Lenny growled.

"Huh?" Four asked.

"Ginny, undo it," Lenny repeated.

When Four realized that Lenny was not speaking to him, he tried successfully not to smirk.

Four heard a faint, irritated "what?"

Lenny repeated himself again.

"Why? Are you okay? You sound like you just ran a marathon! Oh – "

"Damnit, Ginny, undo it!"


Four felt the belt slip down his legs. He couldn't control his smirk any more, but when Lenny delved into his pants and his pants fell to his knees the smirk faded into a contented smile.

Vaguely Four heard One shout "Battle stations!" But he found himself too preoccupied to respond. After all, he had done all the hard work, surely his teammates could pick up some of the slack.

Four and Lenny stayed in the bathroom until they were well and finished and so was the battle outside. Two had even made his corny pun.

Lenny never gave any indication as to hearing the ruckus outside of their own little world, but Four was sure he was very much aware.

When they finally emerged, the Kids Next Door had defeated the Delightful Children From Down the Lane. One part of Four was upset with missing out on the last battle, but the other, larger part was too satisfied to care.

Lenny was swiftly taken captive by Five who kept muttering about "flamers" under her breath.

"Yay Four!" Three shouted as she tackled him in a bruising hug. "We did it!"

One was in absolute horror when he finally figured out exactly what had happened.

"Your superhero figahed it out," Four stated proudly.

"For the last time, Four, you are NOT a superhero!" One said in exasperation.

"Have you ever slept with him?" Tommy sang out. "Now that is one super power!"

One sputtered.

Lenny smirked.

Three agreed.

After a moment of comprehension, Two shouted. "You've slept with my BROTHER?"

Four chuckled weakly.

Eighty-Six's eyes bulged from her skull.

"My brain!" Two shouted. "I need to bleach my brain!"

"Dere, dere, hon. Five'll cure ya with lots a' nice heterosexual sex, a'ight?" Two whimpered but brightened slightly.

"Four, a word, please," One asked.

Four nodded and followed One outside, well aware of what was about to happen.

"I'm sorry," One said.

That was not what Four was expecting.

"I've been a real prat of late and… well, I didn't mean to put so much distance between us."

"It's been done, whethah you wanted it ta happen or not. Yeah, you make me crack a fat, but that's not going to stop me from going on with mah life. Now, if you don't mind, my date is the only person Ah haven't danced with all night."

One blushed as Four went back inside.


One was the first to break contact entirely. He had the ocean between them and him, and he used that as his excuse. One time Four yelled at him for this, but it did no good.

Two visited Four once in a while. They went out from time to time, but they each had their own friends, their own life. By junior year, they ceased their meetings.

Five visited Four once and Two three times in Boston. She did find herself a surfer, but that relationship did not last longer than six months. She wrote to everyone every so often but never enough.

Three wrote to him about once every month. She was busy with school, and she was doing very well for herself. She was convinced that her boyfriend was going to propose to her soon and once they graduated they would marry. Her next letter confirmed this. Four took a bus down to Rhode Island to visit her. The rock on her finger was huge.

Four was accepted into law school. He had always been good at debating; now he could actually be paid to do so. His common sense had grown in sometime during his sophomore year of college. The summer after he graduated, he attended Three's wedding. She looked beautiful and so did her groom. One, Two, and Five attended too. The next day all five ex-operatives went out for dinner, full of promises to keep in touch faithfully and apologies for breaking contact over the past four years.

Four received a letter from each ex-operative irregularly and sent his own out only at holiday time. He informed them all of his wonderful opportunities in the world of law; he informed them of his boyfriend from Westchester County; he informed them of his mother's death.

Three years later the letters stopped altogether.


end transmission...


I apologize that this part took way to long to be published. As I mentioned before I found a huge plot hole that needed to be filled in and I needed to tone down the bathroom scenes. A lot of personal stuff going on in my life too. That and I've been rather reluctant to part with this fic. I realize that this is a very dissatisfying ending, but I did say that in the very first chapter. That, however, is the end. No sequel. And let me point out once again, that this fic is dedicated to those who've forgotten about high school once they've escaped.

I'd like to thank everybody who's read and reviewed or just read. A special thanks to WolfBane2, andromedacblack, Don't Panic, catc10, Selphie Louise, some chick, issie, teakettle and scone, DyingStar, Cadenza Cavatina, FireHawk038, and Sailor Venus.

Aussie Slang:

To bail somebody up: corner someone physically

Figjam: Fuck I'm Good Just Ask Me

Crack a fat: have an erection

Bastard: a term of endearment or a term of insult

Bodgy: defective

Pommie: English born

Begun: June 14th, 2004

Finished: May 27, 2006