Summary: Danny's mad. Everyone seems to have a problem with him. One night he runs away from home, far away. 10 years later, Danny's living in an apartment and Sam Manson moves in next door.

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Danny Fenton. Just your ordinary, average 14-year-old guy, right? Wrong. He was different, and he knew it. He had an alter ego. Danny Phantom. He was half human and half ghost. This story takes place on a rainy, mucky, boring school day.

Danny Fenton was half asleep in his least favorite class. English. Can you say boring? His out-of-shape teacher, Mr. Lancer, was rambling on about some author. Danny had his head leaning on his hands looking out of the window watching a bird feeding worms to her babies. He didn't notice Mr. Lancer come up to him,

"Am I boring you, Mr. Fenton."

"Heck yeah," Danny mumbled, "Uh, I mean… No why would you say that."

Lancer gave him a look. "Detention for not paying attention and for practically sleeping in this class."

Danny straightened his back, "What? Detention? Everyone else is half asleep too! Why don't you give it to them!"

"That's double detention, Daniel. Anyways…" Lancer started back on his tiresome droning.

Great Danny. You just had to open your mouth. Double detention. One detention is bad enough.

He looked over at Tucker and Sam sitting next to him. The just shook their heads in silent laughter.

Later that day Danny was sitting in his seat staring at the clock. Lancer was grading papers, watching Danny drum his fingers on the desk. Danny gasped and a blue mist of breath came out of his mouth. Ghost? Here? Now? His ghost sense went off again.

"Uh…Mr. Lancer, can I go to the bathroom."

Lancer looked up, "Not unless it's an emergency."

Danny's ghost sense went off again. He gritted his teeth, "Please…I got… diarrhea? Yeah, It's really pounding on my insides."

Lancer looked disgusted. "Ooh dear." He really glanced at Danny. "Ah, ah, ah. I don't think you will go. I, in fact, know the symptoms of diarrhea. If you had it you would be squirming around in your chair, looking very uncomfortable."

"Just let me go! Ok?" Danny stood up in saying this. Lancer shook his head.


At that moment the bright room turned dark. Lancer looked at Danny, "Is this some kind of joke Mr. Fenton?"

"No! It's not." Danny looked around. Danny looked at the wall to see a few ghosts phase in. Uh oh! It was his least favorite ghosts. Walker and his goons.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't the famous Danny Phantom." Walker said.

"What do you want, Walker?" Danny growled. He was in a bad mood.

"What I have always wanted! And that would be you, in a jail call, in the ghost world. Where you belong!"

Danny laughed. "You don't actually think you and your little buddies can get me there. How long have you been trying? Well so much I've actually lost count. And even if you did, I would escape like I did before!"

Walker gritted his ghost teeth, then grinned. "Well we can't have that can we?" As if on cue, about 50 ghosts phased in the walls. "Let's see you get out of this one, boy."

And Danny, completely forgetting Lancer was in the room, said, "I'm going ghost!" and neon blue rings surrounded him transforming him into Danny Phantom.

"Get him!" Walker shouted. All of the ghosts circled around him and flew towards him. Danny flew up crossing his arms and the ghosts all crashed into each other. Danny laughed. He then shot an ectoplasmic ray at the goons. Then they all shot up to Danny ah Danny turned invisible, soaring around and sitting on a desk. He watched as everyone flew out of the room to catch him. Walker flew after them. Danny reappeared cracking up. "Adios loser!" He went normal. He was laughing so hard when he then noticed Lancer. His laugh disappeared. Ohhhhhhh myyy god. How stupid am I? Lancer saw the whole thing. What am I going to do?

"F-F-Fenton. Wha…" Lancer was utterly speechless. Danny took his chance.

"It's not what you think it is!" Danny couldn't explain. He looked at the clock. Perfect timing. He grabbed his bag. "Well I guess detention is over. See ya!" Danny then sprinted out of the room. He ran to the door and looked outside. Walker and his goons were talking to each other, well more like yelling. He then did something and a hole appeared they all jumped in it, then it closed. Danny took his chance and ran home.

He opened the door and walked into the kitchen. He collapsed on a chair in the kitchen. His mother then walked into the room.

"Danny." She growled, "Why did you get another detention? It better not be from a bad grade!"

"No. I kind of was half asleep in class and, uh, I talked back to him."

"Daniel Fenton! I don't know what to do with you sometimes. You are always in detention, your focus is always off, and you always have to be somewhere! Are you doing drugs, Danny?"

Danny looked at his mother agape. "I can't believe you would even ask that!"

"Well are you?" She barked.

"NO!" Danny said. How could she even think about that? He frowned. "It was only a detention."

"Yes, only one! But what about all of those other detentions, huh? Sometimes…"

"'Sometimes', what?" Danny shouted.

"Sometimes we wonder if you're even our son." Maddie frowned.

"Our, meaning you and dad," Danny cried.

"Yes. You don't seem... "

Danny picked up his bag and ran upstairs. He crashed into Jazz,

"Whoa, Danny slow down," Jazz said.

Danny ignored her and proceeded to his room. He crashed down on his bed a silent tear running down his cheek,

What am I doing, crying like this……School tomorrow will be great... not! Oy, what is my life coming to?

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