Chapter 2: Never had ramen?

After third period, Kagome and Sango went down to the cafeteria where they met Miroku ad Inuyasha.

"What's she doing here?" Inuyasha nodded in Kagome's direction.

"Shut up Inuyasha, don't be such an ass," Sango said, "she eating with us."

"Feh," he turned and walked to a table and sat down.

Kagome sat across from Inuyasha and next to Sango. Miroku sat beside Inuyasha.

Opening up her book bag, Kagome pulled out a thermos of chicken flavored ramen.

Inuyasha's ears perked up as he sniffed the air, "What is that?" he asked.

Kagome was startled that he was directing the question at her.

"It's ramen. Haven't you had ramen before?" she asked.

He shook his head and Kagome's jaw dropped…never had ramen?

She held out the thermos, "Do you want to try some?"

He looked at her as if she was crazy, but continued to sniff the air. After a few second he took the thermos and looked at the ramen as if it was going to jump out of the thermos and attack him. Picking up a fork he picked some out and ate it.

Kagome almost laughed at his expression. She could almost see the stars in his eyes.

"This is really good," he said as he continued to eat it, seemingly forgetting that he was supposed to be hating Kagome, not eating her food.

"You can have it, I'm not hungry anyway," she said.

"You sure?" he said with his mouth full.

Kagome nodded, smiling.

"Well…uh…thanks then I guess," he mumbled.

"No problem."

After that, everything seemed a little bit less tense between Kagome and Inuyasha. Well…kind of.

As soon as lunch was over Inuyasha, Kagome and Sango said good bye to Miroku and then went to the theatre for drama class.

Drama, in the theatre with Mr. Totosai.

When they entered they were met by an old man in a dark brown suit with balding silver hair that was in a pony tail on the top of his head. He had the biggest eyes that Kagome had ever seen.

"Alright class, today as a start of semester project we are going to study Romeo and Juliet and then perform it. Any questions? No? Good!" he said quickly and the handed out books and scripts to each students.

"Try outs for each part will be…well…when will they be? Hmm…two weeks, next Friday so study the part you wish to try out for!" he finished.

The three of them went to sit on the edge of the stage as they flipped through the book.

"Romeo and Juliet, feh," Inuyasha huffed, "What a stupid play."

"It's not stupid Inuyasha," Kagome said, "It's one of the most famous tragic plays that was ever written."

"The only thing tragic about it is that it was ever published," Inuyasha yawned.

Kagome rolled her eyes but couldn't help but smile a bit.

"What part are you trying out for Kagome?" Sango asked.

"Hmm, I haven't read this play in years…but I think I may try out for Lady Capulet or Juliet. What about you Sango?" Kagome asked.

"I want to be the nurse, she was funny I thought," Sango smiled.

"What about you Inuyasha?" Kagome asked.

"I unno…which ever guy gets to kill another guy," he said.


"Well then you could choose between Benvolio, Tybalt or Romeo if you wanted a main part," Sango said.

Inuyasha shrugged.

After drama was over Kagome and Inuyasha said good bye to Sango and then went up to the second floor for fifth period.

Biology, room 216 with Mr. Jaken.

As soon as Kagome walked into the classroom there was a flash of color and then Kouga stood in front of her, gripping her hands in his own. She blushed.

"Hey Kouga," Kagome said.

"I missed you Kagome, I didn't think I would have any classes with you," Kouga said.

Inuyasha growled softly from behind Kagome.

Kouga looked up at him and smirked, "Oh, look what the cat dragged in. If it isn't Inuyasha. What are you doing here dog breath? What are you doing with my woman?" he yelled.

"Your woman?" Kagome exclaimed.

Kouga looked back down at Kagome and smiled his million dollar smiled, "That's right Kagome. I like you a lot, so you're my woman now."

Kagome blushed ten times redder.

"I don't belong to you Kouga and I am NOT your woman!" she exclaimed.

Kouga acted as though he didn't hear her.

"You heard her wolf trash!" Inuyasha appeared between then and was almost nose to nose with Kouga, growling, "She says she's not yours so back off!"

"Why Don't you mind your own business dog boy?" Kouga yelled back.

Suddenly a short demon with greenish skin walked into the room and looked startled at the sight of Inuyasha and Kouga yelling

"Boys! Boys! Settle down and take your seats!" he yelled.

They gave up and sat at opposite ends of the room, Kagome in between Inuyasha and Miroku.

What was with Inuyasha? Kagome thought, why was he acting so weird?

Biology was the most painful class Kagome had all day. She had to deal with boring lecture on weather patterns, not to mention Inuyasha and Kouga were glaring ice picks at each other whenever they could.

"I take it they aren't friends," Kagome whispered into Miroku's ear.

He smiled, "No, they have been enemies since kindergarten when Kouga put sand in Inuyasha's pants."

"I heard that Miroku," I Inuyasha fumed.

Kagome laughed.

After biology Miroku, Inuyasha and Kagome all walked down to the gym together. Miroku was explaining the last class to Kagome while Inuyasha continued to fume and mumble about Kouga.

Sango met then at the door and the group separated into their separate change rooms.

"I need a uniform," Kagome asked Sango in the girls change room.

Sango went into a large closet a pulled out a pair of black shorts and a dark blue t-shirt that said Tomeda High on it.

"Here you go Kagome," she handed the clothes to her, "they should be brand new, the tags are still on them."

"Thanks Sango."

After Kagome had changed and put on her gym runners she went out into the very spacious gym. As she went to meet up with the others she noticed that Kouga was in the class as well. When he saw her he winked at her and waved. Kagome politely waved back but continued walking.

Out of the corner of her eyes Kagome also noticed that Kikyo was in this class as well. Kikyo seemed to sense her staring at her, and she made eye contact with her for a moment before turning away.

"What are we doing today anyway?" Kagome asked as she joined the others.

"Archery," Inuyasha groaned, "the dumbest so called sport ever."

Kagome frowned at him. She liked archery. Ever since she was a little girl her grandfather had taught her archery in their backyard. He had said that as a priestess it was important to learn the skills of combat. Kagome found that by using an arrow she could cannel her priestess powers through it.

A elderly woman walked out of a small office and blew her whistle.

"Gather round," she called, "My name is Ms. Kaede, I will be your gym teacher."

Kagome was shocked at the spiritual power the woman possessed. She too was a priestess. Kagome had never met so many in the same place before…

"Now I want everyone to line up behind the red line and choose your bow. If you have your own bow at home, you are welcome to use it," Ms. Kaede said.

Kagome smiled, happy that she would get to use her own bow from home.

For the time being she picked up one of the other bows and stood behind the line.

"When I blow the whistle, I want you to shoot at the target. I want to see where everyone is, skill wise."

She blew the whistle and the fifteen or so students that were in the class took aim and fired.

Inuyasha, who was beside Kagome, was horrible and his arrow flew about a foot before hitting the ground.

"Pull back the string, not the arrow Inuyasha," Kagome said to him.

He growled and grabbed another arrow. When he shot it this time it made it to the target but hit the very edge of it. He looked at Kagome and smiled softly.

"Thanks," he said.

Kagome nodded.

Sango, who was on her other side wasn't bad, but she was too tense and the string from the bow kept on hitting her arm, making her wince.

"What am I doing wrong?" she mumbled to herself.

Kagome, who hadn't fired a shot yet, set down her bow and turned to Sango.

"You are way to tense, probably from the training you do for demon slaying," Kagome smiled, "Just remember that it's a bone on bone structure. Don't grasp the bow, just let it sit in your palm. And relax!"

Sango sighed and took a deep breath, aiming for the target. She fired again and it hit close to the middle.

"Wow, thanks Kagome!" she beamed.

"No problem."

Miroku was the best out of the three of them, his form was good, but his eyes kept wandering to a girl a few people down from him.

"Concentrate on the target, not the girl," Inuyasha slapped the back of his head.

Kagome laughed and picked up her bow again. Pulling it back she took a deep breath. Her powers began to build, trying to release through the arrow, but Kagome forced it back. She didn't need to make a scene.

Releasing the arrow she held her position until the arrow hit the target. Dead center.

"Wow Kagome, you are really good," Sango breathed.

Inuyasha nodded, "You're a priestess?" he looked at little bit shocked, "I could feel you holding back your power just now."

Kagome nodded.

Before she could say anything, there was a cheer from the other end of the shooting range and Kagome turned to see what was going on.

It was Kikyo.

She was shooting arrow after arrow, each one hitting the center.

"Wow," Kagome whispered.

Someone tapped her shoulder and Kagome turned to see Ms. Kaede smiling up at her.

"You have the powers of a priestess," she said.

Kagome nodded, "So do you and Kikyo."

"Yes, they are not many priestesses left anymore we are fortunate to be all in the same place," she said, "I saw you shooting, you are very good. Your concentration is very good and I am impressed that someone so young can control their power so well."

Kagome blushed, "My grandfather has been teaching me about my power since I was a little girl."

"I wise man I am sure," Ms. Kaede said and then walked away.

Wise…maybe…crazy…most likely. But she loved him anyway.

The bell went a few minutes later and Kagome changed quickly. As she walked back out the door Ms. Kaede stopped her.

"Yes?" Kagome asked.

"Kagome, would you be interested in joining the school's archery team?" she asked.

Kagome beamed, "Yes! I would love to!"

She laughed, "Good, good. We practice Tuesdays and Fridays after school."

"Alright, thank you!" Kagome said and raced out the door to tell Sango.

She found her and Miroku standing in the halls. Sango was yelling at him about something while Miroku looked scared, with a giant red handprint on his cheek. Inuyasha was gathering things from his locker like it was a daily ritual for them to be yelling.

"Hey Inuyasha, what's up with them?" she pointed at the pair.

Inuyasha smirked, "Miroku groped her again so Sango slapped him. And now she yelling at him, I could recite what she's saying if you want. Its the same thing every day. You think he would learn…" he sighed.

Kagome laughed.

"Where did you go after class?" Inuyasha asked, "Did you meet up with that trash Kouga or something?"

Kagome could feel herself grown furious. She didn't like the look on Inuyasha's face, as if he was accusing her of something.

"And what's that suppose to mean?" she hissed.

He seemed to pick up her mood, but didn't back down, "You know what I mean! I saw the way you were blushing and flirting with that creep!"

"Excuse me?" she yelled, "I was not!"

"Was too!"

By then Sango and Miroku had stopped their arguing and were now looking at Inuyasha and Kagome who were yelling back and forth.

"You are so insensitive!" Kagome yelled.

"Well at least I don't sneak off to go and make out with disgusting wolf demons!" he yelled back.

"I already told you, I did no such thing you ass!" she shrieked.

"Oh sure you didn't! then why are you blushing?" Inuyasha pointed out.

Kagome was furious, so she did what most girls would do in that situation.

She slapped him.

Everything went silent as Inuyasha's eyes widen and his hand raised to his now stinging cheek.

She just slapped him…no one had ever dared slap him before…

Kagome continued to glare at him, "For your information Inuyasha Ms. Kaede asked me to join the archery team, that's why I was late ok? Are you happy now!"

And with that she grabbed her bag and fumed out of the school, everyone staring at her as she went.

"You deserved that Inuyasha," Sango frowned, "Why do you always jump to conclusions like that?"

Inuyasha snapped back to reality, "What? I jump to conclusions! You saw the way she was flirting with Kouga!"

"When did that become any of your business Inuyasha?" Sango asked, "It sounds to me like you're jealous."

"What? Jealous? Me? No way in hell!" he yelled back.

And then he slammed his own locker shut and walked away.

As soon as Kagome walked through her front door her mother was there to greet her with a big smiled on her face.

"How was your first day dear?" she asked.

"Fine," Kagome said and before her mom could ask any more questions she ran up to her room and slammed to door.

"That idiot Inuyasha, who the hell does he think he is? He has no right to accuse me of anything!" she mumbled to herself.

Taking off her shirt and pants she pulled on a pair of black sweat pants and a yellow tank top. Then she sat at her desk, dumping all of her homework onto her desk.

"Argh!" she exclaimed as she looked at her homework planner, "This is way too much homework for the first day of school!"

Kicking off her converse shoes she grabbed a juice box from the small fridge in her room and sat down to get to work.

Ten minutes through her history report on the Feudal Era she set down her pen. She had only written the title!

"Why does he bug me so much?" she whispered as she set her head on her desk, "He is such a jerk. I shouldn't care about what he says."

And yet she did.