Extended Summary: Everyone is a little stubborn. Some are over-stubborn, some are just right, and even those that say they aren't are. But in just what and how they are stubborn... well, I'll leave that up to James and Lily to explain.

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Everyone is a little stubborn.

I know I am.

Even those people they say they aren't, really are. Believe me; my mother insists that she is everything but stubborn. Then me, Dad and Sirius laugh at her because she's being stubborn about not being stubborn. See?

Anyway, there are a lot of reasons why I am stubborn.

I am stubborn (and you should be too) when it comes to:


Well, you have to be. Otherwise we would have given up a long time ago if we weren't. I mean, you would have given up after the first try if it didn't work.

Also, it helps if you're being interrogated by a teacher (cough McGonagall cough). If you're stubborn enough, they can't force anything out of you. See? Even if we are given a lot of detentions… you'll see how it works.


By that, I mean not doing it.

Asked why?

Stick to your story.

"Honestly, Professor! It wasn't my fault! It was in my bag and a Hippogriff ate it during Care of Magical Creatures!"

And no matter how much they try to threaten you with detention, stay stubborn. Stick to your story.

"It wasn't my fault! Honestly! It was Snape that fed my homework to the Hippogriff!"

It doesn't always work, but you catch my drift.

Which moves us on to the next reason…


Sounds a bit weird, but by this, I mean refusing to go because it's not your fault.

If you get extra detention for this, go to it but don't do anything.

"Wasn't my fault! Why should I have to clean the trophy room?"

Of course, then you'll probably get another detention for it, but it's worth being stubborn just to see Filch's face turn purple.

Or, if you do go and do something, pretend that the teacher or member of staff supervising has mis-explained something, that way, you can have a nice little laugh at their faces bursting with impatience, and more often than not, anger.

"But I thought you told me to polish the telescopes with rocks, sir!"


"Oh, so we weren't supposed to feed the Salamanders sugar quills. I see."

Stick to the story even if they insist they didn't.

Trust me, it's hilarious when they get all confused.

Stubbornness can lead to good laughs as well.

Pranking The Slytherins

Do you even need to ask why?


Okay, before you get concerned here, by Snape, I mean pranking him. We are very determined when it comes to pranking Snape.

Congratulations, Snivelly! You get your own section!

My Future

Now, this may be a bit of a shock to you, but yes, I do become stubborn when it comes to my future.

Like when my mum wanted me to wait until I was a little older before I got a broom, I insisted that I wanted one NOW.

After a fight, I refused to budge and compromise, so my parents finally upped and got me one. A broom, I mean. So, instead of waiting until I was eight to start Quidditch, I was five.

And, currently, my dad wants me to follow in his footsteps and become one of those senior people -I always forget what he does - in the Ministry. Those people really close to the Minster. I don't actually know what it is he does… anyway, I said, very firmly, no, I wanted to become an Auror, save people, and catch those blood-obsessed dark wizards and witches.

We fought even longer over this one. Mum and Dad said no, they didn't want their 'precious baby James' to be hurt. Better off with a nice, safe job. I would still get to help people, they said.

After telling them not to patronize me, I told them that I didn't want to be one of those cowards (my dad went a bit red at this) sitting back while everyone else did the work. I wanted to be out there fighting.

I didn't mention the fact that I craved the action.

A few months later, they caved in after I refused, again and again, to give up a career as an Auror.

And guess what? Dad personally went down the Auror Office and recommended me to the Head Auror.

My Parents

All teenagers say that they hate their parents, yada yada.

But when you're a spoilt only child like me, you are very stubborn on getting what you want from them.

Plus, when they're as old as my parents are, you are very stubborn when it comes to their health.

After all, who will pay for all of my stuff if they die?

Joking. I'm not that selfish.

In fact, I'm so insistent that they look after their health that we often joke that I'm the parent, and they're the kids.

My Friends

Moony, Wormtail and Padfoot. Better known as Remus, Peter and Sirius.

You either love 'em or you hate 'em.

When we found out Moony was a werewolf, he said, quite sadly, that we shouldn't be friends anymore because he was too dangerous.

I was very stubborn then.

No matter how much he insisted that we should stay away from him, or that our Animagus idea wouldn't work, we ignored him and stayed friends. We wouldn't let him go through it alone every month, oh no.

In fact, we refused to stay away from him so firmly every time he even mentioned it that he just gave up talking about it.

And we insisted on becoming Animagi no matter how much he objected, or told us how dangerous it could be.

Also, when Wormtail gets picked on by people for being almost a Squib (ha! He's an Animagi, which is more than I can say for those picker-on-ers) I always stand up for him.

I insist that the person that picked on him apologize. In fact, I am so stubborn about it that it often results in that person sprouting orangey-yellow feathers from their heads, and me getting sent to Dumbledore.

But me and ol' Dumbly-dor get on well, he's used to me by now.

As for Padfoot… well, he can take care of himself. Most of the time. When he ran away from home, I insisted that my parents take him in even though they would have done it anyway.

And also, don't tell anyone this, but it was me that was so stubborn about constantly telling him his parents were terrible people that contributed greatly to his decision in leaving home.

Hey, it's the truth, isn't it?

And of course, the most important one of all (sorry Padfoot. I love both of you, just in very different ways).

Lily Evans

I am especially stubborn when it comes to Lily Evans.

Ah, Lily Evans. Where do I begin?

She's so perfect, so beautiful. So untouchable.

She's like a porcelain doll – people admire her, adore her, but nobody dares to touch her.

Because of that, nobody will get close to her.

Until I came along, that is.

Now, for the first six years of us knowing each other, she hated me because of a silly little prank I pulled on her on the train in first year. I won't go into details. I'll leave it to your own imagination.

Anyway, the more she hated me, the more I tried to get her to like me.

I became very, very stubborn when it came to Lily.

Even at the protests of my friends, I continued to try and pursue Lily. I came about it the wrong way though – first year, like a typical eleven year old boy, I made sure of pulling her hair every time I saw her.

Second year, by laughing at her.

Third, I tried showing off in Quidditch. Not that great.

Fourth, I stalked her.

Fifth, I pranked her.

Sixth, I acted like the fool. A lovesick puppy, if you will.

See how stubborn I was?

Six years of nothing, except a lot of insults, and then along marches seventh year.

At the advice of Moony, I relaxed and started to act more like… well, the real me. The loyal friend, the pride and joy of the Potters, the sweet, caring young man. Not the practical joker that I've hidden myself under. I became a great student, teachers loved me, parents loved me, and students loved me. I became Head Boy.

Lily and I worked closely together as the first Heads to be in the same house for around… five hundred years? Anyway, it meant that we practically spent day and night together, and she slowly began to relax, and see me for who I really was. We became fast and close friends.

Close enough friends, in fact, that I became the first person to ever scratch the surface of the porcelain doll.

Bit by bit, day by day, meeting by meeting, we worked together, and we talked. With each conversation, I managed to peel away a little bit more of the tough exterior.

In fact, I was so stubborn in getting to know the real Lily Evans that too late, I realized that I had fallen in love with her.

After a bit more persistence, she fell for me too. I won't say how. I'll leave that for her to explain.

I became the first person to find the person Lily really is – I managed to touch her heart and soul.

It took seven long years of stubbornness to get Lily.

But it doesn't seem that much anymore, not when I finally have the girl.

Maybe stubbornness isn't such a bad thing after all.

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