Title: Peer Pressure

Summary: Fourth installment in the WHW series. A Trory, of course. And, you know a billion other pairings.

Rating: T, for teen. Because there are so many of them running about.

AN: Katherine is evil and she made me do it. It's my only defense. Send any hate mail to her. I only like pretty things to be said in my presence. Hehe. The title says it all, doesn't it?

A loud knock came to the door of his bedroom, the only room in the entire two bedroom apartment that wasn't ransacked and left in shambles, as if they were being robbed each and every night of their lives and never bothering to clean up the mess. His room was ever neat and orderly, if not filled to the brim with books and other belongings from his and his loved ones' travels. If he got one more "My Family Went To (Insert Place Name Here) And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt," he'd scream. His sister thought this was an especially funny joke, and he had one from nearly every country in the world from her business and pleasure travels of the world.

"Enter!" he called as he continued to pour over his pre-reading for his advanced business course that he'd be starting with the new semester in three weeks.

"Cranky!" Dave Melville admonished him.

"Well, if your crap wasn't strewn all over the apartment to the point that I can't even find a path from my room to the refrigerator, maybe my blood sugar wouldn't be dipping so dangerously low," Will Danes shook his head at his best friend and roommate.

"Is that your way of saying you aren't going to help me pack?"

Will looked up in disgust. "How is it that you aren't done by now? You've been engaged for eight months. Your wedding is in two weeks. This is not news to you. Why the last minute preparations that involve ruining my life?"

"Funny. Seriously, I'm going to sign the lease papers with Mal, can you just shove some of my clothes in the back of your car and follow me over?"

"No. I'm studying. I have to get all this done, and be your best man, and help Ella move into the dorms, and--," he continued, but Dave wasn't listening. He was already out the door and down the hall.

"Just quit whining and help me!" he called.

"Perfect," Will muttered, closing his book with a bookmark. "Just perfect."

He reached over and pulled his sneakers out of his closet, not looking forward to moving in the sweltering August heat. He was just happy enough to sit in his air-conditioned room, reading for a bit before heading over to his parents' house for dinner. It was much easier to navigate around their house as of late. Dave had been 'packing' for the last month. Every day a few more half-filled boxes cluttered their mutual living space. More things that Dave owned got disassembled and left one more thing of Will's without a resting place. Will would just be glad when he could start to live in something that didn't resemble a national disaster area.

Another knock came to his door frame, and without turning around, he practically growled, "I wouldn't push my luck if I were you."

"Man, I go away for one day and you didn't miss me at all?" came the playful voice from the safety of the doorframe.

Will stood suddenly and spun around, already advancing on his girlfriend. "You're back already?" he enveloped her into a consuming hug.

"What's with the 'tude?" she giggled after he kissed her gratefully.

"Your brother," he started, closing his eyes in frustration. She kissed him once more, to alleviate any and all cares he had. She was good at that. He had missed her more in one day that he thought possible of missing someone in an entire lifetime.

"I was planning on taking you out when you got back tomorrow," he confessed.

"So, take me out tonight," she shrugged. "I got my classes all registered in Hartford," she smiled. She was transferring schools to finish up her classes and be able to move in with Will after Dave's wedding. She had left to do her official new/transfer student orientation and register for classes, scheduled for two days and she'd decided it would be easier to just stay in a hotel overnight, for free because the owner of the hotel near Connecticut State was a friend of her mother and Lorelai's.

"How is that possible?"

"Well, I registered this morning, and I was bored before the official tour, so I just sort of went scouting around with a girl I met during the early morning welcome speech the dean of our school made. After that I didn't see much point in sitting around talking about starting college. I've sort of been there, done that. And I missed you," she paused, sharing a knowing look with him. "Can you believe they had us all up at 7 a.m. for breakfast and the welcoming speech today? That is so not what college is about! I'm so glad I spent the night so close to campus, it was easy to zombie-walk over," she laughed.

"Yeah, you're not a morning person," he tousled her hair. "Well, Dave has roped me into helping him take a load over to the new apartment in New Haven. You can stay here and rest on my bed if you want," he offered, being the ultimate of good boyfriends.

"Nah," she smiled softly. "I'd rather hang with you. We'll just retire early," she put her arms back around his neck and pulled in close, looking up into his eyes.

"Oh, really?" he smiled back, holding her as close as humanly possible to him. He descended his lips down to hers, barely brushing over her lips with his own.

"Oh, Jeez!" came the sound of protest from the hall. "Get a room!"

"We have one!" Will kicked the door shut, causing Anna to giggle through the kiss he planted on her lips, as Dave pounded on the door.

"Stop mauling my little sister and get your butt in gear!"

"I hate him," Will informed her.

"You're his best man."

"That says something, doesn't it?" Will groaned as he opened the door for Anna to pass through before shutting his room away from the mess that he had to walk through to get out to the car, where Dave had already loaded his belongings to the point that not one more bit of stuff could be packed in.


Lorelai smiled and thanked the guests as they checked out, ready to take a five minute coffee break. Or a fifteen, she mused as she checked the clock to see that she'd been working non-stop behind the counter for the last two hours. It amazed her how time flew at her Inn. She was pointing out an item to check on later to one of the maids on her way upstairs as Sookie came flying around the edge of the staircase, pastry bag in hand.

Lorelai caught the other end of the bag and Sookie's shoulder to halt her.

"No nuts!" Sookie exclaimed.

"What?" Lorelai asked, trying to make the mental leaps, but sometimes with her best friend of the past thirty years, it just wasn't in the cards. She needed more information.

"Nuts! I had this beautiful wooded-themed cake planned, with real flowers and nuts on the fondant icing, with one layer of the cake sprinkled with fine nuts chopped up in the batter, and a Thai chicken in peanut glaze for an appetizer, not to mention--," she didn't even take a breath as she listed off her many nut-based recipes that Lorelai knew were planned for the wedding of her eldest son, Davey. Sookie had insisted on doing all the cooking, as well as having mother of the groom duties—worrying and kibitzing—but no matter who tried to talk her out of it, she'd not backed down. Just like with her own wedding. And now, she was starting to crack.

Lorelai held in the smile that Michel owed her thirty bucks. He'd bet she'd crack in the final hour, at the rehearsal dinner.

"What's wrong with nuts? Take me through it; did our vendor not come through? 'Cause we can work around that."

"Mallory is allergic," Sookie said in disbelief.


"Allergic," she said phonetically, sounding it out as if Lorelai were unfamiliar with the concept.

"Well, she can't marry into this family," Lorelai scoffed playfully.

"Not funny!"

"Why is this just coming up now?"

"Davey didn't know," Sookie threw her hands up in the air, still clutching the pastry bag. "'Make anything you want, Mom,' he told me, 'You're such a lovely chef, Mom,' he said. 'You know best!' I had no idea he'd never gotten to know his intended bride well enough to know that I was planning an entire wedding meal for her that would land her in the hospital, clinging to life, cursing me and my kitchen!"

"Whoa, there Sook," Lorelai took the flailing and full pastry bag out of her hands and put her arm around Sookie. "Let's just brainstorm, we caught it early, we can fix this."

"I've been planning and carefully constructing this for months! I can't start over with two weeks to go!"

Lorelai knew the level of work Sookie had put into this affair. For her baby, everything had been coordinated to a T, each dish complimenting each other and the theme that had been chosen for the wedding. Colors, songs, wines, and pictures had been taken into consideration. Sookie was devastated.

"It'll all be okay. We'll get the kids in here tomorrow and we'll figure it out. It will be okay. In the end, it's just important that no one goes into anaphylactic shock during the reception, right?"

"Especially the bride," Sookie half-giggled. "I'm going to kill Davey," she broke out into more giggles.

"Then you wouldn't have to worry about the nuts," Lorelai nodded, laughing along with her friend as she led her back into the kitchen to get both of them some coffee.


"I'm home!" Tristan DuGrey called as he threw his keys across the countertop. He'd had meetings all morning and had planned to take off the rest of the day to help his wife shop for more last minute dorm accessories to surprise Ella with when she got back from the city with Jake tonight. Ella and Jake had been in New York City with Jess, Ambrose, and Jules Mariano all week, for their annual child trade. Rory and Tristan had Jules and Ambrose the week before, and normally it served the suddenly childless parents to do all the pre-school shopping and have some much needed alone time. This year it'd allowed Jess to finally have some much needed alone time with his officially new girlfriend, Gwen, as well as do all the back to school shopping all by himself for the first time ever. His divorce had been finalized the month before, and he was handling it all quite well.

Tristan and Rory had been by his side the whole time and glad to do it. But Tristan had been looking forward to this week, especially because of the lack of alone time he and Rory had experienced this summer. Lots of trips to Stars Hollow and lots of dinners with Jess and the kids to help ease the new divorce strain on Ambrose and Jules. Not to mention having lots of family time before Ella was finally released to Yale, on her own for the most part, in three weeks. And they all had the pilgrimage up to Stars Hollow in two weeks for Davey's wedding. This was their last afternoon alone. Jess would be up with the kids after dinner.

"I'm up here!"

He smiled as he heard the running shower and bounded up the stairs, taking them two at a time. He could thank his daily morning run for being in such good shape, but his wife would take all the credit in all truth. She claimed she kept him young, despite their two teenagers trying to prematurely age them.

"Aw, did you wait for me?"

She turned as she untied her robe and yawned. He peeled off his jacket and tie, leaving a shed-clothing trail on the bathroom floor. "Someone's been keeping me up late every night," she chastised.

"Hey, we get one week, every year, I'm just trying to make the most of our reprieve."

"You need a reprieve from your children?" she gasped, in mock horror, one hand brought to her mouth.

"Believe it," he moved forward to capture her lips against his. He could never get enough time alone with this woman. "We were stupid, stupid people to have children that would keep us from being naked twenty-four hours a day," he helped her slide out of her robe, letting it fall next to his dress pants near the bathmat.

"Mmm, but we love the children, remember," she closed her eyes as he kissed down her neck, and she attempted to pull the shower curtain back, reaching behind their combined form with one hand.

"At least one of them is leaving. We can just banish Jake to the bottom floor and take over the top floor for ourselves," he suggested. "Or let Jess keep him. It's closer to school anyhow," he lowered his voice to let out a pleased groan as she teased his torso with her fingernails.

"Mmmm," she responded to his picking her up slightly off the floor, causing more friction against their skin as they edged closer to the now steam-producing shower. "Speaking of Jess," she began in a safe break from his lips.

"No," he shushed. "No speaking of Jess, for the next, say, two hours," he grinned evilly.

"But," her eyes widened, signifying she had something important to say.

"I want you. I need you. I will have you," he picked her up and placed her in the shower, shushing her with his lips as he pulled the curtain shut behind them. He would have his way, and they would both enjoy it. Immensely.