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Dan was lying on the couch. The memories of the events two days ago were running through his head. He made the whole "running away" thing worse than it already was. Dan sighed as he got up and walked to the balcony. He glanced over and Sam was on her side, sitting in the chair reading. Dan gulped.

So Sam loved me. Maybe she probably just loved me as a friend… right? I don't know what to think.

Dan kept looking at her and she looked back. He smiled.

"Hey," He squeaked.

"Hi Dan!" She answered.

"Whatcha reading?" Dan asked.

She showed him the book, "It's called Mechanics for Dummies. I have a lot of pipe problems, and I can't… really afford a plumber."

Dan looked at her and smiled, "I know what you mean. My pipes are always screwed up. But I fix them. I can help you with yours if you want." Oh my GOD Dan! What are you doing! You can't fix a pipe to save your sorry life! Dan forced a grin.

"Oh yes! I would love that! You are so kind, Dan. It's just the one under the sink. It just won't work. I can't use water from it. Whenever I try it just leaks." She said.

"I can do it tonight!" Dan exclaimed. No, I can't! Stop now before you get yourself into something bad.

"Ok!" She smiled at him.

Dan felt a twinge of something as she smiled, but he shrugged it off. Dan nodded and walked back inside. The first thing he did was get on the computer and read about how to fix a pipe.

Later that day Dan was knocking on Sam's door with a box of tools. She answered.

"Hi! Thank you so much. Um… the pipe is just in here." Sam said leading him in her kitchen. "I've already cleared out from under there." Dan walked over and saw a lot of pans lying on the counter where the pans were. He looked at the pipe.

"No problem!" Dan said. He got down and looked at the pipe. "Hmmmmm." Dan turned on the water. It shot out from under the sink and hit him right on his pants. Ugh! Great! Now it looks like I pissed my pants. Dan shut off the water and bent down. The memories of the pipe fixing had leaked through his head. Sam watched him.

"Okay…" Dan bent down and started unscrewing a screw on the pipe. He did that for a while before the whole pipe fell out.

"Heh heh…" Dan said nervously. He looked inside of the pipe. "HOLY MOTHER OF…" Dan screamed then stopped. Whoa Dan! Calm down there's only a…a…mutated…rat in the pipe. How in the heck did a rat… get in a pipe! He looked at Sam. "Uh… There's just a… little…erm… clog in here," Dan said.

"Uh, no offense, but it sounds like there's more than just a little clog," Sam squeaked.

"Heh, heh, yeah… um… do you have any ribber gloves?" Dan asked.

"Sure," She walked off and came back with some gloves. Dan put them on and pulled out the rat with an odd squelching noise.

"EEEEEEEEYYYAAAAA!" Sam yelled. She ran off screaming, "Ew, ew, ew, ew!"

Dan stood up and threw the rat out of the window. He took out a brush and ran it through the pipe before screwing it back on. Dan turned on the water and it came out red then brown. Sam was back.

"Um," Dan said, "you might want to keep this baby running for a bit and put some pipe cleaner down there."

"Ok, well thanks for that. I could have never done it. How did… a rat get in the pipe?"

"Beats me," Dan said getting up. "Well I best be off. See ya later. If you need anything else call me or feel free to knock on my door."

"Yeah… I'll do that Dan." She cocked her head and smiled. Dan felt all tingly inside. He shook his head, and smiled back. He walked out of the door and went back to his apartment. What the heck! Every time Sam smiles at me or whenever I'm around her I just feel…all weird… do I… have a thing for Sam? No I don't she's just a friend… look what she made you do… run away like that…I don't know what to think. Dan turned on the TV and watched a movie when he fell asleep.

Dan woke to a scream. He sat bolt upright. "W-Who's there?" He stammered. It was only the TV. Dan got up and turned it off. Dan changed his clothes and went to eat breakfast but then he heard another scream but a softer one. He raised an eyebrow. "It's coming from Sam's room." Dan walked out of his door and knocked on Sam's.

"Hey Sam? Are you alright?" Dan shouted through the door. She answered. Sam had a mixture of expressions on her face. Happiness, Sadness, excited, mad. "What's wrong?"

"Sorry Dan. I have company… they just gave me some news. Um… do you want to meet them? I'm sure they would love to meet you!"

"Uh… sure why not." Dan said. Sam let him in and let him into the living room where the company was.

Dan's eyes widened so far they could have fallen out. His mouth fell open and his breathing became uneven and fast.

"Hey Dan, this is Mr. And Mrs. Fenton. You know… Danny's parents." She added. Sure enough the Fenton parents were there. Dan could have fainted. "They came with some good news and bad news. Well the good news is that Danny is still alive! The bad news… um… is that he is still missing."

"Oh… that's not good. Well I'm sure… you'll find him soon enough," Dan was feeling very dizzy "At least… he's alive."

"Oh so are we. I believe we never caught your name." Maddie Fenton said.

"I-I-It's Dan. Dan Park… It's nice to meet you … I have to… uh… go… um… I think my phone is ringing. Sorry… I'm expecting…a call? Yes a call… Goodbye!" Dan walked fast out of the room and opened the door. Before he walked out Jack said, "That boy seems so familiar."

Maddie answered, "Exactly what I thought. He's a really nice young man. A little worrisome, though."

Sam answered that, "He seemed like that to me too."

Dan closed his eyes and walked out of the room.

What's happening?

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