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"What do you mean by that?" Ron said heated. Harry started to wonder if he even wanted to go down to the common room.

"I mean Ronald is that you are acting like a fool." Hermione said sounding rather frustrated, "What does it matter if she's going out with him, she's in her 5th year let her date him. I don't even see why you're so mad about it anyway."

"What did Ginny do this time?" Harry asked coming down the stairs. Hermione turned around, "Ron here is all upset because Ginny is dating some guy from Slytherin."

"Damn right I'm mad. She has no business even going near those slimy gits." Ron said almost yelling red faced.

Harry couldn't help but laugh, "But Ron you say that about all the guys she either likes, likes her, or even dates. You almost killed that last guy she went out with. And that was just cause you caught them making out."

Hermione nodded, "I never saw a boy look so scared, and remember after that they ended up breaking up and Ginny didn't talk you for like a month. I don't think you want that to happen again." Ron stood there looking at the ground, "no."

He said quietly and sat on the couch. "Ginny can make her own decisions, she not a fool." Harry said sitting next to Ron.

"Well I don't know about you two but im hungry, and im going to the great hall." Hermione said turning from the two boys on the couch, and headed for the portrait Harry and Ron got up and followed. As they got closer to the entry to the hall.

"Oh isn't it the golden trio." Drawled the blonde Slytherin. Harry sighed, and turned to face Draco, he was slightly taken back by the way he looked leaning against the wall smirking at them.

"What do you want now Malfoy?", Ron said shortly pulling Harry's attention.

"Oh now that's not vary polite now is it." Draco said shaking his head pushing away from the wall, "though I would be rather silly to expect manners out of you, huh weasel. We should just be happy you're able to eat with a knife, and fork." With that Ron lunged for Malfoy, but Hermione stepped in front of him pushing him back.

Harry stepped up to Draco, "well you're being awfully brave today Malfoy, with your goons nowhere in site."

"Well we don't all need to travel in packs now do we Potter." Draco said stepping closer to Harry, "those silly friends of yours don't really seem to do vary much anyway except to help you get into trouble."

"Well at least I have friends, and not just lackeys but it doesn't even seem as if you have those now, do you Malfoy?" Harry shot back staring into the blonde's pale eyes something flashed there for a moment, but left as quick as it had appeared.

Draco stood there for a moment staring back at Harry. After a moment of trying to stare each other down and realizing neither was going to do anything. Harry turned reluctantly from Draco's eyes and turned back to his friends pushing Ron toward the great hall.

Staring over his shoulder back at Malfoy, Draco stood there watching them staring back at Harry. Before Harry went threw the doors he locked eyes with Draco, and his eyes betrayed him he saw what could have been sadness in them.

Draco shook his head and turned and went into the opposite direction of the great hall. Harry just watched as Draco walked out of the castle he never really noticed how fluid he moved before.

"Harry?" Hermione called from behind him. Harry tore his gaze from the blonde, turning to Hermione.

"Yeah," he said taking a last glance out where Draco was but he was gone, "yeah im coming." Harry and Hermione made their way to where Ron was sitting and already shoveling food into his mouth.

They sat on either side of Ron Harry didn't feel much like eating, and excused himself from the two. He left the great hall and went in the direction Malfoy had gone. Harry walked around anywhere he thought Malfoy would be, and he ended up finding himself at the lake.

He looked around and saw no one he just decided to sit down, he was looking out at the water when he heard. "Now look who is braving it without his 'friends'." Malfoy said walking up behind Harry.

He stood up turning to face the blonde and almost falling trying not to run into Malfoy not realizing how close they were. "Why are you following me Potter?" Malfoy said slightly annoyed.

Harry just stood there slightly confused he didn't think that far a head he didn't know what he was gonna say to Malfoy when he did find him. Harry backed up a step or two to buy time to think for a second.

"I... I wasn't following you." He knew that was stupid soon as it left his mouth. "Oh all right then, why were you looking for me?" Malfoy asked smirking.

"I just thought... well I wanted to see if there was anything wrong." Harry said finally meeting Malfoy's eyes. Draco sighed, "I don't need a hero Potter I don't need you to look in on me I'm quite capable of looking after myself."

"But what about Crab and Goyel why arnt they around you as usual? Did they finally grow a brain between them and left you?" Harry asked smiling.

"I really don't see how that's really any of your business Potter." Draco said heated pushing Harry back.

"Oh they did didn't they, you really are all alone well that is if that shrew Pansy is done with you as well." Harry said getting some satisfactions from getting arise out of Malfoy.

Draco started to laugh a little, "I really could care less if Parkinson was done with me."

Harry was slightly confused by that remark and asked, "I thought she was your girlfriend?"

Draco shook his head and smile slightly, "You really are simple arnt you Potter. I just indulged the silly girl, but I really had no interest in her."

Harry for some reason was relived at hearing that, then asked, "but why lead her on if had no real feelings for her?"

"God Potter what's with all the questions?" Draco asked getting annoyed again.

"I don't know I didn't realize it was a touchy subject. Unless you did like her and she's the one that got tired of you. Poor Malfoy can't even hold on to a girl." Harry smiled taking another shot at Malfoy, "or could it be that you don't even like girls."

Once he said it, he knew it was bad because Draco closed the distance between them grabbing the front of his jacket anger written on his face. Harry grabbed at Draco's hands trying to get lose but the blonde's hands gripped tighter.

"You have no idea what your talking about." Harry saw that Draco's eyes didn't show anger but what looked to be the slightest hint of panic.

Harry closed the small distance between them without really thinking what he was doing, and pressed his lips to the blonde's. It wasn't till Draco responded to the kiss that Harry put more into it. Harry wrapped his arms around Draco pulling their bodies together and deepen the kiss. Their tongues shyly meeting and feeling around in each others mouths, Harry moaned as Draco bit at his bottom lip. One of Harry's hands found their way to the silken strands of Draco's hair tangling his fingers in it. When the kiss ended they didn't part right away, they just stood their looking at each other.

Slowly their senses came to them and they parted Harry ran his hand threw his hair looking down trying to hid the blush that crept to his face, "um... sorry bout that."

Draco smoothed out his sweater, "yes well." Draco and Harry looked at each other for a moment,"see you around, Potter." Draco said smiling leaving Harry alone at the lake as he watched the blonde walk away Harry absently touched his lips still feeling Draco's lips.

He doesn't know how long he stood their after Draco disappeared from sight but he felt it had been too long, and he had to get back before Hermione, and Ron think about looking for him.

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