Author's Note: You've heard from James, so now it's time to hear from Lily. Why are you so stubborn, Miss Evans?

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I'll admit it.

I am probably the most stubborn person you'll meet. Ever. Ask anybody that knows me, and they'll confirm it for you.

Apparently it's very annoying and frustrating sometimes. Of course, by then, I insist: "It so is not!" and BAM! I've walked right into whoever set the trap (last count, my so-called friends Janie and Natalia had done it three hundred and seventy-four times).

I'm stubborn about how stubborn I am.

Doesn't make much sense, does it?

So, listing it out, I am stubborn when it comes to:

My social life

You have to feel for my fellow students sometimes.

I don't like seeing people lonely, and so I am very insistent that they are included in all activities and things. When I see someone sitting alone at lunch, I drag my ever-growing group of friends over to join them, even if they don't want to know.

I insist so much on including people that I don't take no for an answer. Of course, they don't always like it, but hey, I've made a new friend!

…to add to the friends that I already have. And, after including so many people over the years, is a lot.

But, there are few that really know me. It's hard to let people in. So basically, I have a lot of 'friends', but very, very few friends.


Ah, lessons. The always annoying part of me that always, always, always has to do well in lessons.

I'm stubborn in this how?

I'm stubborn in the way that education is very important to me. It annoys me when people (by people, I mean the 'Marauders'. Who came up with that name anyway?) mess around in class and affect everyone's learning.

Also, I push myself a lot into working hard. If I wasn't stubborn, do you really think I'd be top of my classes?

All right, most of my classes. Nobody's perfect.

Being Perfect

I am stubborn in the way that I insist I am not perfect, contrary to popular belief. Like I said, nobody's perfect, least of all me.

Would a perfect person be stubborn...?

No, didn't think so either.

Enforcing The Rules

Everyone tells me to lighten up all the time.

But somebody's got to stay sensible, right? If everyone was like the 'Marauders', then who the hell would be responsible? And what kind of name is 'the Marauders' anyway?

So, of course, it's up to me to be the responsible Head Girl, and make sure everything stays in order. I have to be stubborn about this, otherwise nobody would listen to me.

I hate being the bad guy.


By Petty-Tuna, I mean my sister Petunia. And by being stubborn, I mean when it comes to sticking up for my magic.

Hey, if I didn't put up a fight every time she insulted me and my 'freak' friends, do you really think that I'd still be a witch?

Professor Slughorn

Nice teacher, even if he is one for favouritism. But you have to be stubborn when dealing with him, or you'll never get in a word edgeways with him.

Of course, it's also useful to be stubborn when he says that I would do well in Slytherin.

Who wants to be in Slytherin? They'd never take me anyway, seeing as I'm a 'Mudblood'.

It helps to be a bit cheeky when he mentions that, too. But not too much.

The Slytherins

By that, I mean sticking up for myself (and some others) against them.

It's pathetic that they get their own section.

Defending The Weak And Needy

When I say weak and needy, I don't just mean smart people. I include first-years, second-years (and basically all years below me), Muggle-borns, half-bloods, people with disabilities, people that need educational (or any type) of help, my friends, and basically anyone that will be picked on.

I can't help but stick up for others that are being belittled. One, because I think it's pathetic; two, because it's cowardly; three, because I can't stand it; and four, I know what it feels like to be picked on.

Janie and Nat try to pull me away from these (very public) arguments sometimes. But once I get going, no one dares to stop me, because this is one of those times that the so-called redhead temper comes out. Sometimes I almost feel sorry for the person on the receiving end.


Anyway, I'm very stubborn in defending them. I won't rest until they apologize (of course, now I'm Head Girl, I just give them detention and take points instead), and I don't mind if I make a big deal out of it. Most of these arguments and fights are held in the corridors, anyway, so a pretty big deal is made whether they like it or not.

Nobody can beat me in an argument... especially a me armed with a wand.

My parents

Like any other teenager, no matter how much they say they despise their parents, they still worry about them, except maybe Sirius Black, whom I understand doesn't even talk to his parents and/or family anymore.

Anyway, now that Petty-Tuna is married, and I'm away at Hogwarts most of the year, I worry about my parents. So, every day I send them owls, urging them to take care of themselves, go to a doctor if anything's wrong, and tell me if something happens.

I care about them a lot, even though I know that they're perfectly capable of looking after themselves (they raised me, didn't they?).

It's no joke, worrying about your parents.

My future

Ah, my future. Everyone in my future is worrying about theirs too.

It's like when I first got my Hogwarts letter.

Petty-Tuna was, obviously, horrified and refused to speak to me for a fortnight. My parents were really proud, but they were also really worried. You don't even know anyone going there! You don't know what you're getting yourself into! You don't know what lies ahead!

But, in typical-me fashion, I refused to let any of those questions stop me from exploring the unknown. Even after Petunia finally did speak to me again, and threatened that she'd never talk to me again if I went and became a 'freak', I still insisted on going.

Nothing that anybody said and did could change my mind.

My parents finally got over their worrying stage and congratulated me instead.

In that case, being stubborn paid off.

And now… I don't know what lies ahead in the big, bad world in front of me. Petunia only wrote to me the other day, and told me that her husband knew someone that knew someone that knew of a good job opening in a big company somewhere. She obviously thought that this was a phase I was going through. I wrote back telling her that what did she think seven years of magical education was for? I was getting a job in the wizarding world, thank you very much.

She responded with the same threat she gave me seven years ago.

"I'll never speak to you again, Lily Evans, if you insist on getting mixed up with these freaks!"

Petunia, Petunia, Petunia. So stupid. She and I both know that she'll never carry this threat out. That, and the fact that she knows how stubborn I am. I'll never give in.

My friends

Janie and Natalia.

Natalia – the last member of the Calrine line. Lots of people (people being those blood-obsessed Slytherins that think she's being stupid) criticize her decision of becoming an Auror. They think, like all other women in their lines, that she should marry into a pureblood family and have lots of kids and carry on the family line of purebloods, if not the name.

But Nat is an amazing, very powerful witch, and a pureblood-feminist. It would be a waste of talent. However, being an only child and very respected, she isn't used to all the insults that they throw at her. She's very sensitive… so naturally, Lily Evans comes to the rescue!

I'm stubborn in how much I protect her from all of these insults. They throw one at her, I throw three back. They try to hex her, I hex them back.

And I don't miss.

Nat doesn't want me between herself and the idiots, but I'm too stubborn to let go.

Janie – has dyslexia. Things are harder for her than for everyone else. People, most noteably Slytherins, take this as an excuse to pick on her and manipulate her, just because she's slightly what they call 'dumber' than others.

So naturally, I am protective over her than anyone else.

Besides, what do they know? They've never seen Janie throw a Furnunculus Curse.

My friends are very important to me, as you can see. I protect them, I look after them, and I'll always be there for them.

Whether they like it or not.

And last, but certainly not least (sorry, girls):

James Potter

Above everything else, I am stubborn when it comes to James Potter.

James Potter. How do I even begin to explain James Potter?

An arrogant, egotistical, conceited, show off, idiotic, annoying, frustrating, bigheaded, supercilious, narcissistic, infuriating, exasperating, maddening, pompous, handsome ass.

Yes, even I admit that James Potter is handsome. However stubborn I am, I can't deny that. It's like a fact of the universe, something that everyone knows.

Six years, he chased me.

Six years, I said no.

Six years, he persisted.

Six years, I stayed stubborn.

But he was equally stubborn in persisting as I was in resisting. He could probably rival me in the stubborn-stakes.

It seemed, themore I pulled away, themore he pushed forward.

But six years of pranks, conceitedness, showing off, stalking, immaturity and so on couldn't change my mind, though I knew he was winning me over, slowly.

Then seventh year hit.

Like most people had predicted, I became Head Girl.

But unlike how most people had predicted, James Potter became my counterpart Head Boy.

Maybe it was the fact that we ended up having to spend so much time together, or maybe it was the fact that he had sort of grown up and out of his habits. But somehow… we slowly became friends. After a while, I didn't see him as the arrogant, egotistical, conceited, show off, idiotic, annoying, frustrating, bigheaded, supercilious, narcissistic, infuriating, exasperating, maddening, pompousass anymore. He was still annoyingly handsome though.

No, he became a real person. He opened up to me, and I opened up to him. We shared secrets and jokes, smiles and feelings. He became my walking diary. He matured a bit, I loosened up a bit. It was like we both became the bigger person – I took a step back, and so did he.

I was stubborn enough in getting to know him that slowly, gradually, I began to fall for him. And it seemed no matter how I tried to deny it, my feelings seemed to grow until I had gotten myself in too deep. Way too deep.

We met up in the Entrance Hall after patrol one evening, talking and laughing whilst we walked up to Gryffindor Tower. Then he suddenly became serious and asked me why I hated him.

I told him that I never hated him. I just didn't like the way he acted... like he didn't seem to care about anything. Like he didn't have a heart.

"What made you change your mind?" he wanted to know.

"I didn't," I answered, not looking at him. "You changed it for me. You grew up. You matured. You opened up. You… you became the person I always knew you could be."

At this point, I was flushing redder than my hair, and he was grinning. By now we had reached the portrait of the Fat Lady,and he suddenly stopped. I stopped with him, the Fat Lady glaring down at us.

"Are you going to say the password or not?" she asked irritably, but we both ignored her.

He took my hand and with surprise, I looked up into his eyes.

Big mistake.

His eyes always made me melt inside. Those intense, hazel eyes, for a moment growing serious.

"How about it, Lil?" he asked. "Give me a chance to prove to you that I've got one."

"Got what?"

"A heart."

He was smiling down at me with a… different type of smile to his usual lopsided one. And I realized that it was the smile reserved for me, and only me.

"You already have," I replied, wrapping both my arms around his neck.

We kissed just as the portrait flew open and we were in full view of the entire house. You could feel everyone's shock just radiating off them, but we didn't notice. We were entirely too wrapped up with each other.

Then someone – Nat, it sounded like – shouted: "About time!"

Six years of stubbornness. And I never knew what I could have had.

But it doesn't matter now. In fact, I'm glad I was stubborn.

Because what we have now is something that only time could give us. It's special. It's amazing. It's... more.

I guess being stubborn isn't so bad after all.

'Tis done. I'm sorry I couldn't write more, but I couldn't think of more to write! Hope you like.