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"Why just so you can make more of an ass out of yourself?" Draco shot turning around, "Or to insult me again?"

"No, I came to apologize for what I said the other day." Harry said trying to sound sincere as possible walking closer to Malfoy.

"No." Draco said anger evident in his voice.

He tried walking pass Harry, but the Griffindor griped his arm pulling him back. "What do you mean 'no'." Harry asked annoyed.

"I mean I don't wanna hear it Potter." Draco said trying to pull his arm free. "Oh my god why are you so stubborn, can't you see that I want to fix this." Harry said sounding exasperated.

Draco pulled his arm free and tried walking from Harry again, Harry grabbed the back of Malfoy's robes pulling him back again this time when Draco turned around he took a swing at Harry, but Harry grabbed his wrist pinning to the blonde's side.

"Will you listening to me?" Harry panted trying to keep Malfoy still.

Draco wouldn't have it he still kept trying to get free, and took one of his legs and hooked it around one of Harry's making the boy fall only havinghimself pulled down as well. Harry quickly rolled on Malfoy sitting on his thighs keeping his legs from kicking, and keeping his arms pinned out at his sides.

"You do realize you making this harder then it needs to be." Harry said smiling and out of breath Draco didn't look at him, "I can stay here all night."

Draco finally looked at him, "What Potter." Draco asked still trying to catch his own breath.

Harry took a moment letting his breathing slow down, "I wanted to tell you that I was sorry for what I said about you, I didn't mean it"

"It sure as hell sounded like you did." Draco said heatedly.

"Well you pissed me off." Harry said shortly, "I thought we had something but you made it sound like you were just using me."

Draco looked away frowning slightly, "I just didn't expect you to want anything out of it, it caught me off gaurd." he said quietly.

Harry looked hurt, "So you were using me."

"No." Draco said quickly, "I was just going to see if I was really interested in what we were doing, because remember you kissed me first."

Harry looked away from the blonde that was under him. "Were you interested?" Harry asked cautiously looking back at Draco.

"Honestly, I thought I was." Draco said meeting Harry's emerald gaze.

They looked at each other for minute and then Harry realized the position they were in, and got up offering Draco a hand up. Malfoy thought about it for a second, and gabbed the hand, Harry pulled Draco up with maybe a little more force then necessary causing the blonde to lose balance slightly. Harry reached out to keep Draco from falling over.

"So are we ok then?" Harry asked softly.

Draco looked at him noticing the worried look in his green eyes, "Yeah we're fine, but would it be ok if I just thought about this for a little while." Draco said smiling, "Im not saying no, but still."

"Yeah that's fine just as long as you talk to me, take all the time you want." Harry said happily.

They walked back to the school just in time for dinner, they blended in with out anyone thinking to much of them entering together Harry sat down next to Hermione grinning.

"So I take it you found Malfoy." Hermione smirked.

"Yeah, but he still wants to think about it a little." Harry said sounding a little worried.

"Oh im sure it'll be fine." Hermione said reassuringly.

Harry looked at Hermione and noticed that Ron wasn't sitting next to her, "Where's Ron?"

"Oh Ronald is sitting down there." Hermione pointed down the table a way.

Ron was sitting with Dean, and Seamus, "I take it you didn't have a good talk with him then." Harry said sadly

"No", Hermione said annoyed, "He is so pig headed."

"I'll talk to him." Harry said smiling at Hermione.

After dinner was done and everyone was leaving the Great Hall Harry caught up with Ron "So your mad I take it." Harry asked casually.

Ron ignored him that aggravated Harry, "What's your problem?" Harry said pulling Ron to look at him.

"You know damn well what my problem is." Ron said heated.

"Then why did you tall me you were fine with it before then?" Harry asked exasperated.

"I don't know, but after awhile I just couldn't get use to the idea." Ron shot back.

"But if you were really a friend, you would be happy for me like Hermione is." Harry said getting a little louder.

People were starting to watch in shock at the two 'friends' arguing Malfoy was trying to get threw the crowed, suddenly the an eerie quiet fell over the hall. When Malfoy reached the two Harry was on the ground with Ron on top of him gripping Harry by his collar. Ron had blood coming from his nose, and Harry had a busted lip. Hermione was standing there her hands over her mouth looking like she was going to start crying any minute. Before Malfoy could make a move for Ron, Processor McGonagall appeared pushing threw the students.

"What is going on here!" She demanded, "Mr Potter, Mr. Weasley, fifty points will be taken each, and detention." She said pulling Ron off of Harry.

Ron stomped off glaring at Malfoy as he passed the blonde Hermione took chase after him. "That's all, go on nothing more to see here." McGonagall said shooing the students out.

Harry walked out of the hall heading towards the hospital wing, Draco caught up with him, "What got into Weasel?" Draco asked aggravated.

"He's not happy about us." Harry said sadly.

"Well I always said he was a fool." Malfoy said in a mater-of-fact tone. Harry shook his head pushing the door to the hospital.

"And what happened to you?" Pomfrey said giving an accusing look at Malfoy.

"If I did it would I have accompanied him here." Draco said smartly.

"Nothing just ran into something." Harry said noticing Ron was in there as well.

"Well go sit over there, and I'll be right there after I tend to Mr. Weasley." Pomfrey said pointing to one of the beds, and made her way over to Ron.

Harry sat down on the bed waiting till Pomfrey came back. Draco sat across from him and took a folded cloth that was sitting on a near by stand and pressed it to Harry's lip. Harry looked at Draco watching as the blonde wiped some blood from under his lip and on his chin. Harry grabbed the hand holding the cloth causing Draco to look at Harry.

"You don't have to do that." Harry said softly.

"I was just being nice Potter." Draco said a little sharper then meaning to putting the cloth in Harry's hand and leaned back in his chair.

Harry smiled, "Would it kill you to call me Harry."

Draco raised an eyebrow, "It might. But you don't call me Draco, so I could ask you the same thing." Harry smiled and nodded.

Pomfrey came over looked Harry's busted lip over, and pulled out her wand muttered something, and the cut healed instantly.

"There you go my dear, off you go." she said cheery and walked off to her office.

Draco and Harry walked out to the hall and surprisingly enough Ron was waiting there leaning against a wall.

"Hey Ron." Harry said walking up to him but keeping a safe distance.

"Hey Harry." Ron said looking down, "sorry"

"So your really ok with this?" Harry asked.

"Yeah I just still can't get over the fact that your with Malfoy, but I realize there isn't anything I can do about it." Ron said looking at Harry then casting a look at Malfoy. "If your not good to him then your gonna have to answer to me, I swear Malfoy you do anything to Harry." Ron said as intimidating possible.

Malfoy walked up to him, "You ever hit him again Weasley, your gonna have a lot more happen to you then detention." Draco said threatening.

At this point Harry intervened, "Yes, yes you'll both hurt each other, but don't do it now." Harry said smiling.

Harry extended his hand to Ron, "So we're good."

"We're good", Ron said taking Harry's hand shaking it. Well I suppose I'll leave you two alone, I gotta go find Hermione she seemed pretty mad after she yelled at me for hitting you." Ron said slightly embarrassed, and headed off down the hall.

"So does this mean you wanna be with me?" Harry asked trying to not look Draco in the eye.

"I guess it might." Draco said tilting Harry's head up to look at him.

Harry's hand went you to Draco's cheek thumb brushing across his soft lips, and pulled Draco into a bruising kiss. He didn't realized how much he missed this till that moment, and he deepened the kiss pulling Draco closer to his body.

Draco broke from Harry's mouth needing a breath, "So I take it you don't want this then." Draco teased.

"Shut up Draco." Harry said pulling him into another kiss.



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